Purple teen dragon by thorbhaal-d4yvhng

Spear. Does he even have eyes? Image credit goes to thorbhaal.

"Spear" is a teenage dragon paling around with Garble. While canonaly, he doesn't have an offitcal name nor is it ever likely we'll canonly see Garble and crew again, it's been known that his name is "Spear", (or at least based on the Villain Wiki page in the image gallery in Dragon teams.). Spear is the non-dragon realms purple dragon with a strange procession of yellow hair who laughs at everything Garble does even if it's being mean to anyone lesser then them and further deminstracts what jerks these guys are. His weakwilled nature and obedience to Garble lead him to become a traitor to Equestia and all of dragonkind when he and the other teens joined Team Nefarious, and still to this day. The first ever involvement with Team Nefarious concerns The REAL Best Night Ever, and according to Discord's Dilemma, dispite the first outing's failure, it's clear Garble and the teens are still involved with Team Nefarious.
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