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SpongeBob and Friends in A Bug's Life is the 11th moisode in the 2nd Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. When Spongebob, Kairi and Spyro become wanted outlaws after the events of SpongeBob and Friends meet Mulan 2, The Shell Louge Squad shink to the size of incects (Thanks to Genie and Merlin's Magic) to hide on an island inhabitied by an ant colony which is under threat from an army of greedy grasshoppers that continually bully them and take their food. But when the grasshopper leader, Hopper finds out and plans to turn Spongebob, Spyro and Kairi in so he can split the the massive bounty placed on their heads with his gang. the Shell Lodge must find a way to protect Spongebob from the Villain League's new law that branded him the "Ultimate Vigilante" and prevent Hopper and his Gang from enslaving the ants. Meanwhile, the Fang Empire has discovered the Villain Leage's new law and decide to use it to their advantage by turning Spongebob, Spyro and Kairi in and use the million dollar reward money for their own nefarious upgrading.

Fan-Made Scenes

  • Joe: What are we going to do? We all cant hide from the leage forever! Besides if they knew we're here, Kairi, Spongebob and Spyro will get captured and sent to the Mountain of Malefor and the rest of us could end up dead or worse.
  • Gloria: Well we cant just blend Kairi, Spongebob and Spyro in like the time Alex, Marty, Melman, The Penguins and I did in Africa.
  • Tai: What if Mirage sends a bounty hunter after us while we sit here on our butts?
  • Marty: This Ultimate Vigilante thing is definitely not crack-a-lackin'!
  • Alex: It is lackin-in-the-crackin' my friend!
  • Matt: Look guys, the leage have beaten our brains out before. What makes you think they wont do it again?
  • Shifu: And I still wish we knew why Mirage would go through this trouble of branding us outlaws in the first place.
  • Matt: We need to come up with a plan before we go anywhere.
  • Mimi: This is more depressing then a soap opra.
  • Melman: Oh, whats the point in all of this? Tell me one conceivable way a band of misfits composed of heroes, reformed henchmen and villains and forgotten cartoon characters like are gonna be able to protecet a seasponge, a legendary one-of-a-kind dragon and a beautiful girl who is a princess in an all incect world without attracking unwanted villain team attention.
  • Tantor: I could personally agree with that.
  • Lord Shen: For once, the elephant and I are in aggrement Giraffe, but we all cannot forsee what happened back in China along with the other events in the past. The important thing now is that we must do what we can to keep the square-one's light form fading.
  • Cynder: Yeah, after seeing him depressed after we became outlaws, We not only have to make sure Kairi wont go Princess Peach on us but we got to keep Spongebob's spirit strong, otherwise he'll be lost to the darkness.
  • Mr Dodo: Indeed, why he's the gule that holds the shell louge squad together. If he didnt find the louge, there be no us, Cynder would still lead the leage, Cobra would be properly restored with Kairi's Blood, She would never have found her new family and learned of her origins. And Malefor and the Darkspawn would've been back by now and cast the United Universes into a third cartoonian war....
  • Girl Sora: Uh, Guys. (Sees Kairi listening to the whole thing)
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