Spongebob and Friends Abriged is a show by Tim Twostars, a known Shell Louge Squad critic, which currently airs in the Villains Channel, due to the fact that it's the only channel that can allowed such an ideal because of the nature of the show, pariodising "great heroes" as incompident jokes. Thing is, Tim isn't a native of the villain channel's primary origin planet, Mugshotra, but he had to turn to it due to the fact other networks are afraid of ever accepting anything that bad mouths heroes, espeically after the "High Council Idiots" fiasco. As much as Tim enjoyed the fame he gotten from the crime-infested planet, he meant for the show to be acknowledged by all of the universes to get them to realise that the Lougers are NOT proper heroes and had never been and make them acknowledge everything wrong with them. Now, Tim means well, just trying to get people to acknowledge that the Lougers are by all means not perfect, thing is, people already know this or simply don't think imperfection's a real issue as long as they're heroes at all, and he ends up looking like a pestimistic and cynical over-sensitive twat that states the bleeding obvious and should learn to not look a gift-horse in the mouth. Tim is known to be a "Hero Perfectionest" and expects heroes to be unfailable, always follow expected standerds, and to be above the mistakes of the comman man, thus being why he's such a louger critic. The Lougers are never predictable, nor always unfailable (nor consistent with that for that matter), and basicly disobey most if not all of basic hero standerds, the biggest to him, is reforming those that started out as their enemies! Yeah, he's also a known "Reform Doubter" as well. It's no surprise why other then the Abridged series' nature why no other network but The Villains Channel accepted this clown. However, one excutive, Excetutive Cree P. Manwell, would be able to make it that his show will get the universe-wide reconition and finally spread his criticised louger beliefs universe wide, even if it'll risk the Louger's credability with those easily sensitive to those mistakes or too fair-weathered and easily amused to know better, and that it'll risked a strained relationship with goverments because of this show. If this goes through, High Council Idiots will have a rival in hero disrespect.

The Series.

Main Series.

Season 1.

Season 1 is the tecnecally shortest of the series, focusing on what Tim had the strongest critcques in the Louger's old adventures.

  • SpongeBob and Friends Go On the Quest for Camelot Abridged: The pilot episode. The episode that mocks the origianl Spongebob and Friends episode of the same name by criticisizing many things, the biggest that they did a crossover with the original Quest for Camelot movie, which is not nessersarly considered universely well-rechived, brings out Deadpool's preasence in it and why he was there (Addressed in Deadpool's Little Visit), questioning some of the noticeable changes like the molemen and how they don't reckindised Sam and Max, if they're even the same ones or just happened to be different molemen and yet happened to look actselly simular and the leader having the exact same name. And alchourse, the biggest one is questioning the idea of Cynder's reformation, even when she does canonaly reformed in the games.
  • SpongeBob and Friends Meet Robin Hood Abridged: While tecnecally a prequil episode, it's a next episode in terms on how the episode addresses that..... It's actselly a funny episode, compairing it to that of a classic 90s cartoon. The Highlights is that it's a "hilarious" idea in universe for Viper, a dreamworks character, being in a romatic relation with Sir Hiss, a disney character, and a sidekick to Prince John no less. It overplays Viper's sensitive nature about Hiss to rude but humorious ways, even overplaying the infamous Tigress and Viper arguement and overplaying Banzai's perverted attatude torwords it.
  • SpongeBob and Friends and Alice in Wonderland Abridged: An actual continuation episode that basicly mocks the episode for the obvious thing about how the Lougers failed to protect alice, the mocking of the idea of the voodoo soap and how the Lougers are idiots, as well as the episode not being as exciting as it should've been.
  • SpongeBob and Friends Meet Hercules Abridged: The finale episode that mocks every thing about the episode, to the tiniest inconsiquenceal detail, to the infamous Shifu-Fidget fiasco where it actselly has everyone mock the poor bat over an albeit major failure about protecting baby hercules, having Zeus being wrathful (but accreate to the original lore of Zeus) to the lougers for this, and that Fidget is over-tortured in this episode for being incompident. (Pretty much making Fidget the Abridged Krillin of this series, even having his own pwn'd counter). Along with the reaccuring theme of the series of complaining about the montages (which to be fair, is more or less a legit flaw.)

Season 2:

This is where the series deals with the cronicles episodes.

  • Boxing Out, Man! Abridged: Icky is made a sleeze ball goon and Shen an over-violent bird against the fighters.
  • Wrath of The Mutant Frog Genius Abridged
  • The Land Unknown Abridged: Primarly how Tim views the idea of interfearing with other affars of other universes, accsident or not. Tim is not a known supporter of helping the AUU out of it's problems and criticisizes it as making the AUU dependent of the Lougers.
  • Memory Haunter Abridged: Makes fun of Icky's poor management of how he attempted to get Kairi away from Anima.
  • He Came From The Basement We Didn't Know We Had Abridged
  • Secrets of Tyro Abridged: How it doesn't connect to the grand sceame of the episodes and is basicly just un-nessersarly building of a lore that doesn't need to be touched apawn too much and that prior episodes already did enough to better understand the history and past of the character.
  • Brothers of Feathers, Taint of Greed, and Poisoned Malice Abridged: For being a copy of The Modern Lorax, which, isn't exactly well prasied.
  • An All-Out French Experience with Gary Abridged: Easily for being a needlessly controverseal and long episode about going after a snail.
  • The Seas of Captain Legend 2-parter Abridged: Because of how the second part is lobsidedly mismanaged compaired to the shorter first part.
  • Magic University Abridged: Because of barely having anything to do with the Lougers or the grand sceame of things.
  • The Shark of Lake Paradiso Abridged: For being a jaws rip-off.
  • Cyberjurassic Park Abridged: Overcomplicated Jurrassic Park love-letter.
  • Axel's Greatest Challnage Two parter Abridged: Turning a once fellow Louger Critic into a supporter.
  • the ASLVCGW Two Parter Abridged: How the Lougers should'ved handled Le Rat.
  • A Spongebob, Spyro, and Friends Christmas abridged: For being a needlessly long and unfocused mess.
  • Xenon's Sister 2 parter abridged: Abridged for a convuluted plot in Tim's eyes.
  • Deadpool's Little Visit: Praises the Lougers for at least having Deadpool accreately represented in canon but also scolds for needless harsh mistreatment, even if warrented.

Season 3.

This is where Gazelle appears, potrayed as an average celeberty steriotype and being a strawman to the craziness of the lougers.

  • The Uniter Chosen abridged: Where it begins.
  • Keucan Revolution abridged: Gazelle against Master Equinox.
  • Safety or Freedom abridged: Overly stuffs the cryptic political debate. Plus needless includtion of a dark socceror in an attempt to justify both sides without making the mature desiditon to pick a side.
  • The Nuclear Winter abridged: Starts out decent but gets marred by rediculious plot-twists.
  • The Emperor Lu Kang 4-parter: Needlessly long and Lu Kang isn't even a major focus, and inconsistent plot.

(More to come as Episodes are made.)

Mini Series.

(Coming soon.)

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