It is the time of Orav's biggest heist ever! Orav can hope to finally become the greatest criminal in history and successfuly become the greatest downfall to the lougers! However, there is an obsitcle in the way. The Lougers have started to become disorderly and suspicious of the conveinent "Thiefts" on every vacation spot and being persued by police forword. Sandy espeically. So, Orav has a plan. Woe Sandy to the point of wanting to issue a marrage to be held in front of the royal palace where Obviouson commits the thieft. Is Orav gonna commit the hugest crime of a centuary, and would the incompident Nimlod and his unsure partner be tricked into arresting the lougers or will Kairi, SpongeBob, Gary and their group pull a fast one on Obviouson and Orav botching up the heist and saving the Lougers' good heroic name and reputation?

(This is the song.)

Muppets Most Wanted OST - 04

Muppets Most Wanted OST - 04. I'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu) (W Lyrics)

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