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==SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Wiki==
[[File:Shell_Lodge_Squad_3.png|thumb|382px|Welcome to The SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Wiki]]'''Welcome to the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Wiki''', a SpongeBob series being made by Supervideomaniac/Scroopfan3212311. Imagine what would happen if everybody's favorite seasponge and his friends' universe had united with all other worlds of the Nickelodeon universe and beyond, and they befriend not just heroes, but characters that should be villains but made a surprising change of heart, but at the same time, they must combat the dark forces of evil, save the worlds, and making you laugh out loud at the same time. So, long story short, you get the '''Spongebob and Friends Adventures Series''' Have fun, see the sights, really enjoy behind the character infos, and check for any new updates, character wikis, moisodes (cross between of a movie, and an episode as a series), and if you like, work on the articles a little, to correct spelling, add special info, and add an image you think would look good, as long as it is Spongebob and Friends related. (please refer to the rules and guidelines to avoid getting in trouble.)
=='''Required Pages'''==
===='''Good Guys:'''====
*[[The Airquestrian Angels]]
*[[Cumulus Skyranger]]
*[[Bombus]] ([[Destiny the Changeling]]'s leader of her guard)
*[[Tremor Dust]] (Pony archenemy of [[The Rustler Outlaw]])
*[[Little Rock]] (Tremor's deputy)
*[[Springtime Eve]] (An Alicorn living in Destiny Islands)
*[[Coal Seam]] (Equestrian Onocentaur battlemage and only enemy of Thundering Doltson)
*[[Jiao Sage]] (Equestrian Qilin (Chinese dragon-unicorn) and legend of Equestria)
*[[Firework Burst]] (Equestrian Pegasus and legend for being the fastest flier ever recorded)
*[[Toroid Vortex]] (A former drill sergeant Pegasus for the Wonderbolts who almost died stopping Scarlet Flame)
*[[Ba Zing]] (A Chital (Deer species) of the KFP World and warrior)
*[[Sao the Elephant]] (Elephant Chi Warrior for the KFP World)
*[[Jing the Ox]] (Ox (Zebu) Chi Warrior for the KFP World)
*[[Fei the Bull]] (Bull (Domestic Cattle) Chi Warrior for the KFP World)
*[[General Gao]] (Horse general for the KFP World)
*[[Ku Kai]] (Komodo dragon general for the KFP World)
*[[Jing Ling]] (Hooded crane general for the KFP World)
*[[Jong Hao]] (Himalayan vulture general for the KFP World)
*[[Jin Hin]] (Gray-headed parakeet general for the KFP World)
*[[Ki Lo]] (White-headed langur (Monkey) general for the KFP World)
*[[Si Sai]] (Chi-blessed Pale green awlet (Butterfly) for the KFP World)
*[[Yuan the Mountain King]] (Albino gorilla and supposed Yeti of the Himalayas)
*[[Brett All-i-Gater]] (An All-Out French Experience with Gary)
*[[Mighty Ohm]] (A Superior ibex and son of [[Mr. Ohmsphore]])
*[[Ray]] (Friendly deviant [[Grox]])
*[[Chief Mano]] (Blacktip reef shark chief of police in Ukulele Bottom)
===='''Bad Guys:'''====
*[[Wunny Sharbit]]
*[[Brain Squid]]
*[[N. Trance]]
*[[The Elementals]]
*[[Willie Wumpa Cheeks]]
*[[Victor and Moritz]]
*[[Cold Heart's Snowmen Army]]
*[[Abuse and Misery]] ([[Pain and Panic]]-style harpy aids of [[Hades (SpongeBob)|SpongeBob Hades]])
*[[The Minotaur (SpongeBob)]] (The Minotaur fought by Hercules in SpongeBob's world)
*[[The Cyclops (SpongeBob)]] (The Cyclops fought by Jason and the Argonauts in SpongeBob's world)
*[[The Mares of Diomedes (SpongeBob)]] (The Mares of Diomedes of SpongeBob's world)
*[[Karkinos (SpongeBob)]] (The giant crab fought by Hercules in SpongeBob's world)
*[[Earthlight Moon]] ([[Nightmare Moon]]'s unrestrained form)
*[[Vulpeca]] ([[Mendax]]'s father)
*[[Cutie-Pie-Rat]] ([[Captain Jameson Antlers]]' Breezie first-mate)
*[[Shipdeck]] (Captain Jameson Antlers' pet Timberwolf)
*[[Chief Thundering Doltson]]
*[[Rockdog]] (Equestrian rock dog and Son of G4 Crunch)
*[[Ragnus]] (A Equestrian natural death deity from Nymphia)
*[[Volte Face]] (Equestrian Unicorn ruined by bullying and being possessed by an emotion demon from his idol [[Valencetine]])
*[[Sailson]] (Equestrian dragon and friend of Torch)
*[[CEO Frostbite XC]]
*[[Mr. Cyclone]]
*[[Sore Bruiser]]
*[[Horse-Ass Pete]] (An Equestrian centaur part of The Rustler Outlaw's gang)
*[[Cactus Cathleen]] (A Equestrian Cactus Ent part of The Rustler Outlaw's gang)
*[[Billy Double-Venom]] (An Equestrian Krylock part of The Rustler Outlaw's gang) and his pet
*[[Demy]] (Billy's pet centipede snake)
*[[Green Lil' Shot Gordon]] (An Equestrian desert goblin part of The Rustler Outlaw's gang)
*[[Rancid Philtucky]] (An Equestrian Garbage Troll part of The Rustler Outlaw's gang)
*[[El Araña]] (An Equestrian tarantula man part of The Rustler Outlaw's gang),
*[[Bi-Minos Hank]] (An Equestrian Bisotaur (Bison-Minotaur) part of The Rustler Outlaw's gang)
*[[Subterra]] ([[The Quake King]]'s top Camazotz henchwoman)
*[[Black Snow]] ([[The Ice Queen]]'s Klugetown-style sentient ferret top henchman)
*[[Grumble]] ([[The Wind King]]'s gremlin underling)
*[[Freezey]] (The Ice Queen's Barbegazi underling)
*[[Flamboya]] ([[The Fire King]]'s firefox underling)
*[[Crudder]] (The Quake King's golem underling)
*[[Poopsy]] (The Promised Land Baron's faun underling)
*[[Slowpoke]] ([[The Speed King]]'s Grubber-like underling)
*[[Seraphim Spirit]] ([[Mother Gothel]]-style descendant to Sable Spirit who hogs up youth-giving magic to stay young and immortal and enslaving her own adopted daughter [[Youth Lagoon]] to do so)
*[[Eian Sage]] (Jiao Sage's dark evil Qilin brother)
*[[Wu Hu]] (Elephant criminal and cousin to [[Constable Hu]] in the KFP World)
*[[Xin and Sin]] (Two wolf sibling henchmen for Wu Hu's army)
*[[Mama Xei]] (House cricket henchwoman for Wu Hu's army)
*[[Jetpackalopes]] (Two Zootopian springbok surrogate sons of Dr. Peagore)
*[[The Komodo Gang]] (Zootopian Komodo Dragon gang)
*[[Nigel Nile]] (Zootopian crocodile criminal murderer)
*[[Captain Beartrap]] (Zootopian grizzly bear criminal)
*[[Boss Hooton]] (Zootopian Great-horned owl and head of Nocturnal Black Market)
*[[Doctor Tongue]] (Zootopian chameleon criminal scientist)
*[[Arrow-Pine]] (Zootopian porcupine criminal)
*[[Fowl Weather]] (Zootopian swan criminal)
*[[Justin Beetle]] (Zootopian gazelle criminal)
*[[McScott]] (Zootopian Scottish terrier and former criminal businessman for Nick Wilde)
*[[King of Diamonds]] (Husband of Queen of Diamonds, different appearance to [[King of Hearts]])
*[[Dr. Crankipotts]] (Nemesis of [[Lionel the Lion]] and rival to [[Doctor Doofenshmirtz]])
*[[Woodjaw]] (Equestrian monster)
*[[Dallas Tongue]] (Exercisia's Blue iguana assistant)
*[[The Mind Adjuster]] (Chinese cobra spy and hypnotist for Count Vladimir)
*[[Bruud]] (Apocalyptic parasitic organism from the AUU)
*[[Supreme General Quorum]] (A corrupt anti-Bulliarn Tulcan from the AUU (Possibly to be introduced in [[A Worthwhile Friendship?]]))
*[[Jock O'Brown]] (Brownie (Scottish creature) miscreant)
*[[The Whisking Terrors]] (Jaguarundi combat racer champions for [[Azalea Aranae]])
*[[Dominique Garrot]] (Outlaw brother of [[Sheriff Garrot]])
*[[Ohmen]] (Superior ibex supervillain son of Mr. Ohmsphore)
*[[Quantum Master]] (Superior leopard with quantum manipulation powers)
*[[Janjirma]] (AUU [[Junjie]] and enemy to the Clam Loungers)
*[[Kumanga]] (AUU [[Makunga]] and enemy to the Clam Loungers)
*[[Prince Yakbrain]]  (Prince Rutherford's Misunderstood Brother And the ONE Intelligent Yak of the kingdom, Motivation Coming Soon...)
*[[The Dummy Catchers]] (Outer Gods who seize universes filled with morons and put them off for comedic shows, and are in mixed-reputation odds with Amoral One society because sometimes they have been known to harass the Memeverse from time to time.)
*??? (Outer God rebel who finds unfairness in the amoral ways of his kind and commits dishonorable acts to enforce his point.)
*[[Erroris]] (Outer God, and destroyer of universes on par with MissingNo in ''AT4W'', and thus being born as a kind of glitch, as in something never meant to exist, it struggles to find a purpose.)
*[[Count Abdomen]] (Changeling count and uncle of [[Ocellus]])
*[[Bucket and Mulch]]
*[[Mr. Big]]
*[[Fru Fru]]
*[[Nimbus Nimble]]
*[[Sultan Kishkabob]]
*[[Chief Humpra]]
*[[Shadey]] (G4 repurpose of pony of the same name and an emo Pegasus fan of Rainbow Dash)
*[[Speedy]] (G4 repurpose of pony of the same name and partner for Shadey)
*[[Skyrocket]] (G4 repurpose of pony of the same name and partner for Shadey)
*[[Poynting Prance]] (A pony and former Wonderbolt and commanding officer for Shadey)
*[[Whizzer]] (G4 repurpose of pony of the same name and an Earth pony who wishes to fly)
*[[Sparkleworks]] (G4 reimaging of pony of same name and pyrotechician (firework-maker) friend of Rainbow Dash's family and Firework Burst's descendant)
*[[Sky Toner]] (Superb's Pegasus husband and Songbird's ex-boyfriend)
*[[Princess Phantasma]] (Alicorn Goddess of Dream)
*[[The Alicorn of Life]] (Alicorn Goddess of Life and mother of [[Healthy Life]] and Springtime Eve)
*[[The World Shaper]] (Alicorn God of the Shape of Earth)
*[[The Sky Pirate King]] (A Torch-like Equestrian dragon and king of all sky pirates in Equestria)
*[[Watermane]] (Priest descendant of [[Mistmane]])
*[[Fogmane]] (Hermit descendant of Mistmane)
*[[King Pulsar]] (Deceased bicorn father of Major and Minor in Biquestria)
*[[Santa Maria]] (Bicorn mage in Biquestria)
*[[Mayor Cory-Cori]] (Mahi-mahi mayor of Ukulele Bottom)
*[[Secretary Kukala]] (Mayor Cory-Cori's secretary for Ukulele Bottom)
*[[Dr. Peagore]] (Zootopian peacock scientist and head of Peacorp)
*[[Dr. Panzee]] (Zootopian chimpanzee scientist and scientist for Peacorp)
*[[Chow Dow]] (Spotted giant flying squirrel and assistant to Kun Lao in KFP China)
*[[Bas von Blitzer]] (Common basilisk lizard and commissioner for [[The United Universal Games Part 1|The United Universal Games Saga]])
*[[Mel von Blitzer]] (Common basilisk lizard and cousin of Baz von Blitzer)
*[[Lady Bianca]] (Legend of Spyro variant of Bianca, once enslaved by the apes for her magical powers until rescued by Spyro and Cynder)
*[[Abominable Bentley]] (Legend of Spyro variant of Bentley, unsentient wild killer akin to ''Goofy Movie'' Bigfoot)
*[[Mister Armall]] (An AUU cephalopod (Iobrog (fully-sentient) to be specific) bartender from Ardalicron)
*[[King MaSmash]] (An Alternate UUniversal long-armed mythological ape-like creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
*[[King Eyebeam]] (An AUU Cyclops-like creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
*[[King Brawlbone]] (A Minotaur-like AUU creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
*[[King Ogthor]] (An Ogre-like AUU creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
*[[Queen Lucent]] (A transparent jellyfish-and-human-like AUU creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
*[[King Crawgor]] (A crab-and-human-like AUU creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
*[[Queen Lomira]] (A shapeshifting AUU being from a planned episode, concept in the works)
*[[Cyber Guardians]] (Outer Gods that Guard the Cybervoid to prevent Cyberspace Leakage.)
===='''Upcoming AUU Characters'''====
*[[Queen Valdorra]] (The AUU voluptuous leader of the Avatans, and in Avatan language, "Valdorra" literally means Queen/Her Majesty)
*[[Cornelia Zoneus]] (Salasha's sister and leader of the Avatans of Zorzone)
*[[Commander Avage]] (The AUU Commander-in-Chief of the Avatarian Troopers for the Avatan Race)
*[[Professor Armeus Ag Gudon]] (AUU Avatan Founder of the Weaponistic Emporium, the AUU's top weapon-selling business)
*[[Professor Gunson Gener]] (AUU Avatan Current Leader of the Weaponistic Emporium, the AUU's top weapon-selling business)
*[[King Sir Nitru Wu Scheele]] (The AUU leader of the Waurmic Race)
*[[Marvenekus Bolton]] (The AUU commander-in-chief of the Waurmic Race)
*[[Mack Intorosh]] (An AUU Territun Human and son of an OmniNet celebrity and later became like him and a new member of the HA Fan Club.)
*[[Romana Sommers]] (An AUU Territun Human Female and former bachelorette turned alien rights activist and still practices a bachelorette inter-species life in private.)
*[[XJ Wohl]] (An AUU Territun Human and famous ecotect (Builder of massive ecosystems on planets).)
*[[Gretchen McVey]] (An AUU Khuroot Human Female and agent of the New Human Protection Agency.)
*[[Kelmer McEneny]] (An AUU Khuroot Human and agent of the New Human Protection Agency.)
*[[Immanuel Zeno Opponhelmer]] (An AUU Khuroot Human and former war hero turned commanding officer for the New Human Protection Agency.)
*[[Clayton Von Cruger]] (An AUU Khuroot Human who is a former gladiator hunter turned into an antihero gunslinger.)
*[[Galatea Boulware]] (An AUU Nardiraythe Human Female and former secret agent turned agent of the new Human Protection Agency.)
*[[Xylon Monger]] (An AUU Nardiraythe Human and former criminal genius turned into a weapon enthusiast, scavenger, and antihero.)
*[[Walten Virchow]] (An AUU Nardiraythe Human bounty hunter turned secret agent who awakened much of his genetic anomaly throughout his life.)
*[[Armon Transce Silber]] (An AUU Nardiraythe Human and infamous gambler, bounty hunter, and smuggler on par with the smuggler of the Ratchet and Clank series.)
*[[Mister Macherage]] (Rich entrepreneur and founder of Iircen and upon passing away, gave his world to his two currently-deceased feuding brothers [[Zood Macherage]] and [[Monty Macherage]] before their deaths left the world to be long abandoned before the founding of Globex Warnomics)
*[[Collyx Cechner-Wykes]] (The president and CEO of Collyx Mnemonics on Collyx (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Chrekse System))
*[[Lubbloge the Notorious]] (A Grutt crime boss from Partooine (Eta Universe, Isheegus Sector, Speerus System) and technical ruler of the planet)
*[[Mortar]] and [[Caliber]] (Doc Gearhard's two best Qlarg bodyguards)
*[[Jotun Oborlodeon]] (An AUU male Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
*[[Tym Oborlodeon]] (An AUU male Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
*[[Natira Oborlodeon]] (An AUU female Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard as a leader)
*[[Jepper Oborlodeon]] (An AUU female Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
*[[Rodan Oborlodeon]] (An AUU male Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
*[[Kray Oborlodeon]] (An AUU male Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
*[[Gadgey Oborlodeon]] (An AUU female Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
*[[Nerdwin "Scorby" Oborlodeon]] (The Last Oborlodeon at large in the Adora System that the Oborlodeon descendants and Gearhard are still searching for)
*[[Boss Morphes]] (The Synthan ruler of an evil Synthan faction called the [[Guild of Impersonators]])
*[[Aurenegades]] (AUU gold smugglers similar in personality and setting to the ''Battlefield Earth'' Psychlos who reside on the Planet Goldarex (Theta Universe, Gabinity Sector, Coprioon System))
*[[Deetsy Dack]] (AUU Daisy, A Qalton Mimzy cartoon Dack and Dollond's girlfriend)
*[[Cilian Crouse]] (AUU Minnie Mouse, A Qalton Mimzy cartoon Crouse and Critcey's girlfriend)
*[[Chap & Chum]] (AUU Chip & Dale, Two Qalton Mimzy Crobon delinquents)
*[[Pi]] (AUU Pluto, A Qalton Momzy cartoon and Critcey's Pet Rog)
*[[Peese]] (AUU Pete, A Qalton Mimzy cartoon Felsh and a big bully and brute to Critcey Crouse)
*[[Luch von Nerds]] (AUU Ludwig von Drake, a Qalton Mimzy cartoon Fgaken comedic scientist)
*[[Horton (AUU)]] and [[Hembelle]] (AUU Horace and Clarabelle, Two Qalton Mimzy Merfs and a couple)
*[[Rooge McDell]] (AUU Scrooge McDuck, a Qalton Mimzy Fgaken and a reality-defying rich fighter)
*[[Jocas Caragoza]] and [[Panace Pistols]] (AUU Panchito Pistoles and José Carioca, a Qalton Mimzy Grarrot and Picokor and god acquaintances of Dollond)
*[[Porksy Porg]] (AUU Porky Pig, A Terner Brothers cartoon Porg that stutters a lot, and is very comical at times)
*[[Vynster the Rynx]] (AUU Sylvester, A Terner Brothers cartoon street Rynx who always seeks out Twitty)
*[[Twitty]] (AUU Tweety, A Terner Brothers Cary who is a very smart eluder of things that want to eat her)
*[[Eolmer Grime]] (AUU Elmer Fudd, A Terner Brothers human commonly portrayed as a hunter, usually to Ruse and Donder, but in a much different fashion than Elmer with Bugs and Daffy)
*[[O'Wilde]] (AUU Wile E. Coyote, a Terner Brothers cartoon Domplox who constantly hunts Speedo, and fails comically when using Acmegee-brand merchandise, only the difference is that they can talk)
*[[Speedo]] (AUU Roadrunner, a Terner Brothers cartoon Speederbird who constantly avoids O'Wilde comically, only the difference is that they can talk)
*[[Beakers]] (AUU Beaky Buzzard, a Terner Brothers cartoon Gorebird who is a dim-witted idiot)
*[[Qosemite Stan]] (AUU Yosemite Sam, a Terner Brothers cartoon human and rival to Ruse who is a very comical crackpot and tough guy who constantly gets outsmarted)
*[[Fogboy]] (AUU Foghorn Leghorn, a Terner Brothers Fgaken and a very smartass wisecracking cartoon character)
*[[Farty]] (AUU Pepe le Pew, A Terner Brothers cartoon Odoxory and, unlike Pepe, is not French, and is just a guy who will persistently fall in love with any girl he meets despite his odor)
*[[Hirly]] (AUU Taz, A Terner Brothers cartoon Hirlon who is more vicious, crazy, and often more comically insane than Taz)
*[[Dixie And Matter]] (AUU [[Pinky and the Brain]], two Terner Brothers cartoon genetically-engineered vrats who constantly plan to take over the UUniverses)
*[[Bethy Bop]] (AUU Betty Boop, an RGM cartoon Vellan, and a talented and comical singer)
*??? (AUU Droopy, An RGM cartoon rog)
*[[Woodsy]] (AUU Woody Woodpecker, An RGM cartoon Firmbeak with a kooky attitude)
*[[Faux the Feloot]] (AUU Felix the Cat, An RGM Feloot who has a magic bag that can turn into whatever he wishes)
*[[Doodles]] (Coming soon...)
*[[Sly Boy]] (AUU Horizon Pictures cartoon Raccox and a hilarious sly fox)
*[[Whoopy de Whoops]] (An AUU Horizon Pictures cartoon Berql who loves sweets, is very clumsy but innocent and comical, whose catchphrases are comical-sounding 'WHOOPY!!!' and 'WHOOPS!!!')
*(Multiple CEOs and crime lords, Magelio masters, students, and ancient enemies, Stagnant Mieberian rebels, Individual AUU Humans, and new possible HA members.)
*[[Pez]] (AUU RvB Lopez)
*[[Jellroll]] (AUU RvB Donut)
*[[Med]] (AUU RvB Doc)
*[[Floridia]] (AUU RvB Florida (Butch Flowers))
*[[Washing]] (AUU RvB Washington)
*[[Natan Blume]] (AUU RvB Doyle)
More coming soon...
*OC Worlds for Miramax Universe.
*[[Alistadar]] (Ancient Purple Dragon/Keyblade Master Colony)
*[[Offala]] (Neighboring junkyard planet of [[Futurasia (World)]] and location of Scrappalot)
*[[Decuron]] (New homeworld of Psychozoans ([[Mind Your Attitude]])
*[[The Caribbean]] (Twin Realm to Live-Action UUniverses and Pirates of the Caribbean World)
*[[Riku and Cynder's motorbikes]]
*[[Merlin's Hot Air Baloon]]
*[[Uamocles Battle Cruiser]] (The [[Alpha Federation]]'s primary transport)
*[[Typhirium Battle Cruiser]] (The [[Beta Federation]]'s primary transport)
*[[Guardian Angel Battle Cruiser]] (The [[Gamma Federation]]'s primary transport)
*[[Fall of Radiant Garden]]
*[[The Fourteen Guardians of Light and Thirteen Seekers of Darkness]]
===<u>'''Battles (Volume 1):'''</u>===
*[[The first attmept at Capturing Slim]]
*[[Griffin and Bad Digimon steal Excaliber]]
*[[Seadramon's return (Spongebob and Friends Find atlantis)]]
*[[Rourke's Mutiny]]
*[[Facing the Griffin (Spongebob and Friends Meet the Great Mouse Dectecive)]]
*[[The Heartless Infestion Causer Case|The Heartless Infestation Causer Case]]
*[[Bruton Ambushed by Lord Dread and his forces]]
*[[Aladdar vs Kron]]
===<u>'''Battles (Volume 2):'''</u>===
*[[Great Grox War]]
===<u>'''Moisodes/Chronicles Episodes:'''</u>===
==='''Experimental Episode List'''===
===='''Pre-Production Episodes.'''====
*[[Shell Lodge Blowout]] (Post-''SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout'' SpongeBob 20th Anniversary Special)
*[[Clone Therapy]] (Revision Required)
*[[Crawl On Down To Insectopia]] (Main Villain: G4 Queen Bumble/Queen Bumble X)
*[[The Glass Kingdom]] (Main Villain: G4 Princess Porcina/???)
*[[Weeding Out]] (Main Villains: The G4 Flores/The New Flores)
*[[Deep Chill In Klugetown]] (Main Villain: G4 King Charlatan/King Charlatan XXIV)
*[[The Sky Rained With Fire]] (Main Villain: G4 Lavan and Arabus/Parts of Lavan and Arabus)
*[[The Proper Return of Beezen]] (Main Villain: G4 [[Beezen]])
*[[Bug Wars]] (Scroopfan Season 4A [[Thorax IX]] Episode, Awaiting Plot Concept)
*[[By Our Baku-Marks]] (Scroopfan Season 4A Baku Return Episode, Awaiting Plot Concept)
*[[Living Nightmares]] (Scroopfan Season 6B Episode based on ''Little Nightmares'', Awaiting Plot Concept)
*[[The Bad Dinosaur]] (Scroopfan Season 6B Good Dinosaur Episode, Awaiting Plot Concept)
*[[The Dividers]] (Scroopfan Season 6B Episode, Awaiting Plot Concept)
*[[Mr. Educator Returns]] (Scroopfan Season 6B Episode, Awaiting Plot Concept)
*[[Wish Incorporated]] (Scroopfan Season 6B Episode, Awaiting Plot Concept)
*[[Welcome to Warwreck]]
*[[Redemption In Making]] (Pending)
*[[Civil Misobedience]] (Itthrash Episode) (Pending)
*[[Offering to Ofrion]] (Pending)
*[[The Antijusted]] (The Antijust Bureau Episode) (Pending)
*[[Procxon]] (Pending)
*[[Getting Yreed and Skroolled]] (Pending)
*[[The Ghost of Jakamor]] (Pending)
*[[Gazelle's Most Deadly Challnage]] ([[Butcheroth Protothus]] Debute Episode)
*[[Parasitic Devils]] (Scroopfan Season 7B Episode, Awaiting Plot Concept)
*[[Sister of Bellwether]] (Scroopfan Season 7B Episode, Awaiting Plot Concept)
*[[The Dark Secret of Gamma]] (Scroopfan In-Progress Episode, Awaiting Plot Concept)
*[[Return of the Racegivers]] (MSM/Scroopfan Season 7B [[Racegivers]] Episode)
*[[Returning to Racegiving]] (MSM Season 7B Racegiver Successor Episode)
*[[Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy's True Origin]] (MSM Season 5A SpongeBob Episode)
*[[The Empty Knight]] (Scroopfan Season 5B Episode)
*[[Film Festival Gone Wrong]] (Scroopfan Season 6B Episode)
*[[One Day in Globstoppers]] (Scroopfan Season 6B [[Gobstopper]] Episode, Reserved for Scroopfan)
*[[A Swan In Peril]] (Scroopfan Season 6B Episode)
*[[You're Voring Me]] (Scroopfan Season 6B Episode)
*[[Icky and Iago: Exelbrok's Revenge]] (Scroopfan Season 6B Episode)
*[[The Evolutionaries Strike Back]] (MSM Season 6B Episode)
*[[No Stiffs in Amusementia Please]] (Scroopfan Season 6B [[Amusementia]] Episode)
*[[Return of Malwaremon]] (Scroopfan Season 6B [[Malwaremon]] Episode)
*[[Zootopias Clash]] (MSM Season 6B Episode)
*[[The Dark Order Rises Part 1]] and [[The Dark Order Rises Part 2|Part 2]] (MSM Season 7B Episode)
*[[An Appetizing Adventure]] (MSM Season 9 [[Vorac]] Episode)
*[[Stoddart's New Gameplan]] (Scroopfan NC Season 2 Episode)
*[[Casted On Horror-Ape Island]] (Scroopfan NC Season 5 Episode)
*[[The Mirror World]] (Scroopfan NC Season 5 Episode)
*The New Mothron Emperor Part [[The New Mothron Emperor Part 2|2]], [[The New Mothron Emperor Part 3|3]], and [[The New Mothron Emperor Part 4|4]] (Scroopfan NC Season 10 Starter Saga) (Pending)
*[[Unversed Reborn]] (The Starting Episode of the [[Unverse Rebirth Regime]] episodic series.) (Pending)
*[[Malefor Returns to Darkspawn Glory]] (A NC Episode Speical about Malefor returning to glory) (Pending)
===='''Unplaced Episodes'''====
*[[The Shocking Revelations of the Third Dimension]] (Dimention-2 Follow-Up) (Pending)
*[[To Limid Camp]] (AUU Camp Camp)
*[[Battleballs]] (AUU Grifball Miniseries)
*[[Back to Undezon]] (AUU Deltarune)
*[[Magic is Inhumane]]
*[[Tree Estate]]
*[[All That Glitters Is Gold]]
*[[Under The Weather]]
*[[Not A-Mused]]
*[[Friendship and War]]
*[[Cropped Out]]
*[[Horse Famed]]
*[[Culture Buck]]
*[[Season Shift]]
*[[The Fate of Alicornia]]
*[[The Unexpected Migration]]
*[[Friendship is Healing]]
*[[Haunting of Tochia]]
*[[Free As A Hippogriff]]
*[[Down Under in Equestria]]
*[[Roost in Hippalectryia]]
*[[Constantly Constellated]]
*[[Return of King Surtr]]
*[[Soaring Down]]
*[[Revenge of the Secor]]
*[[Cuup-Heded Gamble]]
===='''USRA-UIS Contested Systems Episodes'''====
*[[Addicting Addiction]] (Addictron Episode)
*[[You Got To Be Jukking Me, Corleesh]] (Ya'Moo Joo'Ya'kaa System Episode)
*[[Travaristy System]] (Travaristy System Episode)
*[[Evolution: Lodgers Edition]] ("The New System" Episode)
*[[Getting Blupped]] (Blup Episode)
*[[Trouble in the AE System]] (AE System/Serns Reviveal Episode)
*[[Creepy Crawlars]] (Clawlaron Invadtion Episode)
*[[Dawn of Cycleon]] (Cycelon (AUU [ Mune]) Episode)
*[[On The Literal Edge Of War]] (Edge System Episode)
*[[Of Xurons and Finkurs]] (Utopia System/Xuron-Finkur Conflict Episode)
*[[You So Gono]] (Gono-Korus System' System Episode)
*[[Bad Gamble in Gambularus]] (Gambularus Episode)
*[[Zillagod Marbon]] (Gojin Suprimus System)
*[[Xancimera System Rebellion]] (Xancimera System Episode)
*[[Getting Clustered In The Rim]] (Cluster Rim System Episode)
*[[Ty'running From This]] (Orsidians and Tyrunnos Episode)
*[[Conflict of the Spinal Cord Rim System]] (The Spinal Cord Rim System Episode)
*[[The Great Pharcum Redemption]] (The Ishgeegus Secter/Non-Pharcum Zone System Episode)
*[[Wretthe Did You Go?]] (Wretthe System Episode)
*[[The System of Paradise]] (Beden System Episode)
More coming soon...
===='''Pending MSM Choices'''====
*[[Identity Crisis]]
*[[Does Size Matter Or Not?]] (Gigantoron Episode)
*[[Back To Limid Camp]] (AUU Camp Camp S3E12)
*[[Wrath of the Kratosian Regressers Part 1]] and [[Wrath of the Kratosian Regressers Part 2|Part 2]] (The Final [[The Kratosian Regressers|Kratosian Regressers]] Episode)
*[[Remenan Renegades]] (AUU NYON)
*[[The Rogue Universe Builder]] (MSM Season 8A Episode, Rogue Outer God Seeking To Be An Amoral One By Stealing Worlds From Other Universes And Building His Own)
*[[Mega-Sci Corp Goes Corrupt Again]] (An Evil Business Owner Takes Over Mega-Sci Corp, Plot Pending)
*[[Icky and Iago: Road to The Dragon Realms II]] (MSM Episode and Sequel to First Version (To Cover New Future Worlds), Concept Coming Soon)
*[[Icky and Iago: Lost in the AUU II]] (MSM Episode and Sequel to First Version (To Cover New Future Worlds), Concept Coming Soon)
====Pending X-OvrLuvr Ideas====
*[[SpongeBob and Friends: It's a Wonderful Sponge|SpongeBob and Friends: It's a Wonderful Sponge ]](More so based on the original plot then whatever they may have in mind)
*[[Moisodes (Movie/Episode)|Moisodes]]
*[[List of Spongebob's/Spyro's Adventures songs and lyrics|Songs and Lyrics]]
===='''<u>Main Players</u>'''====
*[[Shell Lodge Squad]]
*[[The High Council]]
*[[Villain League/Darkspawn villains]]
*[[Team Nefarious]]
*[[The Fang Empire]]/[[The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire]]
[[Missellious characters]]
*[[Origin, Rise, and History of the Shell Lodge Squad]]
*[[Origin of the Villain Leage]]
*[[How the villain leage recruits]]
*[[The Villain Leage's resurrection policy.|The Villain leage's resurrection policy]]
*[[Birth of Team Nefarious]]
*[[Birth of the Fang Empire]]
*[[Emperor Fang's History]]
*[[The Dark Dragon's converting of the Fang Empire.]]
*[[Tale of the gray wardens]]
*[[Tale of the druids]]
*[[Atlantis (legend)]]
*[[Rise, prime, hardships, and fall of the pure hyenas]]
*[[Origin of the Dark Spawn]]
*[[The Uniter Princess Lore]]
===='''<u>About the United Universes.</u>'''====
*[[Multiverse SAF-S]]
*[[The united universes|the united universes]]
*[[The banished realms|the banished realms]]
*[[DarkSpawn realics]]
*[[What are Non dark spawn villains?]]
*[[The defferents between Dark Spawn villains and Non dark spawn villains|The defferents between Dark Spawn villains and Non Dark spawn villains]]
*[[Cartoonian Wars]]
*[[The Great Cycle]]
*[[Creation of the generator of the universial bounderies]]
*[[The Multiverseal Hiarchey]].
===='''<u>Da Rules.</u>'''====
[[Rules and Guidelines.]]
=='''Youtube Crossovers Link'''==
[ Youtube Crossovers Wiki]
=='''Spinoff Wikis'''==
[ Spongebob and Friends wiki 2]- The Old Wiki Of The Retired Tman.
[ SAF Abriged]- A parody of the SAFA series first introduced in the Chronicles Series.
[ Zonguebob and Friends Wiki]- The stories of the AUU Shell Lodge Squad
==Non-SAF Material==
[ Punch Time Exploders Wiki]- A new Cartoon Network related adventures series made by X-OvrLuvr
=='''Latest Activity'''==
[[Category:Data of the United Universe]]
[[Category:Data of the United Universe]]

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