Mistress Spectra DeSpeller, dubbed Spectage, is an Alternate UUniversal Toshan from Planet Parable. She is a magical human-elf-like being turned into a feline humanoid who was the oldest of a kingdom of mages that aimed to bring the best of magic during a period not ready for it, during the Great Stagnation. But Spectra and her half-sister Mistress Zirmage, had different views, seeing black magic and suffering as the true path of progress, showing the dangers of any high powers, but the family had Zirmage exiled and Spectage entombed for these extremely fanatic views before they could even get started. Spectage remained entombed in her sarcophagus for a long time until being awakened by the massive evil of the Villains Act, eventually allowing her to devise a new way to show the power of magic and higher power as an incarnate of evil, which eventually came when she named herself the second-in-command of The Villain Legion after they lost Drynder. Unlike most of the Villain Legion, Spectage believes in no holding back, rejecting moral protocols including those of General Tex whom she blames for the fall of the Villains Act, and desires to bring the villain community to greater heights including conquering isolated or secret worlds, something that the Villains Act couldn't do. This made her a better replacement of Drynder, and she isn't even afraid to attack The Dark Radicals, and as a result, even Nuke Munbay is afraid of her. However, this kind of philosify will soon backfire on her when The Murdock Fiasco would occur. She is the AUU version of Mirage.


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