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Spyro and his friends go to London to meet up with Dodger's old friend, Pongo. When Pongo meets a female dalmatian, he manages to get him and her, and their pets, Roger and Anita, together. Pongo and Perdy have 15 puppies that the newest Villain Leaguer, Cruella DeVil, intends to buy. Roger refuses to sell their puppies, and Cruella takes off in anger. A few weeks later, the 15 puppies are stolen by Cruella's two henchmen, Horace and Jasper, along with Dr. Facilier, Fagin, Pete, The Grand Duke, and the appearence of Rothbart. Spyro and the gang must rescue the 15 puppies, along with 84 more puppies that were bought at pet shops, from getting stripped of their coats.
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