Spitaecus, AKA Spitæ or Spite, is an Alternate UUniversal Spookbird from Planet Zo. He is an extremely spiteful and cunning owl-like bird and the father of Fonghuong, as well as the former majordomo of Siri's mother who saw Master Cen during his bond with Siri as a bad influence due to his malicious ways and for the fact that he hated his family for taking his daughter from his custody who was raised and trained with Zhigu, and took her life as a result, all while exiling him to Chronicus. When Siri's mother refused to listen to him, he lead Lord Gothaxort and Topolowsky to destroy Beaming Garden, while incriminating Cen through Ter Li Uing, all with the hope that Siri would grow up in a pitiful peasant life. He soon became a friend of Ragen and a new member of The Villain Legion. He is the AUU version of Clockwerk, but has the voice of Armand Assante (Tzekel-Kan).


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