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Spyro/SpongeBob and Friends get Spirited Away is the 4th moisode in the 3rd Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. In this spooky new adventure from the minds behind the Spongebob and Spyro series, the Shell Louge Squad visits Japan to see the home of the Digidestined. However, an evil plot from Dr. Facilier and his scheming Friends on the Other Side gets our heroes, as well as their new friend, Chihiro, trapped in the realm of the spirits where they encounter a myriad of creatures, ghosts, and Japanese beasts of folklore that bear a striking resemblance to Spongebob's friends in Wonderland. But the most strangest of all these beings is a mysterious teenager who looks like a black-haired version of Riku, named Haku who takes the form of a dragon. Accompanying him are live-action versions of the Mad Hatter, March Hare, The Tweedles, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat and Dormouse from the live-action Alice movie from Tim Burton. Now, Spongebob, Spyro and their friends must face Young Xehanort and Teen Mang who had been waiting for them, along with the ghosts of old enemies form their past and revived new ones: Xehanort's Heartless (Ansem, Seeker of Darkness), Xemnas, Xigbar, e.c.t discover the secret behind this realm and their new friends if they are to escape Facilier 's trap before everyone encounters a frightening newer enemy to the Shell Louge Squad and ally to the Villain league in their goal to free Malefor and his Darkspawn followers, Master Xehanort himself and boy dose he have a shocking secret to share that will change both Spongebob and Spyro's lives forever while the grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize...and take a bath in a bathhouse!


the Hitch-hiking ghosts, guest stars for the film.

Chihiro Ogino, a 10-year-old girl, is in the process of moving with her parents to a new town when they become lost and find what appears to be an abandoned amusement park. Chihiro's father insists on exploring it, and she and her mother reluctantly accompany him. Chihiro's parents sample the food at an unattended stall. After Chihiro wanders off and finds a grand bathhouse, a boy approaches and warns her to leave before nightfall. When Chihiro runs back to her parents, she finds they have been transformed into pigs,[4] and the park starts to swarm with spirits.

She eventually learns from Haku, the boy she had met earlier, that she and her parents have become trapped in the spirit world. He also reveals that he has known her since she was a child. Haku brings Chihiro to the bathhouse where he tells her to see Kamaji, a six-armed man who works in the boiler room, to ask for a job. Rejecting Chihiro's request, Kamaji entrusts her to Lin,[5] a bathhouse worker. Lin takes her to see Yubaba, the witch who runs the bathhouse. Chihiro's request is rejected again, but Yubaba allows her to work on the condition that her name is changed to Sen (千?), the first character of Chihiro's name. Having been told from Haku that Yubaba controls her servants by taking their names, Chihiro is warned that if she forgets her real name, she will be trapped in the world forever.

While working as Lin's assistant, Sen allows a mysterious masked spirit to enter. Later, a "stink spirit" enters the bathhouse. Sen eventually cleans the stink spirit, revealing him to be the spirit of a polluted river. In return for restoring his health, the river spirit bestows upon Sen an emetic dumpling.

Sen eventually realizes Haku is actually a dragon. While still a dragon, Haku is seriously injured by shikigami in the form of paper birds. Yubaba decides that the injured Haku is no longer of any use to her and leaves her servants to kill Haku. Sen attempts to protect Haku, however, at which point, the shikigami are revealed to be controlled by the spirit of Zeniba, Yubaba's twin sister. Zeniba informs Sen that Haku stole her gold seal on Yubaba's orders and demands that the gold seal be returned. In the process, Zeniba transforms Boh, Yubaba's large baby son, into a mouse and Yubaba's bird into an insect. Yubaba's other servants are transformed to look like Boh. Haku and Sen manage to escape from Zeniba and fall into the boiler room again, where Sen feeds Haku part of the dumpling. Haku coughs up the gold seal and a black slug, which Sen crushes with her foot. Kamaji gives Sen train tickets to visit Zeniba so that she can beg her to lift the curse on the seal. Boh, in his mouse form, and the bird accompany her.

Meanwhile, the masked spirit that Sen allowed into the bathhouse reveals himself as a monster called "No Face (Kaonashi)." No Face, who swallows one of the servants, a frog, in order to speak, offers gold to the staff in exchange for large quantities of food. As No Face continues to eat, it grows in size. Its insatiable appetite causes it to swallow several other employees and it ultimately reaches immense proportions. Later, Sen feeds No Face the remainder of the dumpling, causing him to regurgitate everything and everyone it has eaten. Restored to his prior inoffensive form, No Face also accompanies Sen to Zeniba's house.

Haku regains consciousness and learns that Sen has gone to see Zeniba. Yubaba, enraged by both the damage caused by No Face and Sen's departure, orders Sen's parents to be killed. Haku appears and warns Yubaba that something precious to her has been replaced, and she realizes that Boh has disappeared. Telling her that Boh is with Zeniba, Haku proposes should he return Boh, Yubaba will allow Sen and her parents to return to the human world. Yubaba agrees on the condition that Sen pass one final test.

Sen, Boh, and No Face arrive at Zeniba's house and find Zeniba to be friendly. Zeniba says Sen's love broke the seal's spell, and the slug Sen killed was the curse Yubaba had used to enslave Haku. Haku appears in his dragon form to pick up Sen and Boh, while No Face remains with Zeniba. Realizing that she once fell into the Kohaku River as a child, Sen guesses Haku is the spirit of the river who saved her, freeing Haku from Yubaba's spell.

Haku returns Boh to Yubaba, and Sen, now called Chihiro, is offered a final test to guess which of a group of pigs are her parents. She correctly answers that none of them are her parents whereupon Haku leads her towards the entrance of the park and promises they will see each other again. Haku also tells Chihiro not to look back until she has passed through the tunnel. Chihiro is reunited with her parents, who do not recall their experiences, and the family leave the park. It is implied that a period of time has passed but it is unclear whether or not time passed at the same rate for Chihiro and her parents or Chihiro and the outside world.

Job Descriptions and Groups for the heroes

Group 1 - Spongebob's Group

  • SpongeBob- Fry Cook
  • Patrick- Fry Cook (Because he filled in as a Krusty Krab employee many times)
  • Squidward- Cashier/Bath Token Foreman
  • Sandy- Bath Washer
  • Mr. Krabs- Financial Aid to Yubaba
  • Shenzi- Washer
  • Banzai- Washer
  • Ed- Entertainer
  • Icky- Comedian
  • Iago- Janitor
  • Alex- Entertainer
  • Marty-Cart Puller Horse
  • Melman- Doctor
  • Gloria- Washer
  • Kaa- Hypnotist
  • Baloo- Entertainer
  • Bagheera- Floor Cleaner
  • Po- Noodle/Ramen Cook
  • Shifu- Head Guard
  • Tigress- Guard
  • Monkey- Guard
  • Viper- Guard
  • Crane- Air Scout
  • Mantis- Guard
  • Skipper- Guard
  • Private- Guard
  • Kowalski- Guard Intelligence
  • Rico- Guard
  • Dodger- Attendant
  • Rita- Attendant
  • Einstien- Go-fer
  • Francis- Entertainer
  • Tito- Go-fer (Scooter's job from the Muppet Show)

Group 2 - Spyro's Group

  • Spyro- Washer
  • Kairi- Washer
  • Sparx- Go-fer
  • Mushu- Washer (requires special suit to avoid losing flame while working near water)
  • Sir Hiss- Accountant
  • Sam and Max- Police Men
  • Brandy- Washer
  • Mr. Whiskers- Washer
  • Lola Boa- Greeter
  • Ed Otter- Greeter
  • Max Cat- Janitor
  • Thundra- Air Conditioner
  • Dr. Cockroach- Scientist
  • B.O.B- Cold Pack
  • Missing Link- Gym Trainer
  • Ginormica- Greeter
  • Insectasaurus- Bathhouse Mascot (has to remain outside due to huge size)
  • Phil- Gym Trainer
  • Lord Shen- Assistant Manager (on parole)
  • Wolves- Grunts
  • Trigger & Nutzy- Guards
  • Merlin- Washer
  • King of Hearts- Boh's Caretaker
  • Mr. Smee- Barber
  • Chifu- Council Member
  • Creeper- Grunt

Group 3 - Chihiro/Sen's Group

  • Sen- Lin's Assistant
  • Mr. Dodo- Radio Announcer
  • White Rabbit- Time Announcer
  • March Hare- Comedian
  • Mad Hatter- Comedian
  • Dorm Mouse- Assistant of The Mad Hatter and March Hare (Doesn't do much)
  • Bill- Chimney Sweeper
  • Tweedle Dee-Dum- Washers
  • Miguel- Casino Manager
  • Tulio- Casino Manager
  • Batty- Janitor
  • Fidget- Janitor
  • Devon and Cornwall- Worker
  • Lucky Jack- Worker
  • Thief- Room Service (requires supervision)
  • Djon- Room Service (requires supervision)
  • Ralth and Eddy- Room Service
  • Savio- Room Service
  • Pain and Panic- Go-fers

Group 4 - Simba's Group

  • Simba- Washer
  • Nala- Washer
  • Timon- Pigkeeper (So he and Pumbaa can stay together)
  • Pumbaa- None. Just stays with the rest of the pigs.(Are you talking to me?)
  • Fu Dog- Washer
  • Genie- Comedian
  • King Louie- Casino Entertainer

Group 5 - Sora's Group

  • Sora- Washer
  • Donald- Washer
  • Goofy- Washer

Group 6 - Riku's Group

  • Riku- Washer
  • Cynder-Washer
  • Gurgi- Assistant to Assistant Pigkeeper

The Climax Part 1- Kairi confronts Teen Mang and Young Xehanort

The Castle That Never Was- The Round Hall

  • Kairi (looks around): Hey, what is this place? (She quickly spots comatose Spyro on one of the throne chairs) Spyro! Its really you! (runs over to him but Young Xehanort appears and pushes her back by a powerful force causing her to be knocked to the Ground)
  • Young Xehanort: Hands off my new vessel.
  • Kairi: "Vessel"?
  • Young Xehanort: Yes. We originally had our sights set on your two friends, Riku and Cynder along with your uncle, the vengeful peacock warlord. But, Riku developed a certain... resistance to darkness. Cynder is cured by Spyro and becomes part of your misfit family back in Camelot allowing Mirage to take control of the league and thanks to you curing that hunter, Denahi from his darkness in that Ice Age World, Lord Shen is finally freed of his darkness thanks to his disobedience to Cobra and has reunited with you. So we did what the Keyblade did, and moved down the list. (Kairi gets up) Roxas... Now there was a worthy candidate. But, unfortunately, thanks to that vengeful old fool, Ansem the Wise, Roxas became too aware of himself, and returned to Sora. Organization XIII's true goal is to divide Xehanort's heart among thirteen vessels. Thanks to your friends, Sora and Riku, we learned not all candidates were fit for the task. But, we managed to make up the difference. And now, Spyro, the thirteenth vessel, is within our grasp.
  • Kairi: Thirteen Xehanorts. So that's why Facilier trapped us in the Spirit World, it was all a plan for you to kidnap Spyro and turn him into a Dragon Xehanort isn't it? (Suddenly Xemnas, Xigbar, Ansem Seeker of Darkness and Eight Figures in Black Coats appear) What is this?
  • Young Xehanort: That Kairi is the Villain League's Organization XIII.
  • Kairi: The Organization? Wh..who are you?
  • Young Xehanort: I am Xehanort from the most distant past. My future self gave me and my associate a task— to visit the splintered versions of myself in many worlds, and ensure they gathered here today.
  • Kairi: You really came from the past?
  • Young Xehanort: There are restrictions to movement through time. First, you must leave your body behind to do it. Then, there must be a version of you waiting at the destination. Upon arrival, you can only move forward as per the laws of time. And you cannot rewrite the events that are destined to happen.
  • Kairi: What did you do to Spyro?
  • Young Xehanort: My most future self will arrive soon. Then, time for all of us will return to normal, and I will go back to my era to live the life fate has in store. He can vouch for that. (Kairi sees darkness appearing on the throne chair between Ansem and Xemnas taking the shape of a man)
  • (Something for Scroopfan to write in)

Guest Stars


Kairi, Sora, Donald and Goofy, The Jungle Adventure Crew, Gurgi, Riku, Tyro (Cameo), Ventus (Cameo), Aqua (Cameo), Terra (Cameo), Namine (Cameo), Xion (Cameo) Roxas (Cameo), Lea (the revived human form of the original Organization XIII's Axel who will become a new ally to the Shell Louge Squad near the end), the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse from the live-action Alice movie, [Master Oogway, Mufasa, Master Thundering Rhino, Sitka, Bambi's Mother, Shen and Shenzi's Parents (cameo at the end)].

Cheshire Cat (serves as Haku's mentor), Caterpillar, the Dodo (radio announcer for the bathhouse), King of Hearts (caretaker of Boh), Chakashi (a spirit guide for Riku's group), Fa Family Ancestors, Madame Leota from liva action Haunted Mansion, Hitchhiking Ghosts from House of Mouse, Jack Skellington, Zero, Sally, Dr. Finklestein, The Mayor, the Citizens of Halloween Town.


Mang Cobra (corpse form), Mirage, Fagin, Ratigan, Queen of Hearts (to serve as a counterpart to Yubaba), Zira (because her V.A. also voiced Yubaba), Dr. Facilier (because it was his idea to begin the movie's plot), the Friends on the Other Side, Hades (traps Lin in a deal similar to what he did with Megara), Captain William Stansburry (forced to serve Mirage because of a spell), Captain Chantel Dubois (Her official debut and will appear in the climax), Venom and Carnage (Yubaba is studying their symbiotes' behavior and decides how to use these organisms for her evil needs), Master Xehanort (appears at the end to reveal the truth and his plans for Spongebob and Spyro), The Jabberwocky (Appears in the Climax as Cobra's pet), No Face Fagin, Giga-Cobra, Nightmare Carnage and Nightmare Phoenix Fagin.

Big Reveal Characters

The Villain Leage's Organization XIII

1: Young Xehanort , 2: Xemnas, 3: Xigbar, 4: Anti Black Coat, 5: Isa/Saix (When Dr. Facilier retaliates and sets him on Lea who saves Spyro's comatose body from becoming Master Xehanort's 15th Vessel of Darkness), 6: Jafar's Heartless (a temporary stand-in until Ansem regains his seat in the council), 7: Oogie Boogie's Heartless (a temporary position filled until Spider Carnage is created), 8: Maleficent (reveals herself to be Haku's mother from a union with the Dark Dragon which shocks everybody present after Haku in his Dragon Form saves Spongebob from the clutches of Mirage and Myotismon), 9: Scar's Nobody, 10: Frollo's Nobody, 11: Horned King, 12: Ursula's Nobody, 13: Teen Mang and 14: Sora's Heartless (human form)

Dilan, Aeleus, Even, Ienzo, Ludor, Myde, Lauriam, and Elrena all reformed before the movie began because they were told by Sora that Xemnas wanted them to become his clones, and the truth infuriated them greatly to resign.

Xehanort's Heartless/"Ansem" Seeker of Darkness (Riku, Cynder and Lord Shen)

Dread and Scar's Heartless (Cynder and Simba)

Merlock (The Hyenas due to their past history with him)

Vanitas (Spyro and Sora's Group)

Myotismon and Apocalymon (Sam and Max's group)

Clockwerk (Kairi due to her past history with him and his permanent death in Spyro and Friends in Muppet Treasure Island)

Character Cameo Appearances









  • Sora's Japanese V.A. also voiced Haku in the Japanese version of Spirited Away. Expect a joke about of this.
  • The Jungle Adventure Crew featured in this film will be Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa (because there are pigs in this film), Fu Dog, Genie (an expert of the spiritual/occult world), and King Louie (because Captain Stansburry and Baloo are in this film)
  • Mr. Krabs will become an extra to Yubaba because both are very greedy and desire money above all other things except their kids.
  • The English V.A. for Lin also voice Meg from Hercules. Therefore, Pain and Panic will annoy her and Hades just for old time's sake.
  • The English V.A. for the Bath Foreman also voices Squidward. So when Chihiro gets the bath tokens due to No Face's machinations, Squidward will speak most of the Bath Foreman's lines.
  • The English V.A. for Chihiro/Sen also voices Lilo on Lilo and Stitch.
  • The Villain Leaguers above will at first work with Yubaba due to her greed, but then decide to corrupt No-Face with the bathhouse's greedy environment to make him their servant.
  • The Shell Louge Squad will gain costume changes into bathhouse worker uniforms upon getting the job. The male members wear outfits similar to the frogs while the female members wear outfits similar to the women weasels.