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SpongeBob, Alex, and Friends Return to Neverland is the 13th moisode of the 2nd Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. In this adventure, Spongebob, Alex, and the Shell Lodge Squad reunite to go back to Neverland in order to help Peter Pan and Jane defeat Captain Hook once and for all. it's sort of a spin-off sequil to an Alex's adventures moisode made by Lionkingrulez in exchange for letting Lionkingrulez use Spongebob in the first Peter Pan movie.

Fan - Made Quote

[After Captain Hook is knocked unconscious during the battle, Pete steps in to take over.]

  • Fagin - {Dubbed as Captain Barbossa} Show yourself, Pete! The tide has changed!
  • [Pete appears from a dark corridor and smirks evily]
  • Pete - See? I told ya that you'd be needin' old Pete! [Whistles a shrill note and a shadow demon screech is heard.]
  • Batty - Wwhawhawhawhat was that?!
  • Mickey Mouse - Guys, I got a feelin' that this ain't over yet.
  • [Sure enough, a treasure chest on Hook's ship explodes with a bang, transforming into the Sky Rider Heartless!]
  • Skipper - Holy Butterball! What the fudge is that?!
  • Jiminy Cricket - That's the Sky Rider Heartless! He's a real nasty monster that assaults mostly from the sky and preys on the greed of pirates!
  • Frank the Lizard - So how are supposed to stop that thing?!
  • Familiar Voice: Maybe if I'd step up and take care of him myself!
  • Willie the Giant - Duh, who said that?
  • Familiar Voice - I did!
  • [In a burst of light, Sora suddenly splits in two, with the glowing part of him transforming into a familiar clone...]
  • The Heroes and Villains: Roxas!!
  • Pete - Doh! [growls in anger] Why can't you Nobodies just stay out of this?!
  • Roxas - Sorry, Pete! But I'm not gonna let you or your villain pals destroy Neverland while I'm around! Hey Tink! I'm gonna need some pixie dust here!
  • [Tinker Bell dusts Roxas with some of her Pixie Dust, and he thinks up his happy thought, being with Namine, Xion, and Axel, in order to fly up real high.]
  • Roxas - Come at me, freak!
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