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Spyro and Friends' Adventures of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is the 1st crossover requested by The Bride King. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.

Spyro and his gang attend a charity skydive in Angel Grove, a world accidentally broken from the Live-Action UUniverses and into the Animated UUniverses because of unknown reasons, where they meet the Power Rangers who participated in the event. Zordon is calling Spyro, his friends and the powere ranger for emergency. He warned Spryo about the dangerouse fate of Angel Grove. At midnight, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa investigate the egg, and release the creature inside - Ivan Ooze, whom Zordon had trapped inside the egg 6,000 years ago. Once released, Ooze leaves to seek revenge on Zordon. lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa Left him for his own evil ways. Emperor Fang had Arrive to welcome him. Fang had a plan to kill mirage and destroy the power rangers. They got a deal. Meanwhile in Command Center, Ivan destroys the interior of the Command Center, almost killing Zordon, weakening and slightly diswiring Alpha 5, and causing the Power Rangers to lose their powers.

When the Power Rangers are busy fighting Ooze's Ooze Men, the Command Center is left defenseless, allowing Ooze to enter and destroy it, leaving Zordon out of his time warp, dying. Due to the destruction, the Power Rangers lose their powers, and they must go on a quest to find new Ninjetti powers on the distant planet of Phaedos. In Mirage's Lair, Emperor Fang and Ivan ooze arrive to double-cross her and double-crossing Mirage, Zedd and Rita by trapping them in a snowglobe. Goldar and Mordant joined forces with Ivan Ooze and Emperor Fang. Emperor Fang freezes the othe members of The Villain legue and Deadpool escaped. When Ooze sends his Tengu Warriors after the Rangers and Shell louge quade, they are assisted by Dulcea, who bestows upon the Rangers new Ninja powers based on the six Ninja animals: the white Falcon, the red Ape, the yellow Bear, the blue Wolf, the pink Crane, and the black Frog. Dulcea directs the Rangers to find the Ninjetti Temple to find the Great Power on their own, as she will age rapidly if she takes one step off the plateau. On their way, they must battle a living dinosaur skeleton and at the temple battle four living statues. When the statues are destroyed, the Great Power is bestowed upon them and they morph into the Power Rangers again and The Shell louge is ready.

While the Rangers and Shell louge squade are away in Phaedos, realizing that the Great Power's potential, Ooze quickly uses this time to rush the workers to uncover the Ectomorphicon Titans at the site where the egg was uncovered. With all the parts unearthed, work to assemble the twin machines is completed at a factory. However, Fred manages to sneak into these 2 locations and discover Ooze's intentions.

When the Rangers and Shell louge Squad return to Earth, they find it under attack by Ooze's Ectomorphicon Titans, and call upon their new Ninjazords to battle the Titans. They destroy Scorpitron, and then form the Ninja Megazord to battle Hornitor. During this time, Fred and Deadpool alerts the children of Angel Grove and makes them realize that Ooze plans to kill all of their parents. Fred and Deadpool leads them to the construction site where Ooze directed the adults to fall into a massive hole. When Ooze and Fang fuses with Hornitor, the Rangers form the Ninja Falcon Megazord to try and destroy him, eventually using Ryan's Comet, which happens to be passing the Earth, to destroy him. The Rangers struggle fighting Ooze, and Aisha has an idea: she hits a button next to her post, claiming that, "desperate times call for desperate measures", which causes the Megazord to knee Ooze in the groin, causing him to let go and come into contact with the Ryan's Comet, and destroying him and releasing the parents of Angel Grove from Ooze's spell. Emperor Fang was frightend and got away. shenzai discovered that Fang will be back. The Rangers and Shell louge squade get back to the Command Center, but Zordon has died. Tommy reminds the Rangers that with the Great Power, anything is possible. Combining their powers, the Rangers revive Zordon and restore the Command Center to running order.

The movie ends with a celebration in the Angel Grove harbor, thanking the Power Rangers for saving the world, although Bulk and Skull complain that it was themselves who saved the day. Emperor Fang takes Lord Zedd's throne and proclaims himself king again, just as the newly released (and presumably ticked off) Mirage, Zedd and Rita walk in on him. Fang, Goldar and Mordant were in big trouble.


  • According to his backstory, Emperor fang reveals that he doesn't like Mirage.
  • Emperor Fang works alone without his Imperial Forces in this movisode.
  • Bad Guys (from Bugsy Malone) was sunged by reformed villians, because they were talking about when they were evil and treated like slaves.
  • Ivan ooze sings God's little creatures for a Big Lipped Alligator moment after assuming control of the throne.(from Tom and Jerry the movie)
  • Deadpool sings Misunderstood (From Wonderland: Alice's New Musical Adventure), because he told Fred that he misnderstood what he's doing. (depends if it's song by a guy, which i now found out is.)
  • Deadpool redeems himself in this movie.
  • Fang is revealed to have the power to emit ice blasts from his eyes.
  • The villain Legue was frozen by Emperor Fang.


  1. Misunderstood- Deadpool and The Pegions (chorus)
  2. God's Little Creatures- Ivan Ooze
  3. Bad Guys- members of Shell Louge Squad
  4. Greasy Spoon/Without you- Alpha 5 and Zordon
  5. I'll Make A Man Out Of You- Spyro, Po the Panda, Banzai, Kaa, Sparx, and Cynder
  6. Brainstem- Kaa and Sir Hiss (The Deleted Scene)
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