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SpongeBob and Friends meet Robin Hood is the 10th moisode of the 1st Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. In this version of Robin Hood, Jafar has returned from his defeat to aid Prince John in conquering Nottingham alongside the Cheetahs and Hans and his hornet allies, And Dr. Blowhole. The Shell Louge Squad first meets Ignitus in the remake version.

  • Length- 1:45:03


The film is narrated by a rooster minstrel named Alan-a-Dale (mentioned verbally only, while credited officially on-screen as "The Rooster") who describes Robin Hood and Little John as outlaws who dwell in Sherwood Forest, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor people of Nottingham. They are constantly pursued by the Sheriff of Nottingham and his men. Prince John, the ruling king of England passes through Nottingham. After the villain leagers, under the guiding hands (or flippers) of Hanz, hypnotised King Richard into going to battle in The Crusades and the quest for the purple dragon, Prince John made himself king and began collecting taxes from the people of England to become richer. Robin and Little John disguise themselves as a female fortune tellers and manage to steal from Prince John.

meanwhile, Ignightus sent Spongebob and friends to deal with the corrupted prince and his unfortinite servent, Sir Hiss, Viper's long lost friend from her younger years, Sir Hiss first met Viper at the festival that he was watching fireworks while he was slithering but he was so busy watching fireworks he didn't see sombody coming so he bumped into Viper and saw her and befriended her, and who was drafted by Prince John by their teen years, and even dispite his loyalty to Prince John, he still cares for Viper, (and is most of the time open, which annoys the prince, and to Hanz and the villain leagers, makes him a likely canadate for him to betray them if he gets a chance to meet viper) as our heroes went to find robin hood, they were greeted by Hanz, who warns them to let their tyrantal grip on Nottingham slide, but Skipper was not so welling, and after Hanz kicked Skipper, he leaves them for now.

Robin is romantically infatuated with Maid Marian who shares his feelings, although they have not seen each other for years; and due to his distractedness, he burned the stew, which allowed our heroes to find him, introduse themselfs, and have an advantage over an already diffentcult problem. Viper wants to see Sir Hiss but Tigress thinks that Sir Hiss is a traitor because she saw him with the Villain Leagers while she, with the Lougers, hiding behind the tree and tries to tell Viper but she does not listen to her.

An opportunity arises for their reunion when Prince John announces an archery tournament, the winner receiving a kiss from Maid Marian and a golden arrow from Prince John. Robin enters the tournament disguised as a chatty stork from Devonshire and competes against the Sheriff and others. Due to Price John's imcompitence, Hiss quits, and went off to find Viper to warn her about John's plan, but got caught by The Penguins of Madagascar, who they thought was an enemy spy, then later stuff him in a barrol of ale till later after the fight mentioned after what will be mentioned in the following text. Robin wins, but his disguise is blown by Prince John who orders him to be executed. Little John, who has been disguised as the Duke of Chutney, threatens Prince John, starting a battle between Robin, Little John and Prince John's soldiers, the reveled members of the leage, and Jafar's return, and again, he almost got revenge on the Hynias, had Ignightus not intervine and attacked Jafar on the back of his head, (when he was in Giant cobra form) Robin and Maid Marian are reunited, and the townsfolk all retreat into Sherwood Forest. Prince John finds Sir Hiss drunk("Why, yes, Viper. I would love some more tea"), and due to that, he revels that he was gonna quit, and that the penguins attacked him, and Prince John was enraged by both thoses statemeants and ties him to a pole. Later, our heroes and the people of Nottingham dub Prince John as the "Phony King of England" by song. Unaware they were spied by a hornet, who was a servent of Hanz.

Enraged by this, Prince John maximizes taxes to impossible amounts, and the hornets decide to sting anyone who sings 'The Phony King of England', and all who cannot pay or use bug spray on the hornets are sent to jail. Alan-a-Dale is among the unfortunate ones. Alan swated a hornet commander for stinging a two year old girl with autisum. The Sheriff, the Cheetahs, and the Hornet horde visits Friar Tuck's church where he steals money from a poor box, enraging Friar Tuck into attacking the Sheriff, leading to his arrest. Sir Hiss requested to be retired in honor of the anniversary of Hiss being drafted, but Prince John refused. instead, Prince John decides to have Sir Hiss sacrificed to power the experimental meddailian, assuming Prince John was corrupted by the villain leage, or he willingly changed his deal with Sir Hiss that he let Sir Hiss go by the anniversary of Sir Hiss being drafted to the royal forces, and Sir Hiss was captured by Dr. Blowhole's lobsters. Learning this, it promps Robin and Little John to rescue him and Fier Tuck, who was getting hanged for high treason. On the night before Friar Tuck's hanging, and Sir Hiss's sacrifice, Robin steals a large amount of taxation money from Prince John's bedroom while Little John frees Friar Tuck and the other townsfolk and Viper frees Hiss, but the villain leage, figured that and decided to intervice, but even with an army of lobsters and hornets (the hornets who retreated due to Jafar's defeat), the villain leage, even Hanz, was defeated. the villagers and heroes escape on a cart, much to Prince John's anger and child-like disappointment.

Viper was able to capture and tie up Prince John for attempting to kill her long lost friend.

Prince John, Hanz, some of Dr. Blowhole's lobsters, the Sheriff Of Nottingham, and the Cheetahs were the only ones who got to jail, but according to Russleluke's Eds and friends says Chill-Out, Scooby-Doo, a current and yet to be completed project, the cheetahs may have been reformed. also, in the re-make, John and the Sherruff were the only ones sent to jail, with the Escape of Hanz and he other Leagers.

Later, Hiss reunites with Viper and Viper kisses Sir Hiss's cheek, causing him to blush, and Sir Hiss joins the shell louge squad as their smarts for their less smart members and remind said members of what they must do. Sir Hiss can also be an accountent, in an event if any shell louger would get large amount of gold, or if they find treasure and Tigress apologizes that she doubted him and thought he was a traitor. (however, what is mentioned above and in here never really happened, this is just fan-made writing, that strangly will not be removed cause Superwritermaniac is somehow admired by this, and this plot-line is now planed for the re-make.) Meanwhile, King Richard returns and pardons Robin and Little John. Robin and Maid Marian get married and depart to places unknown with Little John and a young rabbit named Skippy(who later appeared in the film, where his 7th birthday party is ruined when the Sheriff steals his birthday present, one farling(which he is Prince John's tax collector), and Robin Hood makes it all better again by giving him a bow and arrow, and his own hat.) in tow.

The shell louge squad now, along with Sir Hiss, goes into texas to combat the villain leage once again, this time, to solve a disappearing cow mystery.


  • Oo-De-Lally- By Alan-a-Dale The Rooster
  • Love
  • The Phony King of England- By Little John
  • Not In Nottingham- By Alan-a-Dale The Rooster
  • True to Your Heart



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