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Star Butterfly

Princess Star Butterfly, titular name Star the Underestimated, is the protagonist of the Disney Channel and Disney XD's animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is an intergalactic princess from the Kingdom of Mewni.


Physical Appearance

Star is a fair-skinned fourteen-year-old girl with light blue eyes and long blonde hair that goes down to her knees. Her cheeks have posh pink hearts, which sometimes change into things that reflect her emotions, such as hourglasses when she is bored, grey skulls when she is pumped for battle, white skulls when she is depressed, or light bulbs when she has an idea.

With nearly all her outfits, she wears a red or pink headband with horns.

During her Mewberty period, Star had purple hearts appear all over her skin, until she eventually turned completely purple and acquired an insect-like appearance. Her hair turned pale lavender twisted into two buns, her eyes were replaced with glowing hearts, and gained four extra arms and butterfly-like wings. After her Mewberty phase, she reverted back to normal, but left with a small pair of wings on her back, often hidden by her hair. In her second Mewberty form, Star's eyes become yellow four-pointed stars, her skin becomes a lighter shade, and gains an extra two pair of arms like before along with large fiery gold wings. Her hair also appears as a lighter shade of blonde in two long bun braids. After she gains full control over the form, her eyes appear as their regular blue, and she does not glow.


Star is extremely energetic and friendly. She loves having fun, and she usually has an optimistic outlook on life. She loves to help others and whenever she sees that someone is upset, she does her best to cheer them up. She is a bit reckless, as she enjoys fighting monsters and doing wild things. She is also stubborn at times, as she often does things her own way and not listening to other people's rules or even take advice. Strangers, in her eyes, are just friends she has not met yet, and she feels bad if she hurts someone's feelings, whether intentionally or not. However, Star can be egocentric, wanting attention and getting frustrated with things that bother her. Thus, she gets jealous very easily. Star has a happy-go-lucky attitude and always puts a smile on everyone's faces. She also works very hard towards her goals, so much that she will sometimes go sleep-deprived.

As the series progresses, Star becomes less prone to resorting to magic to fix a situation, and shows a willingness to become stronger, more serious, and not running away from her problems, despite this sometimes resulting in her underestimating her enemies. After Toffee's defeat, she decides to focus on becoming a better princess, and starts to act more serious and mature as a result.


Season One

Star's adventures start off on her fourteenth birthday, where her Mother bestows upon her their family's greatest heirloom, the Royal Magic Wand. Unfortunately due to being reckless and irresponsible, she causes so much chaos and destruction that her parents decide to send away. At first she thought her parents were sending her to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, but to her relief they were sending her to Earth, where she can learn her magic safely. Star was dropped off at her new school in a place called Echo Creek, where she met Marco Diaz, a student at her school and would be living with during her stay on Earth. During their first meeting, Star immediately took a liking to Marco and declared him a friend, but Marco at the time was not so keen about her because of how chaotic she was, especially with her magic. Marco finally lost it when Star accidentally sucked his room into a black hole, that he decided to run away from home, abhorrent of his new roommate. Feeling sorry, Star found Marco outside a shop, and acknowledged the hardship she had put him through. She was planning to find another family to live with, but after a brief battle with Ludo and his monster army, Marco expressed a change of heart toward Star, and a preference for her to remain a resident of his home.

Through the course of the first season, Star and Marco go on many adventures, and Star tries her hardest to adjust to life on Earth which for her proves difficult. She even misunderstands many things during her time on Earth, such as thinking Echo Creek Academy's football team was going into a fight to the death with a rival team called the "Warriors" or mistaking a product known as the "Banagic" as an actual magical object. A few times, Star is encountered by Ludo and his monster army who are out to steal her wand, but never succeed. She also tried to help Marco with some of his personal problems. It would not be until the near end of season one where Star would meet her most greatest enemy of all, Toffee.

When Marco was kidnapped by Toffee, Star set out to rescue him, accompanied by Ludo and Buff Frog. Apparently Toffee was proven to be far too smart for Star that she was forced to surrender her wand to him, only to learn that he wanted her to destroy it. Using a whispering spell, her wand destroyed itself and blew up Ludo's castle along with Toffee and Ludo's former monster army. However, a new tiny unicorn came along to recharge the wand, giving it a new appearance, with half of the star face missing.

Season Two

Star continued to live with the Diazs, practicing her magic under the tutorials of Glossaryck and handling school life. Star remains reckless and irresponsible, but over the course of the season develops more maturity. Star even struggled with her newly restored wand. Even though it remained reliable, it had not been the same since the day it was destroyed. It was now powered by a unicorn corrupted by an evil force, and did not work properly when Star feels negative emotions.

Star's friendship with Marco slowly became very strained, especially when he started dating his long time crush, Jackie-Lynn Thomas. In the episode "Sleepover", a game box called Truth or Punishment revealed that Star had a crush on Marco just as it got crushed by a dump truck. Throughout the second half of season two, Star struggled with her growing feelings for Marco, and tried her hardest to ignore them. Marco would not know about Star's crush on him until "Face the Music", when the songstrel, Ruberiot, wrote a song about Star for her Song Day. His song revealed all of Star's deepest and darkest secrets, including her crush on Marco. After that, Star and Marco's friendship became even more strained and the two of them desperately tried to avoid each other. During an end of the school year party, in "Starcrushed", Marco asked Star straight out if she had a crush on him, and answered no. She just wanted the two of them to be friends, to which Marco agreed with. However, after Star's mother showed up in her room to take her back to Mewni and with news that Toffee had returned, Star confessed to Marco in front of everyone that she does have a crush on him before tearfully leaving Earth.

Season Three

In "Battle For Mewni", since leaving Earth, Star and Moon try to revive the Magic High Commission and fail, and after Star gets fed up with her mother's indecisiveness about what to do, Moon confesses that Toffee was responsible for the death of her mother and reveals she made a deal with Queen Eclipsa in order for the spell to defeat Toffee, in return for her freedom, which was never completed. Continuing to be frustrated by her mother's lack of a plan and instead wanting to take on Toffee immediately, the two find new shelter with Buff Frog and her plan to sneak away with Buff Frog's help backfires when he understands Moon's concerns of protecting Star. His babies end up helping her escape only to be shocked by her lack of a plan and just preferring to go for it regardless of the risk. She sneaks into Butterfly Castle after it was taken over by Ludo who was still being possessed by Toffee, and uses the Whispering Spell to go in after him, only to find herself in a trap as Toffee, who had tainted all the magic in the universe, uses her to bribe her mother into returning his finger and he leaves Star to drown in the tainted magic. She awakes with Glossaryck, where she realizes she might have died, but finds a glimmer of remaining magic in his soup cauldron, and uses it to create a baby unicorn and return to Mewni in a new butterfly form, which she uses to incinerate Toffee, who is then crushed under a tower by Ludo.

Since then, Star has remained on Mewni and said goodbye to Marco, and has intended to mature and become a better princess, getting back together with Tom in "Club Snubbed", and meeting Eclipsa in "Stranger Danger", whom she helps gain a fair trial after feeling she didn't deserve to be crystallized upon learning she was only crystallized for falling in love with a monster, as well as meddling in black magic which she didn't believe was that evil. Marco even returns to Mewni in "Lint Catcher" after breaking up with Jackie, and is made her squire so they can hang out again. The two continue on with their adventures and Star eventually wishes to unite monsters and Mewmans together in peace as of "Starfari" after seeing the logical fallacies of what monster is judged and what monster isn't, and through this discovers in "Monster Bash" that her enemy and former headmistress of St. Olga's, Miss Heinous, is Eclipsa's half-monster daughter Meteora Butterfly. She finds the truth during Eclipsa's trial in "Butterfly Trap" that her family, unrelated to Eclipsa, was fostered by Eclipsa's Mewman ex-husband because he shunned Meteora for her hybrid nature and swapped her out with her ancestor Festivia, and was distraught that her family shouldn't have the kingdom. In "Is Another Mystery", she is further saddened when Buff Frog, his family, and many other monsters are leaving their dimension giving up hope. In the season finale, Star sends Marco to stall Meteora, who was growing in power by feeding on the life force of others planning to take back the throne, while she searches for her mother in the Realm of Magic she entered in "Deep Dive" after going there following a defeat fighting Meteora in "Tough Love", finding her but is once again held back by the realm's effects despite backups. She is transported back by her unicorn creation, and has to confront Meteora in Butterfly Castle. She barely puts a fight against her, until Eclipsa borrows her wand and uses it to stop Meteora and regress her back into a baby. Star lets Eclipsa keep the wand to correct the crime committed on her long ago, and learns from a revived Glossaryck that she intends to reunite with her monster husband Globgor, who was crystallized in the Monster Temple long ago.

Season Four

Since putting Eclipsa back in charge of Mewni, Star ends up searching all over Mewni for her mother alongside Marco and her father, now capable of using her spells without a wand, and even ending up searching the same prison tower thrice. Though after she decides to rest in the Monster Temple which is now 'New Monstertown' which Eclipsa has named the new capital of Mewni leaving Butterfly Castle abandoned while trying to free Globgor from his crystal. Around bedtime, Star questions Glossaryck about what happened in the Realm of Magic, and he states that her going there to save Moon and to defeat Toffee might have been a mistake, and she even deduces that a picture of her and Marco on the beach when they were still living on Earth is a paradox because Father Time gave it to her. She then discovers that the pie Marco bought from the Pie folk is of her mother's cooking and through the label finds out she's on Pie Island, where they go to search for her. After several scams, they are saved by Butterfly Castle's jester Foolduke, who is from Pie Island. Though they at first find to their horror that the clue involving the pie was a dud since Pie folk have always made their pies that way, they discovered from a faint smell in the island's volcano that Moon is indeed there and is using her magic to make pies for the Pie folk. After a failed attempt to save her, the Pie King reveals that Star's entire family was of Pie folk heritage because Queen Festivia was of the Pie folk and stolen by King Shastacan and the Magic High Commission to be the next queen of Mewni, though they don't believe him at first. Moon gets some of her memory back after she and Star sing a familiar song together, and they escape with Foolduke's help.

Moon starts remembering more upon their return to New Monstertown, and forgives Star for her decision of handing the kingdom back to Eclipsa, though Star was scared that Moon would freak out upon knowing about Globgor, she eventually went with River to process the changes while Star would make the paradoxical photo of her beach party from Father Time. But she ends up in the middle of Eclipsa's last-minute attempt to free Globgor by kidnapping Rhombulus. Though the two violently disagree with one another, Eclipsa ends up making an immoral decision by switching bodies with Rhombulus so she can use his crystal magic to free Globgor. She returns the body when she realizes how wrong it is and leaves Rhombulus to undo her freeing of Globgor, while Marco and Tom decide to have the beach party where they are. Marco gives up his sword El Choppo after finding out he accidentally stole it, Star spends some time with Tom's family, tried and failed to find someone who attempted to turn Eclipsa to stone with 'yada-yada berries' because literally anyone could have been the culprit due to Eclipsa's reputation, tries to get Eclipsa a better one through Pony Head's own show because of it, and though it failed, not everyone hated it, and she helps a meeting with the Spiderbites poorly by not realizing that the Temple was filled with horrible traditions of Globgor and reminders of what Globgor did to Spiderbite Village, and how he ate Eclipsa's ex-husband of Spiderbite heritage, and even lies to Eclipsa about the Book of Spells being gone forever when she kept the last piece in her secrets closet. She also helps Marco buy 16 more wallets during QuestBuy's out-of-business sale, and the two break the curse of the Blood Moon that has been giving the two feelings for each other.

Eventually she helps make a coronation for Eclipsa when she and Eclipsa need to establish trust in each other since she was upset she was still trying to help out Globgor upon seeing the last piece of the Spell Book taken. But it ends in disaster when Globgor is freed from his crystal prison and she chases him down, finding out he was running away to protect his family. She brings him to the coronation and deduces Eclipsa didn't free him because it wouldn't make sense for her to do it on her coronation. She instead correctly guesses that Rhombulus did it because he wanted to prove he and his family were evil, getting him arrested for endangering lives. Globgor is accepted by monsters and Mewmans after they see how much Globgor was willing to sacrifice for his family.

Afterward, with the responsibility of being princess gone, Star is free to be whatever she wants. However she finds herself uncertain of what to do with her life. After admitting this to Tom, he gets upset and leaves her to decide. She thus goes to stay on Earth and meets Marco's baby sibling, who ends up being a girl named Mariposa. In "Beach Day", she and Marco finally get that paradoxical picture from Father Time by giving him the picture she got from another woman so he could give it to her past self.

In "Sad Teen Hotline", Tom ends up breaking up with Star. But because they're both overemotional, they can't transport Tom to the Underworld, leaving the household upset until they realize upon Marco's dimensional scissors not working that Tom may be stuck. Though they eventually learn that it's not because of being overemotional, because Star can't contact Moon or Ponyhead, making them realize that something is happening on Mewni. In "Jannanigans", Star, Marco, and Tom go to Janna to find out how she went to Mewni without dimensional scissors, but she has no memory of how she did it. But after Marco discovers she stole the t-shirt he earned in "Britta's Tacos", Janna remembers how she did it, as the entrance was in a basement cave under Britta's Tacos at a Mewnian mural with Glossaryck where a well of liquid magic from the Realm of Magic is found. Star remembers from her mom's handprints that she and Moon were there in "Conquer", and find that it's a pathway to the Realm of Magic and potentially Mewni. In "Mama Star", Star, Marco, Tom, and Janna have no choice but to risk going to the Realm of Magic to get to Mewni in Oscar's borrowed car despite the Firstborn's objections that Star's presence seems to cause adverse effects. Star begins to act like it's technical parent and forces her to help. But all four cannot avoid the Realm's effects and go into magical trances, Marco admitting he is in love with Star after learning in "Jannanigans" that his feelings for her might not have been the Blood Moon curse. The Firstborn disappears falling in a pit of purple liquid black magic, and returns warning them to go to the Mewni well. But because of their magic trances, they instead play and Star and Marco treat each other like a couple and eventually parents with a lost unicorn, but discover unicorns tainted with the black magic. The Firstborn is forced to eject the four from the Realm of Magic magically.

In "Ready, Aim, Fire", Star wakes up in Doop-Doop's cabin and goes to Moon's village learning they built a wall because New Monstertown is under attack by Mina Loveberry in Solarian Armor and a Solarian Sword from the rule of Queen Solaria. She decides to go to the Monster Temple to help. In the next few episodes, Star helps fight against Mina, but Marco arrives saying that the Solarian Knight wasn't Mina, and the real Mina arrives with an army of hundreds of Solarians. The group is forced to take shelter and Star goes briefly to a pig-goat farm with Marco to save them, as well as saying she remembers Marco's confession of love in the Realm of Magic. He admits that the Blood Moon curse was baloney and he actually loved her since the beginning, and they share a kiss. Later, she is shocked to discover that her mother organized the invasion out of mistrust to Eclipsa, not only asking Rhombulus to free Globgor, but creating the Solarians, asking for the kingdom in exchange for allowing Eclipsa and her family to live safely outside Mewni. But Mina is against the idea and rebels, with Moon unable to undo the Solarians because it could only be undone by the queen they showed their loyalty to, the deceased Queen Solaria.

In "Tavern at the Edge of the Multiverse", after all that happened leaving Mewni in danger, and Hekapoo saving them by bringing them to a tavern on the edge of existence, Star openly declares that she hates magic because it is used by idiots, even if Marco said it was magic that brought them together. She confronts Glossaryck about this as she swears to destroy magic by using the Whispering Spell in the Realm of Magic to stop Mina. But Glossaryck shows her finished tapestry to her and she is distraught that Marco isn't in it, as Glossaryck says that he would cease to exist if magic is destroyed and Marco would be sent back to Earth safely. Begrudgingly, Star sticks to her plan to destroy magic.

In "Cleaved", Star goes to the Realm of Magic with Marco, who is armed with the Royal Magic Wand, and though she quickly succumbs to the Realm's effects, Marco discovers that pudding is a way to resist the effects. They meet Tom who was left behind in "Mama Star" and is now corrupted riding a dark unicorn. While Marco holds him off, Star uses the Whispering Spell in the magic as it turns black green, but finds she can't do it on her own. Moon, Eclipsa, and Meteora thus arrive to help her, as all four get their butterfly forms to help, all while the ghosts of all the other queens of Mewni circle around them. Mina finds them but is presumably killed by a dark unicorn. As the Realm of Magic turns black and stormy, Star and Marco lament through silence and questions that they may never see each other again. As Star returns to Mewni at the Sanctuary, she decides she wants to live on Earth with Marco and goes back to the dying Realm. But she finds Marco couldn't bring himself to leave for Earth before the entry vanished, and the two embrace, lamenting that magic or not, they belong together, creating a magic that sends them both back to their homes. Star shows up unconscious on an alligator in the destroyed Sanctuary as she finds that her cheek marks are gone, Marco is back on Earth, and Mina is alive, declaring that even though people want her dead, her anti-monster beliefs will live on before her death. Tom shows her a magic portal in the distance that she immediately runs for, just as Marco is doing the same thing for the same portal on Earth. Though they don't make it before the portal implodes, they find that Mewni and Earth have merged with other dimensions, and while to inhabitants of all the dimensions are at safe chaos with each other for the moment, Star and Marco are face-to-face with each other once again, happy that they can be together again.

Role in the series

Star and her friend Marco Diaz have become acquainted allies for the Shell Lodge Squad since the events of Alternate Meets Original when they saved an immigrant from the Alternate UUniverses named Saetha from the bitter brother of Toffee, Coffee, and serve as one of their eyes in other dimensions. She even becomes a monster herself in the episode Saetha's Wedding after being transformed by Globgor's creation Chaemera, and at first she likes it, but the form changes her mind to be more monstrous and angry. She even manages to improve Eclipsa's nameless spell to kill Outer God creations when she fights Toffee for the last time in the Neverzone, not only accelerating her age close to Neverzone Marco, but the accelerated mentality and experience that goes with it. Because of her actions in "Cleaved", Star has been put on trial twice because the Realm of Magic is actually responsible for magic all throughout the multiverse, and destroying it meant she was cutting magic from it, as well as it's branching elements of Chi, which could only be manifested through magical means, superpowers, which were tailored to a magical/quantum connection, and imagination, because a sentient mind required a perception of quantum energy within their own universe to use it, and even potentially damaging quantum flow across the multiverse and threatening universal stability. Upon a hurtful confrontation with Outer Gods, and after learning a terrible truth about Glossaryck, Star becomes briefly obsessed with ensuring Outer Gods never mess with them again and even swearing to never travel to other dimensions again to keep history from repeating itself. But even though she swears off magic, she finds herself missing it no matter how much she wants to hate it because it's what makes her who she is, forced to restore the Realm of Magic by 80% to defeat Toffee for the third and final time, and even creating a new nameless spell to kill servants of Outer Gods, and even becomes a 0-Bravery Mortal, an extreme rarity in the multiverse where a mortal can stand up to Outer Gods no matter how powerful they were, earning the respect of The All Mother, the benevolent leader of all Outer Gods. She is now a wanted criminal to many people throughout the multiverse, a target of assassins, and people wronged by her actions, but she is perfectly willing to fight them all off in order to correct her crimes, helping take down new threats created by her destruction of magic, like Queen Widowus, an AUUian Bird-Lizard aiming to convert magic into the one thing that saved Widowus' life: Artificial Magic, consisting of nanomachines wielding mana, among potentially-infinite others, to redeem its name after it's mismanagement by its vile usurper, King Agamemnon.