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SpongeBob and Friends meet Dinosaur
is the 19th moisode in the 1st Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series.
  • Length- 3:18:47


SpongeBob and the Shell Lodge Squad go to a world in the United Universes still dominated by Dinosaurs to meet Aladar and his family. As they train for a while, they get a violent welcome from Iago's powerful girlfriend, Thundera, who attempts to kill the Hyenas for kidnapping Iago. Iago convinces Thundera that their his friends, even though Cynder's concerned for his well-being.

On Aladar's island, there is going to be a mating party at the tree. Zinni the lemur is all fired up for it. The party goes smoothly, but Zinni fails to get a mate. As Zinni is depressed, meteorites fill the skies. All the lemurs and the Shell Lodge admire the beauty of the meteor shower until Yar, Aladar's lemur Grandfather, smells that something's wrong. Then a gigantic meteorite rains down from the sky. When it impacts, the dreaded Earth Golum came out and terrorized the island, engulfing it in fire. Spyro and Cynder fight it with the help of Ignightus, Cyril, Volteer, and Terrador. When they had enough, they jumped off a cliff to avoid the Earth Golum's incoming Fire Breath attack into the water below.

Aladar, Plio, Yar, Surrey, Zinni, the Shell Lodge, and the Jungle Crew safely make it to the mainland. They all find out that there was no other survivors on the island. When King Julien hears that in that universe, that island was Madagascar, he screams for nine hours. Then Master Oogway and Mufasa's ghosts appear. They tell them that the Earth Golum chased the Lodgers off the island to face Lord Dread, Lord Cobra's second-in-command. They also say that they must head to the nesting grounds miles away to meet the Chronticler, who would tell the Lodge things that they don't know theirselves. And so, that's where a new adventure begins.

In a desert, our heores are ambushed by Lord Dread's corrupted Velociraptor army. They run into Chesi, Bongo, and Ted, three raptors with the same personalitites as the Hyenas. They chase them down into a herd of herbivorous dinosaurs who are also heading to the nesting grounds. They join the herd when the raptors threaten them.

When the herd rests, Aladar and the gang meet Eema, a Styracosaurus with a wizened personality, Baylene, a Brachiosaurus who is the last of her species, and is still looking for another Brachiosaurus, Eema's pet Ankylosaurus, Url, 2 Oviraptors named Mark and Janet, who have problems with each other for an incident at the beginning of the movie while handling Aladar's egg, and 2 more Ankylosaurus named Joe and Frank, who fight each other about a baseball game. They also meet the leader of the herd, an Iguanodon named Kron, who is characterized for Social Darwinism. He is leading the herd while sacrificing the weakening members, urging them to keep going, or die. They also meet Neera, Kron's sister, who Aladar has romantic feelings for. Some of Lord Dread's raptors are following them to wait for some dinner. Others are out with Lord Dread himself.

As the night passes, our heroes follow the herd as Kron wakes all the dinosaurs up. They continue their long, hot, excruciating journey. Back at a site where the raptors are feeding on a Struthiomimus, Bongo and Ted have a fight, forcing Chesi to break it up. They complain about Kron and his herd. But one raptor named Larry, who is the captain of the clan, has a positive feeling for herbivores that the other raptors hate. Then Lord Dread himself comes along. Dread announces that he has 3 new members. He has 2 Carnotaurs, and Thundera's arch-nemesis, Malcho. He says that they kill Kron's herd, or possibly enslave them.

Back at the herd, they finally make it to a lake, where Kron and the herd was expecting to find plenty of water to satisfy them. Only to find that the lake has dried up. Kron sends Bruton, the second-in-command to take a scout and check the lake's perimeter for water, and the herd continues to move on. Kron decides that they save the half that 'deserves to live'. Just as there was no hope, Baylene's weight shows that there is water underground in the lake. They start digging, and then they press down in the hole, and out comes water. They inform the herd, but Kron hogs it up for himself. Bruton and the scout, meanwhile, are assaulted by Lord Dread and his minions. The scout is killed, but Bruton is able to survive with a wound.

Back at the lake, after Aladar helps 2 young dinosaurs get water, he talks to Neera. Just then, Kron is informed by Bruton that Dread has come with Carnotaurs, raptors, and a flying snake, and has declared war on the herd. Kron wakes up the herd, and informs Aladar and Neera about the situation. Aladar says that the ones in the back won't make it, but Kron insists that they'll slow down the predators. Aladar tries to stop the herd, but Kron angrily attacks him. He warns him not to interfere, or he'll kill him. He forces Neera away from Aladar. Aladar and the gang try to get the 7 dinosaurs to follow them, but they are too weak to keep up.

Back in Lord Dread's clan, Lord Dread insists that they rest outside. But Larry insists they find shelter from the oncoming storm. Lord Dread, informed about Larry's compassion of herbivores, kicks him out of the clan. The clan chases Larry out of their area, and Larry is suddenly all alone. Meanwhile, our heroes find Bruton wounded from the Carnivores. Bruton refuses to come with them. They suddenly find a cave where they can get out of the rain from. They now see that Bruton, along with an unexpected Larry, come in with them. Thundera suddenly explains to the Lodge about her weather powers, Malcho, and her responsibilities. Larry also explains what his clan was like before Dread, and that he didn't trust him. He said that Dread declared that he would give the raptors a chance to spread their generations by stealing someone elses. Just then, the 2 carnotaurs and Malcho attacked. There was a big fight, and when a Carnotaur slammed into a wall, rocks came raining down. The downpour killed one of the Carnotaurs and Bruton. As they mourn the death of Bruton, the gang moves on. They come near a dead end, but soon discover something on the other side. With help from Rico, they break through, and finally find the nesting grounds.

They meet the Chronticler, who had actually been expecting them. After showing the gang about Spyro and Cynder's pasts, Spyro insisted that they learn about Lord Cobra's origins. And so, they learn that Lord Cobra was one of Oogway's students that was power-hungry. Then Facilier, Scroop, and the Cheetahs show him about the Darkspawn's dreaded medallian. The medallian mutated Cobra, and causing the second cartoonian war. As the boundaries of the universe were made to prevent any future cartoonian wars, King Arthur removed the Sword from the Stone, bringing the universes back together. The boundaries that hold the banished realms were not destroyed. Cobra plotted revenge on Oogway by corrupting Cynder once again. Malefor had told Cobra about her in a vision as an act of revenge for his second banishment. The corruption of Cynder was one of the Villain League's most crowning achievements. After that, and more members being recruited in the Villain League, there came many crimes, such as the fall of Atlantis. The ancestors hoped a miracle could stop this crisis, until a heroic team of misfits that originated from Africa destroyed the medallian, and caused Lord Cobra's very first death. Then he was revived once again by Excalibur. But obviously, the same team he came up against, now growing in size, defeated him again. Then he was back again thanks to the Horned King.

They then suggested that they know why Mirage is with the Villain League. So they learn that Mirage is just filling in as the Villain League's new leader until Cynder is corrupted once again. The Cronticler also explains that Mirage has the biggest plan in the history of the united universes. She used the Black Cauldron as a distraction to prevent the Lodge from discovering her true plan. Using the Pool of Visions, the Chronticler showed Spyro that she has re-created the Well of Souls and the Mountain of Malefor with the help of Spyro's old foe, Gaul, in order to hold the 6 princesses of hearts, or even any unknown princesses of hearts. So far, the Villain League doesn't just have Alice, but they have Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora. And all they have left is Jasmine, Belle, and of couse, Kairi. Since Jasmine is living in Agrabah, which is a well-known place to the Villain League, Ignightus sent Sora, Donald, and Goofy to save her. Kairi is obviously safe with the Lodge, and Belle is located somewhere unknown. The Lodge wonders about Lord Dread's origins. So, the Chronticler makes Cynder look in the Pool of Visions to learn about Lord Dread. She learns that she herself had corrupted him according to the Villain League's rite-of-passage on having a right-hand man. And if Cynder is corrupted again, every villain ever known in the united universes will join the Villain League, and nothing, not even the Lodge, can stop them.

So the Lodge can get back to the business at hand, the Chronticler quickly explains that Shenzi descended from a race of pure hyenas, which explains the awesome move she performed to defeat Cobra the second time. Then he explains that Kaa's old son and daughter are still alive. Lola Boa is his daughter, and Savio is his son. Then Iago wonders where the herd is, they discover the actual entrance the herd is taking has collapsed, forming a sheer drop. At that rate, the herd will be unable to make it. Aladar intends to inform Kron. Spyro intends to help him, but then, Lucky Jack arrives and tells them that he's in the mood for an adventure. And so, Aladar and the Lodge go to help the herd. But they had to sneak across Lord Dread and his minions.

Kron tries to get the herd over the rocks on the other side, but it's getting difficult. Aladar and the Lodge manage to warn them that Lord Dread is heading their way, and that they'll never make it over the rocks. Kron persists, but after being ignored, he tries to kill him. Shifu stops him by kicking him down before he can do any harm. As Aladar leads the herd around, Lord Dread arrives. Aladar has all the dinosaurs stand together and fight the carnivores in an epic battle. The herd manages to keep the Carnotaurs from attacking by roaring at them all together while passing them. But then, after the dinosaurs completely make it around the carnivores, Lord Dread sees Kron trying to get over the rocks. He leads his army to kill him. Kron tries to make it over the rocks, only to discover that Aladar was right. The Carnotaur kills Kron, and Neera and Aladar take it head-on. Aladar manages to push the Carnotaur off the cliff while almost getting himself killed.

After Simba, Cynder, and Spyro surround Lord Dread, he blames the raptors for his actions, Avatar Cynder grabs Dread, and throws him off the rocks. There, he gets killed by his own raptor servents, who had heard him blaming them for his actions. The gang mourns the death of Kron, and take the herd to the nesting grounds. Days later, Aladar and Neera have their first babies, and Zinni finally finds some ladies of his own. The Lodge are offered a break in Hawaii for their tiring adventures from Ignightus, and they prepare theirselves. Thundera, now aware of the Villain League, offers to join the Lodge in their adventures(When Iago kisses her).

Meanwhile, Dr. Nefarious explains the universal generator in the center of the united universes (Give or take 50 feet) to his newly formed team. He explains that the generator is why the banished realms cannot be united with the other universes. He plans to use this generator to blackmail the Villain League to forsake Malefor, and serve Team Nefarious, giving Team Nefarious the power to rule the united universes.


  1. Be Prepared- By Lord Dread
  2. Chow Down- By Chesi, Bongo, and Ted.
  3. Are You In Or Out- By Team Nefarious
  4. Part of Your World- By Iago and Thundra


  • Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, King Julien, Maurice, and Mort guest star in this film.
  • Thundra, the weather-controlling bird from the Aladdin TV Series, will join the Shell Louge Squad after this film.
  • The Monsters from Monsters vs. Aliens will also join the Shell Louge Squad after this movie.
  • Lucky Jack will also join the shell lougers after this film.
  • The movie is out of sync, it's because at the time, Scroopfan couldn't find a sync correct verson of this film.
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