In the Shell Louge Squad's next Halloween Adventure Staring Spyro (Due to Spongebob and Patrick allready been called dibs in the Pooh's Adventures version created by DisneyDaniel), Spyro, Kairi and the Lougers go to the Live-Action UUniverses where they spend Halloween in Salem Massachusetts where they meet a halloween-hating teenager named Max, who inadvertently resurrects three witches, The Sanderson Sisters, from their temporary death thanks to Mirage, Cobra and Master Xehanort who may need the Witches dark magic to help capture Kairi and Spyro for their plans. Now Max must risk his life to help Spyro and the other lougers, protect Kairi and his sister and defeat the Witches, Villain Leage, Their Organazation XIII, Count Dracula and his army of Monsters with the help of Quasimodo, Hugo, Victor and Laverne, Max's classmate crush, a friendly zombie, an immortal black cat and Princess Luna. Meanwhile in a subplot, Fluttershy struggles to confront her fears of the biggest night of the year where all the villains and famous monsters come together and those grim grinning ghosts from the Haunted Mansion have come out to socialize...and go trick-or-treating.

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