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Spongebob and Friends meet Hercules is the 21st moisode of the 1st Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. They meet Hercules and face the villain leage, and the imfamous lord of the dead, and ruler of the underworld, Hades.

  • Length- 4:29:46


After Miguel and Tulio's entertaining song, Zeus and Hera celebrate the birth of their son, Hercules. All goes well, when suddenly, Hades drops by for a visit. He gets his finger strangled by Hercules' brute god strength, making The Shell Lodgers and the gods laugh at his demise. Zeus offers Hades to join the party, but Hades refuses, and leaves. When he does, Sora, Batty, and Biomon follow him to make sure he's not planning something.

In the Underworld, Hades, along with dozens of Villain Leaguers, expects 3 fates with the power to see the past, present, and future. He was late, and the fates knew he would be. Hades asks them if Hercules will foil his plan to rule Mt. Olympus, but they refuse. For they are not permitted to reveal the future. But after Rourke punches their one eye out, they accept. They reveal that in 18 years, Hades will succeed when the Solar System's planets align, freeing Hexxus' darkspawn sons, the Titans. With them, Zeus will fall, and Hades will rule. However, they also say that if Hercules is to fight, he will be defeated. Enraged for a while, Hades gets Pain, Panic, and the Frog catchers of get the baby god mortal by making him drink a mortal potion so they can kill him. When Sora, Batty, and Biomon hear this, they go warn the others.

Back at Mt. Olympus, Sora warns the Lodgers about Hades' plan. They think the Leaguers won't get in, but Fidget had lost the key when the Frog catchers chased him away, enraging Shifu. Shifu begins to insult Fidget about his accident. But suddenly, the Leaguers capture Hercules, and enrages Zeus. The Shell Lodgers are too late to stop the Leaguers from turning Hercules into a mortal baby, but they are able to stop Hercules from drinking the last drop of the potion, thereby saving his god powers. Shifu blames Fidget for this failure because Hercules could not go home. They find Hercules a foster home for him to stay, and Zang warns Zeus and Hera about Hercules. Sadness set in as they heard about this.

18 years later, With Hercules grown up, and the Lodgers watching over him, things don't seem very well. Hercules is an unpopular person who is considered a freak. Miguel and Tulio are busted for cheating themselves a Map that leads to where Merlin is residing. Miguel and Tulio act themselves out of it, and land straight into a bull's pen. The bull chases them down. The bull charges into Hercules, causing him to tip over a column, and collapse the place down. The villagers are mad at Hercules, but Icky offers to ask Emperor Kuzco to pay for the damages.

After this incident, Hercules is depressed about wishing to be a hero like the Lodge, who are thrilled to have the key to finding Merlin. Hercules' foster parents tell Hercules that they found him, and that he had a medal around his neck that had the symbol of the Gods on it. Hercules then learns that the gods know where he came from. He, and the Lodgers travel to the Temple of Zeus, and ask for answers. Zeus enters statue mode, and greets Hercules, who is terrified after seeing him. He then learns that Zeus is his father, that he was a god, and that he was stolen from Mt. Olympus by the Villain League and turned mortal. Zeus tells Hercules that if he proves himself a true hero on Earth, his godhood would be restored. He also tells him to seek out Philactetes, the trainer of heroes as the first step of becoming a true hero. He also gives Hercules his old pet flying horse, Pegasus. Suddenly, Marlene arrives on the scene, saying that strange things are happening in New York. Shifu then realizes that the boundaries of the Banished Realms are weakening because the cosmos cannot detect Hercules' god energy. If Hercules does not restore his godhood in time, the Darkspawn will escape once again, and will be free to conquer the universes. And so, another adventure begins.

The gang make it to a strange island inhabited by goats and nymphs. Sparx eats a couple of bugs he finds 'delish'. Then they find a couple of nymphs. Sparx suddenly bellows a huge burp, scaring them off. Then they meet a goat-man who happens to be the one they were looking for. He refuses to help Hercules because he is retired due to all of the heroes he trained fail in life. He also says that he was a good friend of Merlin, who was a big hero for defeating Darkspawns before, and had told Phil to train new heroes who could stand up against Darkspawn like him. And Phil couldn't handle it anymore. But Thundera convinces him by getting him struck by lightning. It was rigorous, but Hercules finally succeeded on getting enough experience to become a true hero. Hercules then wants a test, and Phil takes him and the Lodgers to Thebes. On the way there, Sam talks about how Digimon Sora left off.

After a very long flashback, a girl scream is heard below the clouds. They find a woman being threatened by a Centor, who rounds up women for mating rights, and fight off rival males. Which was exactly was it was doing to that woman. Hercules barrels in, but fails for a while. But after that, he manages to defeat him with one huge sucker punch, catapulting him up into the sky, and back down into the water. Hercules starts to get attracted to the woman, who introduces herself as Megara (Meg for short). But when Fidget mentions to her something about their map, Shifu yells at him about telling classified info to someone they don't know. After Po talks to Shifu about it for a while, Meg leaves, not amused by the Lodgers wild antics. Hercules and the gang leave after the drama goes down.

Meg then meets up with Hades and the Leaguers. Meg reported her attempt on persuading the Centor to join his team didn't go exactly as planned because of this guy by the name of Hercules, and a group of misfits who had a 'drama show' over a map to Merlin. Knowing now that Pain, Panic, and the Frog Hunters didn't really destroy Hercules, on which the 5 had kept a secret, Hades get furious and strangles them, and explodes in a rage of fiery inferno. Hades then concocts a new plan, and make sure that this time, it doesn't foul up.

The gang arrives at Thebes, where Icky's cousin, Tzzy, gets teased after making up not-so-funny jokes. Icky defends him, and the people tease him all of a sudden about his past with Littlefoot. Icky gets angry, and beats up one of them. Things go very deep for the Shell Lodge until Meg arrives and warns Hercules about 2 kids becoming trapped in rocks after a rockslide. While Hercules and Meg ride off on Pegasus, The Lodgers lose their van, which is their main method of transportation, despite some Lodgers capable of flight, and Sam and Max go to look for it. While the duo search, Tai tries to get a backup ride, but it doesn't really go too well. Sam and Max, on the other hand, find the van being used for a make-out. They go to a couples' carnival, where they find their van again, and throw out the make-outers. Then, with the van back in their hands, the team heads off for the gorge.

Hercules and the gang make it to the gorge, and Hercules manages to save the two kids, who are actually Pain and Panic disguised as kids, and Meg luring the gang into Hades' trap. Out of the darkness, a vicious Hydra comes out, and fights Hercules. Hercules ends up being eaten, but after Fidget taunts the Hydra, Hercules manages to chop off the Hydra's head with his sword. Hades remains calm, and knows he hasn't failed. The Hydra suddenly regenerates itself, and gets 2 extra heads. Pegasus comes in time, and Hercules repeatedly chops off Hydra heads, causing the Hydra to regenerate hundreds of Hydra heads. As Hercules is very close to sudden death, he pounds the rocky gorge, causing a rain of boulders to plow onto the multi-headed Hydra, killing it. Hercules manages to survive the rock rain, and he is now adored by the people of Thebes. Hades gets enraged at his defeat, and tries many other times to kill him, but each time, he fails. Hercules becomes famous, and gets his own merchandise, including an awesome action figure of him. He was without a doubt one step closer to becoming a true hero.

As a Festival of Heroes comes to celebrate Hercules, with many other heroes being invited, Facilier summons Malifecent and Fagin with help from his FOTOS. Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive at the festival, and compete after being denied to be heroes. The trio go through many challenges, including one of Hades' apprentices, Cloud Strife. Cloud is defeated, and Hades summons his pet Cerberus, who had become much stronger than he was before, to invade. Hercules holds off Cerberus long enough for the trio to escape. Then Sora persists they fight Cerberus. They manage to defeat him, and he and his friends are dubbed as junior heroes. They underestimate their dubbings, and attempt to prove theirselves in the festival. But the festival had been cancelled due to Cerberus, so they leave. They then run into Cloud again, who tells the trio that he was looking for someone, and his dark powers backfired on him. Sora then offers a rematch, but Cloud passes.

Hades gets infuriated again after Pain and Panic flurt with Hercules' merchandise. Hades then realizes that he has to find Hercules' weakness. He offers Meg freedom in exchange for getting Hercules to spill out his weakness, even though it seems like he doesn't have one. Hercules finds out from his father that nothing he ever did has made him a true hero. Hercules asks what it takes, but Zeus only tells him to look inside his heart.

Meg finds Hercules after he is mobbed by female fans. Meg offers Hercules a night-off of his heroism. Fidget gets distracted by Meg's comment about 'pocket pitas' that he goes off and buys some actual pocket pitas. When he realizes his sudden mistake on leaving Hercules with Meg, he screams so loud, that it could be heard throughout the entire UUniverses. Meg finds out Hercules has no actual weaknesses, and starts getting romantic feelings for him, despite her previous attempts on love. Even though she resists, Meg could never fight off her feelings for Hercules. Hades and the Leaguers then arrive, and are unflattered by Meg's sudden lovesickness. Phil and Kaa overhears Meg with Hades talking about Hercules' defeat. They suddenly realize that not only is this news going to break Hercules' heart, but it will also make Shifu extremely angry after Fidget blurting out the map to Merlin to Meg, and Shifu might kick Fidget out of the Lodge. Meg tells the Leaguers that Hercules has no physical weaknesses. Then suddenly, Hades finds out Hercules' true weakness: Meg herself.

The planets of the Solar System are this close to aligning with each other, and things are about to turn bleak. Kaa warns all the Lodgers (except Shifu, of course) about Meg, and are scared to tell Shifu about it. Shifu then arrives, and overhears Phil trying to warn Hercules about Meg. Hercules doesn't believe this, and brutely pushes Phil away. Having given up hope, Phil leaves. Shifu is now extremely enraged at Fidget, and promptly kicks Fidget out of the team. After Fidget leaves, Hades and the Villain Leaguers arrive with every Villain in their current disposal. Etemon traps the Lodgers in a huge goal net wired with electricity. Hercules finds out that Hades has Meg. Hades offers Hercules to be free if he gives up his god strength for 24 hours, which also implies that Meg must not be harmed in any way. Hercules accepts, and loses his powers. Hades then reveals that Meg was working for him the entire time. The League also gets A Red Death, The Stone Jaguar, and another Hydra to invade Greece. The League had also acquired the Map to Merlin because of Max's lame hiding spot: between the coushins of a couch. With things completely bleak for our heroes. Hades takes control of Greece, and is about to rule over Mt. Olympus.

After Hades sings a very quick song, Fidget, still kicked off the Lodge, manages to steal back the Map to Merlin, only to be caught by Tai-Lung. Tigress sees this, and goes off to warn the others. After the League captures Fidget, the planets have now completely aligned, causing the barrier of the prison of the Titans to be opened. Hades releases the Titans and they attempt to destroy Zeus. While the main 4 Titans: Pyros (The lava Titan), Hydros (The ice Titan), Lythos (The rock Titan), and Stratos (The tornado Titan), went off to get Zeus, Hades gets a Cyclops that was imprisoned with the Titans to finish off Hercules to get him out of the picture entirely.

While the Titans invade Mt. Olympus, Hercules stands up to the Cyclops, The Red Death, the Hydra, and The Stone Jaguar even though he still doesn't have his strength. Meg releases Pegasus, and they ride off and find Phil, who was about to leave. They make it to him, and get him to come back. Back on Olympus, the entire place is surrounded by Villain Leaguers. The Titans trap Zeus in a molten lava/ ice grasp. Hercules is taken someplace safe, and Sora, Donald, and Goofy take on the Hydra, Miguel and Tulio take on the Stone Jaguar, and Hiccup, Toothless, and the other vikings take on The Red Death. The Red Death and the Hydra are taken down, and the Stone Jaguar has fallen into lava. Sam and Max use their old Mega-Max to defeat the Cyclops. But Meg winds up getting injured. Hercules gains his strength back because of this. Tigress then comes back and warns the Lodge about Fidget. Shifu doesn't actually care about this, but Sora(Digimon) had enough of his anger, and forces the confidence back into him by saying that he is a member of their team, and therefore, much like a family member. (Batty: Aside from the fact that we are related.). Shifu actually got his confidence back, and the Lodge make a big game plan. Hercules would save Zeus and the other gods; Alex, his friends, his parents, and the Penguins would take care of Blowhole, The Frog Hunters, Makunga, and The Foosa; Miguel, Tulio, and the Digimon group would take on Tzekel-Kahn, and Etemon; Sam, Max, Brandy, Mr. Whiskers, Lola, Ed, The Furious Five, Kaa, Baloo, Bagheera, Icky, Hiss, Hiccup, his friends, their dragons and The Wonderland Gang take on Rourke, Helga, Mack Salmon, The Commandos, and the League's reinforcements; Po would deal with Tai Lung and getting the Map to Merlin; Spyro and Sparx would fight off the ape guards; and Cynder would fight The Queen of Hearts and her cardmen. And so, the battle begins.

As Hercules and the Lodgers went into action, more villains and heroes showed up. The battle raged on for a while, but the Lodgers got the job done even though they took on almost the entire Villain League. Fagin, Blowhole, Etemon, Facilier, and Hades retreat, but Hercules suddenly finds out that Meg is slowly dying from her injuries. The 3 fates are prepared to cause her death. They cut her thread of life, initiating her death. Hercules and the Lodge fail to make it in time, and start going down in agony at a lifeless Meg. Sora then says they shouldn't give up so easily, but Kowalski blurts out that there was no way they could defeat death...or maybe there was a way.

Back in the Underworld, Hades was infernally infuriated at there failure, and the Leaguers know there was no way the Lodge would come after them without the key to the Underworld. However, they suddenly realize that they left Tai-Lung in charge of protecting the key, and since Tai-Lung was defeated in the battle, the Lodgers had acquired the key, and break into Hades' private quarters. Hercules demands Meg, but Hades instead tells him what will happen to Meg's soul. He takes him and the Lodge to his River of Death, where Meg's soul is. And any mortal who went inside the river would die within seconds. Hercules then has an idea. He offers Hades a deal that he would take his place for Meg if he can get her out. Hades accepts, and Hercules jumps into the River. He slowly ages while going after Meg's soul, and the Fates prepare to cause his death. Just as he was inches to sudden death, the thread is now unable to be cut. Hercules came out of the River alive and well. Because he had finally proven himself a true hero by risking his life to rescue his love, his god-hood was finally restored. When Cynder suddenly says that it's Hades' unbirthday, the March Hare and Mad Hatter then grab Hades, and toss him into the River of Death. Then Pain and Panic decide to run the Underworld themselves.

Herc is able to cure Meg of her death. Fidget is also forgiven by Shifu and is welcomed back to the louge. The heroes then go to Olympus where Herc's parents congrulate their son of his bravery and even gets the will to go back to his home. The Squad, especially the Freelance are honored as grand heroes of Olmypus. Herc however decides to stay with Meg on Earth telling his parents he is finally where he belongs. After such party, the heroes go back down to the Earth where they watch in the sky as Zeus seals the banished realms with Herc's constellation. Phil is reluctant to join the Louge, while Pain and Panic are left with the Underworld.

The Louge then are called back to the temple for a new rule that should eliminate any further problems.


  1. The Gospel Truth (3 versions)- By The Muse Narrators
  2. It's Tough To Be A God- By Miguel and Tulio
  3. Go The Distance- By Hercules
  4. Batty Rap- By Batty Koda
  5. One Last Hope- By Phil
  6. Zero To Hero- By the Muse Narrators
  7. I Won't Say "I'm In Love"- By Meg and The Muse Narrators
  8. The Queen Of Mean- By The Queen of Hearts
  9. My Town- By Hades and the Muses
  10. If I Ruled The World- By Rourke


  • At Mount Olympus, the Shell Louge Squad, with Tulio and Miguel leading, sings It's Tough To Be A God from The Road to El Dorado movie.
  • In the scene at the plaza, Miguel and Tulio "mingle with the locals". During their mingling, they gain a map, which Miguel believes it will lead them to where Merlin is resideing in. After gaining the map, they run into a bull, who runs into Hercules, making the plaza go to pieces. After that scene, Skipper says that the bull was because Tulio and Miguel's mingling had "gone sour." Miguel still says that the map will guide them to where Merlin is, Tulio says, "You're sure that the bull didn't hit you hard at all?" thinking that the bull attack had made him go insane.
  • the Hyenas are absent in this cause at first, Supervideomaniac/Scroopfan wasn't at first into this and when he was finally considering this project at all via request, he was too late and just plain considerate to let the Hyenas take place as villains in Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa's Adventures of Hercules.
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