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SpongeBob and Friends meet Scooby Doo on Zombie Island is the 5th moisode of the 3rd Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. Although it is a main given that this movie features evil cats as the Big Bads, and therefore hated by Scroopfan due to its use of anti-catism, (he doesn't hate the film in a whole, just how it protrays cats.) this movie plan will feature a huge difference in story telling that will allow Scroopfan to actually consider making this film. the result was a success and Scroopfan desides to give this film a chance, with addition that the sences where Scooby hates cats will be edited out, but to respect dog nature, Scooby will have a strict neutrol non-hating/non-loving nature to cats, cause let's face it, Dogs aren't really known to actselly love cats unless certain cictenstances are involved.


As it turns out, Simone, Lena, and Jacques are not werecats, but in fact some of Mirage's immortal voodoo sorcerer followers who were hired by Master Xehanort to try and use their voodoo magic to steal the souls of their zombie victims and then use the souls/life energy to open a gateway to the banished realms that will allow Malefor and his Darkspawn lords to be free from their prison, and in return, Malefor will grant the sorcerers the very cure to their obsession with being beautiful and long-lived: Eternal Life and Youth. If there are any shots of werecats in them, Scroopfan and MSM will just simply edit the shots to make them look human and have no remaining traces of their original werecat selves. Besides, the only werebeing in this movie will be Isa, who changes himself into a werewolf to battle Spongebob while Simone uses her voodoo magic to summon Facilier's shadow demons to aid her in conducting the ceremony of darkness. If any shots of werecats still remain untouched, they can be easily passed off as "Facilier used his voodoo magic to summon a pack of were-heartless that, by sheer unlucky coincidence, look exactly like Simone, Lena, and Jacques if they were cats".


Fanmade Ending (Remake)

(At the Mountain of Malefor)

  • Hades- (Groans, and screams in anger) WE WERE SO CLOSE!!!!
  • Galaxhar-(Hit by Hades' fireballs) OW!!!! WHAT THE FLAGNOG!!!
  • Hades- We were so close to freeing Malefor, we tripped at the finnish line, and why? Because those idiot immortal voodoo socerors had to waste our time by attempting to destroy those meddling kids!
  • Mirage- At least were still using the Princesses of Heart to open the gatway and free my father though.
  • Plankton: Thank Neptune! That plan to steal the souls of their zombie victims and then use the souls/life energy to open the gateway was really creepy. Good Ridence to them!
  • Young Xehanort- Yes, quite a fitting end for such careless fools like Simone, Lena, and Jacques. Of course, there's still one more thing we need to take care of.
  • Ansem Seeker of Darkness- And what is that?

(Young Xehanort points to Facilier trying to sneak out of the room)

  • Maleficent- And where do you think your going, dear nephew?
  • Jafar- Yes, Nephew! We would like a little chat with you...
  • Facilier- (Gulps) Uh, everyone? I know that was just a minor setback in the major opperation but..
  • Xemnas: You can give us your excuse for your failer after you clean up the Jabberwocky's Pen.
  • Saix- Yes, that sould be a fitting punishment for you.
  • Pete- Yep, glad it's not me this time. I deffenitly dont want to smell like a stinky skunk all week.
  • Teen Mang- And one other thing, Boys!
  • Thug- Well, looks like we got ourselves a bigger loser!
  • Teen Mang- Hang on a sec! (Summons ten clones of himself) Ok, go!

(Horn, and Thugs krack knuckles, they and the 10 teen mang clones beat up Facilier)

  • Facilier- AAAAAAARRRRRRGH! Cant we just talk about this?!? OWCH!!!!
  • Hades- Now THAT'S Entertainment!
  • Venom- You bet it is!
  • Carnage- We're beating up the shadowman? Sweet! Count me in! (Joins in the beat up)
  • Teen Mang- Well we may have not have gotten Malefor and the Darkspawn free from their prison, but we're still gonna hunt down that Sponge and the purple dragon, right partner?
  • Young Xehanort- My thoughts exactly. (He and Teen Mang to a cheers with their vergin pina colada drinks, sipping them away while watching the thugs, Carnage and the mang clones beat up Facilier)
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