Spookavania, formerly named Hallow, is a world populated mainly by monsters, and it's actually one of the many worlds in the UUniverses to have monsters aside from Halloween Town, Monstropolis, and a few others. It contains monsters from all over the UUniverses which had come to hide from persecution and prejudice from normal people who considered them beasts and menaces. These monsters live in a 20th century society built by the world's former human inhabitants where they could celebrate time scaring people across the UUniverses. This world's location is so secretive, not even the High Council knows it because it's planetary system is hidden inside an electromagnetic space storm which can disable any ship that flies inside.

PTE Redux Conditions: This world will be renamed "Spooksilon".


Spookavania was once called 'Hallow' and was inhabited by humans who lived in a 20th Century society. One difference is that they all enjoyed Halloween more than any normal beings in the UUniverses, having the greatest, scariest, and most expensive parties, and even learning to live with their monster co-dominators. However, due to their encroaching pollution which had a pretty-expected negative effect on the environment, and the threat of a monster genocide from a selfish marshal who became dominant because his influence leading to martial law, an ancient tree known as the Great Horror Oak, which was the guardian of all monsters, had dealt with both these issues after one of them tried to chop it down to build a amusement park, leaving the human to be turned into a zombie by the undead matter that bled from the Oak's wound which would form a pool called the Pool of the Undead. This connected the Oak with the planet's underworld, which allowed it to not just turn all the humans of Spookavania into zombies which had forever become known as 'The Lost Ones', the genocidal marshal included, but allow it to use the planet's orbital forces to accelerate their planetary system's Sun into creating an electromagnetic space storm to surround it, making the world hard to enter.

Spookavania has been a world of monsters ever since. All cities that the humans have built were now claimed by them, and all that remained of the sins that Spookavanian humanity caused were now part of the Lost Ones. With Spookavania finally getting it's new name, and with the Horror Oak making sure that any normal who set foot on the planet would become a Lost One, this world has become the home for monsters of all kinds, and was welcome for monsters to get away from other human-dominated worlds and avoid their prejudice. The monsters here have formed a grand death-centered tradition where the Underworld, while serving as the home to all Lost Ones and several spiritual beings, would be represented as equal to the monsters of Spookavania.

One day, however, they tried to spread their reach across the UUniverses in 1835, a time when monsters were given serious prejudice. Over the next few decades, monsters had been killed as the result of this prejudice. Several police forces were sent to take care of this issue, leaving monsters to retreat back to Spookavania, and even having to round up any monsters who are trying to avoid this persecution. However, this did not affect their traditional activity of scaring people every day of October, yet the police forces were making that a difficult challenge.

The scaring activity became a hazardous sport by 1888. Police forces were so watchful for monsters, they needed to put security systems inside, which during that time, was very primitive. Monsters had been killed during this sport, and their touch with tradition is what kept the monsters from outlawing this sport. But some of the monsters, as a result of the deaths of their friends and families in the hands of the people, began to grow sour, especially true for the horrible wraith known as Horrorshow, who had been exicuted back when he was a normal himself, and had despised normal people ever since. Though the planet's leader, Count Vladula, had him sent to prison following him killing several humans and turning the famed monster-protector Craig Vesling against them because of it. Monsters may've had their flaws with this activity, but they stick to it no matter what the danger.

Government and Society

The monsters of Spookavania live in a 20th century society originally built by Spookavania's former human inhabitants, with no mobile devices, and entertainment was only limited to plays, TV, and radio. Though they retain a long-lasting tradition of scaring people for fun around October. But the problem with this activity is that monsters could get killed by the normal people. They have developed magic capabilities such as sorcery, necromancy, and voodoo, which is one of the many ways they can come through closets or from under beds to scare. Monsters on Spookavania can either be traditional such as vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies and movie monsters while others can be biologically varying like those in Monstropolis, except their coloration is limited.

The government of Spookavania is semi-totalitarian as one person can rule the entire world while minor people can rule certain countries. There are laws to scaring as well, such as the fact that scaring is not for personal entertainment and is not a laughing matter since bad things could happen with scaring. This world is protected from monster-haters through an electromagnetic space storm that covers the entire planetary system, and while it can be their greatest protection, it leaves the possibility that it could be used against them, which has never occurred in their history.

Aside from scaring, the transportation magic is used for travelling across the UUniverses without the use of spaceships that are vulnerable to the space storm. However, using the transportation magic is a very strict and serious matter because it allows monsters to commit dirty acts across the UUniverses. Some of these acts have been recorded in the past such as framing a child for something they didn't do, the stalking of children in their bedroom, giving them Freddy Kruger-eqse nightmares or that inspired by famous horror movies, old and modern, causing a stir and inspiring a new horror story, like campfire ghost stories, urban legends, even Creepypastas, and even for murdering. All these acts, because they make monster prejudice stronger, are punishable by long periods of imprisonment. Thus, the transport is to be treated as a privilege, and like vehicles, monsters must be licensed to use it.

They also have a bit of culture from the monsters of the First Cartoonian War, and their influence has spread to other worlds across the AUU. For example, Valentine's Day in their world is called 'Zing Day', as the word 'Zing' means 'connective love' in ancient monster slang, and like in the case of the Hotel Transylvania world, it represents an unbreakable and a once-in-a-lifetime romantic connection of people who were meant for each other, and even know the story behind it's change to Valentine's Day as Saint Valentine, the martyr commemorated for the holiday who was beaten and beheaded for marrying young people against an imperial edict, experienced Zing and his tragedy involving a Zing was destroyed as his 'forbidden love' in the soldiers were that they experienced Zings that the law got in the way of, and he experienced it himself with Asterius, but her father committed a wrongful deed that caused him to die, and what happened with Asterius following his death and love card to her, as they were all secretly vampires, and that they were constantly persecuted for such when her father revealed the secret, and he forbidden her from using her vampire powers to heal him, as he previously killed his wife for being a vampire and turning their daughter into such, thus causing a hate crime that caused Asterius to kill herself, the chaos brought from her confession before said suicide and blood-feeding ceremonial funeral caused by said crime causing a vampire-human war in the dark ages of the Roman Empire to spill innocent blood. Ever since, and with Saint Valentine being commemorated with aid of the monsters, labeled Zing-based love as forbidden was a punishable offense in monster society, and the penalty gets worse as the results vary. Aside from that, they have many other holidays to celebrate.


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