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Spring Greene (On Marcy's Right)

Spring Greene is a frog from the world of Amphibia. Originally introduced as a background character in Marcy's Theme Song Takeover, she is introduced in the SAFA timeline as one of Marcy's closest friends, and looks up greatly to Marcy, being the leader of a fan club dedicated to her. However, she looks up to Marcy for deeper reasons. Before she began living in Newtopia, she had a toad and newt friend in her school, but when she was held back, according to the schoolyard's code, people in different grades were forbidden to be friends. Upset, she assaulted the principal trying to reason with him, and when this got her expelled, she in turn got her two friends expelled, resulting in her strict parents locking her in their basement intending to send her to a separate private school from her friends, who have renounced their friendships with her for what she did. Distraught, Spring escaped and ran away to Newtopia, and had been living their ever since as a junior ranger. She soon met Marcy, and saw so much similarity to her, and even discovered more so after the events of 'True Colors' when she was forced to admit she sent Anne Boonchuy and Sasha Waybright to Amphibia with the Calamity Box on purpose to avoid moving away from them. After King Andrias, under the control of Extinctus, stabbed Marcy and left to turn Newt Valley into a mining wasteland, Newtopia would be in anarchic shambles with hope draining even when Andrias' adopted daughter Princess Dava tries to raise spirits. After Marcy is rescued and placed in a magic avatar thanks to Dava, she makes new friends from other worlds, but ends up being lured back into the rejuvenation tank where her real body was, and later possessed by Extinctus. Spring would thus help Marcy's new friends bring hope back, but faced oppression from Elan, a newt guard and the adopted brother of Cadoc who wanted to round up all newts on Amphibia, including the rest who were living underwater since the collapse of Amphibia's unity, to stand against Andrias and Extinctus, intent on killing both Andrias and Marcy to avenge his adopted brother who was killed by Rotteen after getting exiled by Marcy. Though after a failed attempt to save Marcy, Spring's terrible past is brought back through the virtual projections to haunt her, and she is abruptly stabbed by Extinctus to become a replacement for the core intelligence of his robots, and has remained in Marcy's old rejuvenation tank since.


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