Spencer Silvertalon

Spencer Gullard 'Silvertalon'

Spencer Gullard 'Silvertalon'
is a laughing gull that lives on Planet Paradisa. He is a shark hunter that has a killing record of about 50 sharks, most of which are great whites. Then came the day he tangoed with Goliath the mutant shark. He managed to survive the attack, but it cost him his right foot. After replacing the eaten foot with a silver prosthetic flipper, he vowed to kill Goliath and protect those he tried to eat. He hunted Goliath down for about 5 years, and hasn't recently succeeded.


Raised by his fisherman parents, Spencer grew up in Paradisa and liked sharks. In his teenage years, Spencer continued watching sharks in action and perform tricks hunting. He even liked picking on the sharks by floating in the water playing dead, and hit the sharks in the nose when they struck. He played pranks on many sharks, but one gang of sharks got pissed off on his antics. A shark gang called the Tiburon Gang wanted payback on Spencer for his pranks. So they ate his parents during a fishing trip, and began torturing him every day.

Then during age 19, Spencer had enough of the sharks, and had managed to slay them with one of his father's spears. He then got a career as a shark-hunting fisherman. He killed 50 sharks, 25 being great whites. He became famous for it after successfully saving a swimmer from a great white. His fame grew, and he became rich. He used his money to buy a large fishing boat, and a house in the outskirts of Paradisa City just 2 miles from Lake Paradiso. He continued his shark-hunting skills, and never got a single bite mark.

During age 25, Spencer managed to save a family from what appeared to be a mutated great white shark named Goliath. He fought it head-on, but his spear could not penetrate it's heavily armoured hide. He got the family to safety on the docks, but he actually missed a child that fell overboard in the lake. As Goliath raced after her, so did Spencer. He managed to save the child, and fly back towards the docks, he managed to toss the child back to the family before he got eaten by Goliath.

But Spencer would not give up so easily. He climbed up the throat, and burst his way out of Goliath's mouth. He swam back up to surface, and flew as fast as he could from the mutant shark. However, Goliath managed to bite off Spencer's right foot during the chase. Spencer managed to elude Goliath, and return home safely. When he got a closer look at his severed leg, he found one of Goliath's shed teeth wedged in it. He pulled it out, and kept it as a souvenir. Then he replaced his eaten foot with a silver prosthetic flipper. It was from that day forward that Spencer had sworn to kill Goliath and save Lake Paradiso for good. Goliath also wanted Spencer, for he was very relentless. The two rivals had been trying to hunt each other down for 5 years, but neither one of them succeeded. But Spencer knew he would get the chance to kill the monster shark someday.

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