Spongebob and Friends meet Oliver and Company

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SpongeBob and Friends meet Oliver and Company is the 1st moisode in the 2nd Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. In this new adventure, Spongebob enters New York City once again to join up with Dodger and his gang of dogs. At first, the plot starts off normally with the kittens in the adoption box, but then the rest of the opening sequence goes off the rails when Scroopfan has Sir Hiss and Viper adopt one of the kittens named Oliver, who actually appears to be one of Danny and Sawyer's kids who was lost during a Heartless attack, while also evading literal dog catchers from a Tex Avery cartoon, who are refered to as George and Junior. In the meantime, the Shell Lougers team up with their new friends to defeat Hans, Savio, Scroop, Deadpool, and the Villain Leage's new loan shark, Sykes, only to re-evaluate their numbers with the arrival of former stock footage reinforcements, Trigger and Nutsy. Savio returns to provide the movie with much needed angst, either having forgotten about the events where he was replaced by a perky bio-android clone in Hoboken, or bounded by the Leage's contract of loyalty and Ratigan's ownership, and possibly due to him learning that Kaa is his dad. Now it becomes Spongebob's mission as well as Kairi's to help Oliver find a new home (that is if Sir Hiss and Viper would be strong enough to let go their only chance to have a kid without... Uh, doing nature's way) as well as keep Fagin the human from getting bumped off for debt by Sykes, who just might find the princess to be more of his tastes to him...
  • Parts- 4
  • Finale Parts- 2
  • Length- 1:18:29


  • Spongebob and Friends Meet Oliver and Company preview

    Spongebob and Friends Meet Oliver and Company preview.


    Trigger and Nutzy will join the Shell Louge Squad in this moisode.
  • Scroopfan wanted this moisode to be not heart-braking (But mainly non-Anti Catisum), so he didn't allow Oliver's bad times in the beginning of the original film, or any awful things that happen to him, except for when he gets caught in traffic, but only because Scroopfan didn't want to ruin the song surrounding it. He even cancelled the subway chase due to Desoto and Roscoe's death after falling on the electric train tracks.
  • During the first night at Human Fagin's boat, the camera zooms at the sun, presumably to hide the World Trade Center because Scroopfan didn't want to remind viewers about 9/11, because typically this series would like to avoid reminding folks of depressing real-world events.
  • PTE Redux Conditions: The original movie was used in all its unchanged glory for the first episode of PTE Season 1, although liberties were taken, which is a big difference from changing the plot itself.


  • Why Should I Worry?- By Dodger
  • Streets of Gold - By Rita and the other dogs.
  • Perfect Isn't Easy- By Georgette
  • Good Company- By Jenny


  • Private: Oh, this should be easy enough to clear up. (To Savio) If you could listen to me, Savio, it's something you have to know, you see, we've been told awhile that, uh, well, uh, you see, uh, Kaa's your father. (Skipper groans in agony)
  • Hanz: Really?
  • Savio: WHAT?

  • Dodger: Rosco! Is this us losing our sense of humor?
  • Rosco: Naw, I ain't lost my sense of humor! (Kicks and smashes television, Ed busts out laughing)
  • Banzai: Hey, shut up! (Ed continues laughing, Banzai attacks Ed, both brawl)
  • Shenzi: Will you knock it off?!?
  • Banzai: He started it!
  • Rosco: See? I find that funny. (Chuckles)

  • Viper: Hiss, I don't think I condone the dogs' stealing.
  • Sir Hiss: I understand, Viper. But it's for a good reason.
  • SpongeBob: Yeah, like Aladdin or Robin Hood.
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