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Spongebob's Adventures of The Lion King 1 1/2
is the 22nd moisode in the 1st Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. It is an upcoming project. it is going to be a remake of the first project, Spongebob's Adventures of The Lion King, also going to revel timon and pumbaa's history, Scar's other minions, the frog hunters, and several gags along the way, and many improofed sences for it. it's currently waiting to come out after a few projects.


the Shell Lougers revel to Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and the Hyenas in this diracters cut of SpongeBob's Adventures of The Lion King, that they went back in time, but was undone and reverted to it's origenal settings by (sentence interupted to stop Spoiler), after such, they understand what Simba and his adventure team had to go though on some portion of their adventures.


  1. One Last Hope- By Phil


  • The lion king prequil working title

    the working title poster when it was first being worked on.

    formerly, the Hynias were given a humbler oragin of being adobted by Ma and Uncle Max, and Timon, being their foster brother, as shown in the now outdated preview seen in Supervideomaniic2's account, which is now closed, due to copyrighted issues, but has been reopened, but no longer uploads videos due to it's one remaining strike. also, they were gonna be kidnapped by the frog hunters and their pet cobra gumbo to be force to work for Scar in his plan to congure the pladelands, but the plot was drop after lionkingrulez said that it didn't sit well with him since the Hynias were really bad guys, so the plot partly canged back to what it really was, Hynias being villains, but due to them joining with spongebob in the old verson, the frog hunters and Gumbo are still the main villains.
  • another origenl plot was changed to what is mentioned above, origenally, the Shell Louge Squad was gonna review a full movie verson of Spongebob's adventures of the lion king full story, but is changed, although, it will be viewed though a camera projecter with the dvd instelled into it.
  • it will also first feature a new villain team called the fang empire, runned by Emperor Fang, and advised by Othello, who they are evil twins to Iago and Sir Hiss. although they won't appear in the project aside from the epilogue and the prologue (although Fang was the only one present.), the first fang empire members will be Nidhiki and Krekka.
  • sadly, due to a compuer glitch that caused the part 2 of this project to mysteriously disappeared, this will be put on hold and Scroopfan will have to continue on, till he can truely get the nerve to go back.
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