Porume. A Celtic temperate planet that is a medieval world with alien-like fauna and flora, a blue sky filled with small amounts of mercury, mythical creatures, semi-technological society derived from the Teadr 1 technology left behind by an undocumented Teadr 1 race that was also highly-skilled in magic, rare sights of magic anomalies, and large monuments and civilizations. The world is a medieval society split up into several ethnic groups: Usbitons, which are wealthy and purely-nice pacifists who are viewed differently for not doing well in a world of conflict and ethnic differences, Helsh, a semi-poverty society of poor feudal work and magic crafting that has trouble adapting to the rough times of the world considering the darkness in their sector, Gornish, which are visionaries that find effective measures and solutions to troubles in their sector considering it's dark history, Picturish, which are magical visionaries who live in peace with their magic-rich territory and control it to their leisure and for the good of their country and world, Galsh, which are isolated beings who are fearful of much of the outside world and live mainly in subterranean worlds, and the infamous of all, Gaemlics, which are war-like people who use dark magic for their own nefarious purposes and became the strongest evil of the world, and have conquered much of the planet's territory 7 times until they were fought off and exiled multiple times. The different ethnic groups have little to no trust in each other and tolerance of each other is commonly rare. However, that is going to change greatly. A Picturish named Salee the Magi, the prodogy of the leader of the picturishs, is aiming to make a peace summons for all of the other groups to make peace and make their world a better place. The leaders of the groups have all met at once. The Usbiton leader, Noblemen King Pas A Fist, the Helish leader, Leader Fal T Broke, The Gornish leader, King I. Dealist, the picturish queen, Queen Magi, the galsh leader, King So Cal Outcast, and finally the king of the Gaemlics himself, Lord Warmonger. It went as well as you would predict from this meeting of different idealogicals. King Pas and Leader Fal conflict with eachother about concerns of money and appresiation of hard work, Dealist and Magi have conflicts of interests, So Cal turns into a phathic cowerd,  and Warmonger keeps making threats! Salee was helpless to stop this peace summit from falling apart. However, when Salee gets kidnapped by the cursed knight, Sir Deathwood of Underworldshire, it breaks Magi and leave the other leaders to blame eachother for the insodent. In thanks to a spy drone, the HA know what is wrong with the planet and get Louger aide to help them save Salee from Sir Deathwood. However, Deathwood was but a henchmen to a terrorable dark magilo user known as Lord of Dark Ages, an anichent warlock who came to this world to keep it in it's mindless age of dark age shenanigans forever as he saw fit, and surrounds himself with an army of skeletons and the undead. The only way the heroes can have a chance against the wizard, is to coherse the groups to band togather and save Salee from The Lord of Dark Ages, while fixing their problems: Pas having a great ecomamy capable for great wepaons but is too prissy and too unrealisticly pasifist for a midevil age, Fal having the ability to make the weapons and the heart to fight, but obviously not in the greatest state, I Dealist having great knowledge of the land and Magi having great knowledge of the magic within it, but too conflicted by their views to work togather, So Cal knowing many tunnels to enable his people to appear anywhere they want, but are too cowerdly to utilise that, and Warmonger for his great armies, but processed by the rediculious notion that he wants his race to be the evilist badasses ever. So basicly, our heroes mission is like when Fluttershy and Twilight resolved the conflict with the Hoofileds and the McColts, ON MEDEVIL STERIODS?! They need to make a pasifit priss willing to fight, a poor leader learn basic economics, make two idealists better understand their beliefs, make a gutless wimp brave, and make a warmonger see that being good can be badass too. Man do our heroes have ALOT on their plates or what?

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