South Winds

South Winds

South Winds is a rare none multi headed Chimera that adopted but unknowningly kidnap Healthy Life with her husband, Yogo. She was desistated by the discovery that she is unable to have children of her own due to being, originally, being borned of magic from an exspeariment, that she wasn't meant to reproduce and breed, so naterolly, she was touched by HL's cuteness when she was a baby and thought she was abandoned, and took her in. South, unlike Yogo, doesn't care much for money, she just wants to exspearience motherhood through Healthy, and will not hestitate to hurt any who would dare try to rob her of the child she was able to get. Cause of this, she and Yogo are under threat from angered forces of nature, in that of powerful forces sending a destructive army of pickaxe gnomes and giant ents, walking trees.


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