Spikey Turtle

Spikey Turtle

Spikey Turtles are another dangerous creature in Pixellania. They are dangerous because of those shells, but thankfully, they aren't too common in the game. Basically recolored versions of Baby Bowser from Mario. Their shells are their defense against the player, but can be defeated once their head pops out. The defense is useless against the Pogostick. In Omicron, they are a common creature to fight. However, in Omicron II, they appear much bigger, and like the real Bowser, being able to breath fire, has red armor, and it has much more spikes on it's shell.


  • Game: Omicron, Omicron II
  • Enemy Threat: 3/10
  • Appearances: Early-Stage Enemy
  • Abilities: (Omicron) Doesn't do much except let it's spikes protect it, charge at it's enemies, and bite whatever gets up close. (Omicron II) They are much well armored, and bigger. They can breath fire, and their charges can hit harder.
  • Purpose: (Omicron) Vi-tor saw potential use of these slow-moving creatures. Therefore, he made them creatures of his servitude. However, because of their slow mobility and lack of true confidence, Vi-tor is not quick to use them in more important places. (Omicron II) Craborg later mutates them and uses them as lethal obstacles for the player.


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