Space Councilors, often dubbed Euclids, are Outer Gods that manage space in the multiverse. They are one of the five types of Realitors, creatures that govern the nature of physical laws, alongside the Time Councilors, Matter Councilors, Energy Councilors, and Physic Councilors. As direct creations of the Amoral Ones, they have the job of maintaining the balence of space and are responsable for how planets, moons, asteriods, all things space, are utilise. They hire powerful enough beings and animals, like originally Bubbles, to monitor space and watch for any space dishastor and prevent any accsidental collisions. They are also indirectly respondsable for the creation of planets, albeit more like they give inrealm creator gods or higher beings within the realm the telepathicly sent image of that would-be planet for them to make as part of keeping Outer Gods from getting too involved with universe affairs.


They are reminisent to This

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