Spherus Magna was the homeworld of The Makuta and other Bionicle heroes. It used to be separated into three worlds until it was rebuilt later by Makuta's brother, Mata Nui, with unintentional help by Makuta Teridax. To this day, this world has a legacy as a Darkspawn world once Teridax became the Darkspawn lord of machinery, and therefore, it is a world that, despite having a legacy of heroism within it's people, serves as the capital of the Fang Empire and later the Dark Dragon Scourge Empire. This world remains forbidden to many people across the UUniverses, and the only ones that are allowed to stand against them on this world is the main heroes of the BIONICLE Saga who, though not sharing contact with other heroes, often has former Fang Empire member Nivawk to speak for them.

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