Created by Bloggle and a series of mad sciencetists yet to be reckindised, The Starbot Drone Series is pretty much the current drone armada line after the now discontinued Warobot series that served for the Villains Act. The Starbot series is the longest drone series ever made and have a huge veritity of drones. Some villains, Like Darkness QuiCount Mooku, and General Grosvenor, have their own personalised drones or even personalised drone series that further made the drone series more verited then the Warobots. Some drones are better then others, and others are much more imfamous then most. The Starbot Drones are easily concidered to be part of the reason why the Villains Act wasn't easily disbaned, cause these clankers are everywhere, and are still around even when the act HAS fallen, and are now the bulk of The Dark Radicals.

Drones List

Skelebot Series

The earliest of the Starbot Series. The Skelebots are the most numerous, but weakest and moronic of the drones. Popularly used as cannon fodder or a clever-enough strategy, The Skelebots make up for their various weaknesses by attacking in massive numbers, and are the only drones currently capable to use more then one type of weapon. The common weapon is a traditional Type-66 Ryncher Blaster Rifle, but they're capable of using other weapons such as sniper rifles and rocket launchers. Bloggle created them based on the skeleton of his race, therefore naming them 'Skelebots'. Aside of what they can do right, while not complete idiots, they can be awkward and easily duped by a clever enough hero, which is why it is considered advisable that they are around more smarter and competent drones at all times. Eventually, this line will birth more competent drones like the Tactical Skelebot and the Commando Skelebot.

  • Basic Skelebot

    Basic Skelebot

    Basic Skelebot- These are basically like the Star Wars B1 battle droids. This is the first-ever drone in the Skelebot series of which was the first drone series over-all. It makes up the backbone of the Skelebot armies, and are the infantry-rank Skelebots. It's early prototype, Skelebot 667, was made by Bloggle and a scientist obsessed with bones. It was introduced to Qui during the final days of the Warobot series. At first, she and the others of the Villains Act were skeptical that a frail weakling like this would be capable of serious damage, but regardless, it was accepted. Then the basic-class Skelebot was born, while it's prototype laid rest in the Villains Act archives. On the Invasion of Nimboo, the official last planet to have been invaded by the Warobots, the Act was just about to lose when the limited-in-capabilities Warobot were nearly wiped out. But then the cavalry in the form of a giant and seemingly-endless army of Skelebots came and turned things in the Villains Act's favor. The soldiers were hopelessly outnumbered, even if the drones were not strong, and it helped little an equally more-dangerous drone was released conveniently at the same time the Basic Skelebot was released. The addition of the the Rider Skelebot made things harder for the soldiers. What followed was the Queen of Nimboo's unconditional surrender, giving the Villains Act's quick and easy control of the planet. While it marked the end of the Warobots being deemed useful, the Starbots rose from the ashes of their pre-successor, thus began an a long series that would help the Villains Act to make more drones. The Basic Skelebot became stable for the Starbot series. They were trained and/or programmed to handle more complex weapony like snipers and rocket launchers, become engineers, medical personal for injured organic soldiers under Villains Act servitude, ship crew, drivers for heavy artillery like tanks, and various other roles. If lead to the correct direction, even just a small army of these things can destroy a rebel faction in minutes. However, being the first in the series, there are obvious drawbacks. They often appear in numbers for a reason. A lone Skelebot or a small enough unit of them can be dispatched in seconds, and sometimes, their limited intelligence can be their downfall. Because of this, it was hard to keep Nimboo under control when rebellions were harder to tame than usual, and it wasn't until the appearance of later drones that finally quelled them. Any Villains Act fortress, especially the main one, would have thousands of these things, but not even that prevented the Villains Act's inevitable downfall. They came in a variety of colors depending on the jobs.

Named Basic Skelebots

  • Skelbot 667 (Prototype Model)

Gallery: Basic Skelebot Classes

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  • Commander Skelebot

    Commandress Skelebot

    Commandress Skelebot- These are technically a class of the Basic Skelebot, but it is also slightly different overall. This was released among the Basic Skelebots, but it can also be slightly different then others. Interestingly, unlike the basics which are 'male' Skelebots, the Commandress' are all 'female', when they are knowingly similar than the basics. Outside of what the basics can already do, it has some form of martial arts, slightly a bit more smarter than the basic units, and capable of some form of strategy, but nothing too complex. The Commandress' can lead up to hundreds of basic Skelebots through even the toughest situations, and are slightly better-armored than the basics, so they have slight durability. They are armed with Commandress-exclusive rapid-fire Tillossor G3 Laser Rifles that can puncture armor and melt steel, and electrobinoculars to spy on enemies. On the Nimboo Invasion, it was the Commandress Skelebots that ensured the basics stayed on course and ensure victory. The Skelebot Military, under the command of a named Commandress Skelebot named Commandress Unit 90, have kept the Nimboo planet under control and eliminated most rebellions. The drawbacks are mostly the same from the Original Skelebots, but do have some of their own. Firstly, their ability to walk properly is stunted by the fact they're built on permanent heels, sometimes leading them to look silly. Secondly, being thinner, a strong-enough laser can sever their fragile limbs, and a well-placed shot can completely decapitate a Commandress's head. Thirdly, at the time, they were easily offended by sexual stereotypes and comments, so at times, the Basic Skelebots, since they were born with glitches that somehow make them feel emotions, end up flirting with them or unintentionally saying something offensive, they become more of a threat to their own unit than any hero, killing out the offending Skelebots. Because of this, clever rebels trick the dupable Basics to do something stupid to trick the Commandrress' to take down a few of their own unit to eventually overwhelm them. Such a strategy lead to the downfall of Commandress 90, and several key Commandress' that made it difficult to keep control of Nimboo, until stronger competent drones came to their rescue. Eventually, newer Commandress these days would be upgraded with a 'sexual tolerance' program to make them either ignore or follow proper restriction protocols for any Basic Skelebot who say something they'll regret sooner. Qui used to have a personalized Commandress Skelebot in Peerbon in charge of the main fortress security named Commandress Drone 78, a well-competent and inspiring Commandress Skelebot, but her fate was believed to be sealed when the heroes rose up and destroyed the Fortress. However, she was actually still alive, but was battle-damaged and left to wonder the Peerbon planet for an uncertain amount of time. Other Commandress Units are still used today by the Dark Radicals.

Named Commandress Skelebots:

  • Unit 90
  • Drone 78

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  • Rider Skelebot

    Rider Skelebot

    Rider Skelebot- Possibly one of the Skelebots that are nicknamed "Poetadrones" because of their tendency to be overly-dramatic and likes to use poetry while fighting. Even their designs are over the top, and their ride, The G5 Shakebird Glider, is based on a Shakebird Skull, a symbol of Shakespeare in the AUU (Apothaspeare in AUU terms, named after Willingham Apothaspeare). They were created along with the Commandress and the Basic Skelebots, and aided in the Invasion of Nimboo, and chased down escaping rebels. They also have the oddest design of the Skelebots, and their red-gray faces have been known to scare people during the Nimboo Invasion. They love to recite sometimes-hilarious poetry before making a kill. Their G5 Shakebirds are among the most advanced Villains Act glider which was designed by the Rider Skelebots to scare people. An unlimited supply of lasers, speed boosters, and the functionality of a helicopter, these guys are impossible to avoid. In some invasions, Riders were used to capture political enemies quickly without little trouble from protectors due to their speed. They were accomplished kidnappers, so they were a favorite for usurpers to dispose of their intended usurpes without the need of assassination. They're magnificent for sky-patrol and sky defense, plus some cases of aerial support. Virtually, they were the hardest for even the most determined rebels to conquer. But even the Rider has drawbacks. Outside for Traditional Skelebot setbacks, they also have overblown egos and overconfidence, sometimes meaning if they did too well, they're gonna lose track and end up gloating themselves to their own demise. Scientists say it might be due to the same glitch that made the other Skelebots feel emotions. Also, their own dark sense of poetry also works against them, giving allies of their victim some time to take them down before the deed is committed. Their ride is not what you would call very strong. Fast rides mean very weak, and the G5 Shakebirds are no exception. A direct hit to any vulnerable spot of it could take it down in a millisecond, making the Riders as broken as they already were. Naturally, even with these weaknesses, they only did as much as they could to dwell down most rebellions until stronger drones came into the Villains Act. As fast and tending to be numerous these Drama-Bots can be, not even they could prevent the Act's downfall.

Named Rider Skelebots:

  • Hamlet Z69

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  • Conehead Skelebot

    Conehead Skelebot

    Conehead Skelebot- The Conehead Skelebot is one of the more highly-advanced Skelebots. When Nimboo was under continuious fire from a nasty rebellions, and when the known Skelebots, even the Rider and Commandress, were in serious trouble, Bloggle decided that newer drones were needed to straighten this out. He brought back the designs of the original Skelebot prototype, and approved on them to make the Conehead battle-worthy. The Coneheads are smarter than traditional Skelebots, making them strategists, and the first ever Skelebot capable of some form of thinking, though the emotion glitch still affected them. It's also a wild card, capable of some basic combat via a Mk. VIII Orbinellix Plasma Blaster. It's complex strategies, among the likes of more-threatening Skelebots and a the birth of a new drone series, the rebellions died out, and control returned to Nimboo for the Villains Act. Coneheads served as robotic politicians and law legislators for enslaved planets, and even get jobs as judges and jury. In times of rebellion, Coneheads could command up to a million drones to have quelled quickly and swiftly. Their Plasma Blasters are powerful, limited only to having a cooling function when they get too hot, which could make the gun explode if used improperly. They have over 20 eyes, 10 on the front, and 10 on the back, so sneaking up on a Conehead, even for the most-careful assassin or sniper, is a notorious challenge. But that does not imply they aren't flawed in some way. While they had evolved out of Skelebot flaws like idiocy and weakness, having a competent intelligence and much stronger armor, there comes certain drawbacks. Other than their Plasma Blasters' cooling cycles making them unable to attack, if anything gets most of the eyes dirty, the Conehead becomes blind, making it vulnerable for an ambush. The price for their sophisticated design is that they move a bit slower than other Skelebots, even more than Commandress'. Also, their fingers, despite being capable of holding a gun, are too short to allow the Coneheads to handle a vehicle. Qui has a personalized Conehead named Cone Unit 1991, a particularly special Conehead, being abnormally smarter by Conehead standards, was developed with a glitch that gave him a crude sense of humor. He was morally conflicted with being part of the Villains Act because, unlike certain Skelebots, his emotion glitch allowed him to develop free will. But he was also too afraid to say anything, knowing what they are capable of. He fell in love with Qui's personalized Skelebot Commandress 78. When the intelligence of the Coneheads had a minor setback defending the Villains Act Main Fortress on Peerbon, 1991 secretly escaped, making everyone assume he was lost, and went to persue the damaged 78 ever since, hoping to save her and help her, and any surviving drone of any kind left behind.

Named Conehead Skelebots:

  • Unit 1991

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  • Firefighting Skelebot

    Firefighter Skelebot

    Firefighter Skelebot- During the rebellion problems in Nimboo, there were ramped fires on Capital Villains Act Bases of Operations caused by arsonist rebels, so Skelebots trained in fire combat were needed. During the battles being held, the Firefighter Skelebots were utilized to quell the fires while other Skelebots protected them. When the rebellion was defeated, so was their fires thanks to the Firefighter Skelebots. They have been used to prevent fires caused by rebels or heroes. They have standard firefighter equipment such as hoses, G7 Laser-Axes, and eyes that used thermal-imaging technology that allowed them to see through smoke, fire, and walls. Their armor was also made out of coltan, which can withstand extreme temperatures of over 3000 °C, making them heat-resistant. They tend to ride Fire Hovertrucks with great amounts of speed for firefighting efficiency, and kept Villains Act buildings safe. The drawbacks: aside from standard Skelebot weaknesses such as the emotion glitch, their similarity to basic firefighters also lead them to come to the aide of Non-VA buildings, making them heroes in villain's markings. They quickly come to the aid of any place on fire which lead them to safeguard a building from fire, making them unexpectedly favorable for Non-VA beings. Because of this, they were insanely easy to re-program by talented hackers to convert to the side of good thanks to Basic Skelebot programming, and started to safeguard rebel bases and political systems against VA control. At first, this lead to the discontinuation of the Firefighter, and remaining functioning drones were abandoned and locked in boxes in VA-controlled planets under Qui's orders until the problem would be fixed. However, when the Villains Act fell, the AUU decided to have great use for the Skelebot Firefighter, and convert them to official AUU Grand Council-approved coverted firefighting drones, and became wide-spread in the AUU as a firefighting force. Many considered the Firefighters to be the one good thing to be born from the evils of the Villains Act, and from the Starbot series. Naturally, things like an evil-looking face and Villains Act symbolism had to be removed in the revamped recreations, but they are virtually the same.

Named Skelebot Firefighters:

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  • Commando Skelebot

    Commando Skelebot

    Commando Skelebot- When rebellions started to become a nasty problem on Nimboo, Bloggle decided that new, stronger Skelebots were needed to correct this. Among those new drones are The Commando Skelebots. This is practically a completely different machine. It thinks like a soldier, acts like a soldier, and makes kills like a soldier. Helps little that all Commandos are armed with a devastating M2280B Plasma Resonator Rifles designed on Planet Tau, which are capable of destroying an entire building in a single shot, with a 10-shot limit and a cooling cycle. Being a bit more stronger and well-armored, Commandos can often only be in a small unit, but even though small in numbers, they are a lethal force to any enemy. They are tireless, merciless, lack regret and remorse, and they were the destruction of a huge majority of rebels. They were essentially powerful foes and hard to take down. Only few heroes faced the Commandos and lived, and even fewer actually managed to take one down. They are seen being protectors of corrupted leaders, tyrants, and the Conehead Skelebot. It's only drawback is that it's expensive to make, but it's not a serious drawback because after legally subjugating the AUU's main economic power, The AUU Currency Troupe, they gained access to millions while leaving some planets bankrupt. The only true problem is, ironically, their own weapon. The Resonators were experimental prototypes that were forced to be tested and mass-produced by the Villains Act. The glass barrels that stored the laser's power was very fragile, and if anything happened to it, the Commando wielding it would be spontaneously vaporized in a small but powerful explosion. But the Commandos are trained to shield their weapons' weak spot from gunfire, and are programmed to be relentless and have the best military training of any other Skelebot in the Starbot series, making them versatile and nearly unstoppable. However, only one Commando was found during the time the Villains Act Peerbon Fortress was destroyed, the rest being busy on another mission, and that lone Commando, while he put up a big fight, was taken care of quickly by the Penguins of Madagascar. Since then, the Resonator Weapons were put back into experimentation by order of the AUU Grand Council.

Named Commando Skelebots:

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  • Jetpack Skelebot

    Jetpack Skelebot

    Jetpack Skelebot- Among the drones Bloggle had made to counter many rebellion problems Nimboo had, there were a series of Skelebots independent of the Rider's G5 Shakebird Gliders. They were called The Jetpack Skelebots. They were much faster than Riders and even more maneuverability. They swarmed like insects against rebellions, and there was hardly a challenging rebellion ever since. They patrol the skies with Riders endlessly, and are capable to intercept, and even destroy, escape pods with their turbolaser arm cannons which strike with the force of a 3-ton warhead. They often appear in swarm-like squads, and are devastating even to tanks. Of any of the Skelebots, the Jetpack is the nasty speedster and wreaker. They are virtually hard to take down. They move so fast it's hard to get a good lock on them, even to missile launchers. Their only drawbacks are traditional Skelebot weaknesses, and that sometimes their battery-powered turbolaser arm cannons take only 5 seconds to reload and cool down. Another problem is that their jetpacks are highly explosive, and if it were to be damaged, it's 'bye-bye, birdie'. Of course, it does a good enough job keeping those weaknesses safe from long term harm by any foe thanks to their speed and maneuverability. There was almost an entire planet's worth of these things protecting the Main Base on Peerbon, but it didn't make enough of them to stop the heroes who took down the Villains Act in time. The most dangerous thing about the drone was that there was a bulkier, deadlier, and stronger force that is the Commander of the Jetpack units that lead them greatly under it's command. With it, they were beyond already being a force no one wanted to mess, tamper, or fool around with. These guys would only look like annoying flies compared to their superiors.

Known Jetpack Skelebots:

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  • Jetpack Skelebot Commander

    Jetpack Commander Skelebot

    Jetpack Commander Skelebot- This particular drone was created along side the original Jetpack Skelebot, and it was a very intimidating force. It resembles the Xulture Men of Planet Gravenous, who were cannibalistic beasts that were infamous for killing people on sight, and even eating members of their own species. The Commander Jetpack is armed with 2 arm cannons that were each equipped with both a railgun cannon, and a rocket launcher. They're equipped with 4 hyper-thrusters that made them much faster than any other Jetpack Skelebot, and is made out of neutronium, a substance much stronger than titanium, and can take over a hundred fatal plasma blasts. It's a perfect death trap that is the pride of the Skelebot line, but the vain of heroes everywhere. They're unreasonable, barely fightable, and almost unstoppable. Even the proudest heroes are made to turn coward to these almost-indestructible monstrosities, and even standing up to them will lead to you getting your head blown off. The Jetpack Commander can have up to a million Jetpack Skelebots at once, but even on it's own, it can destroy an army of rebels in less than 4 minutes. It commanded all sky patrols, and is virtually hard to avoid. It has absolutely no known drawbacks or weaknesses, but it's not indestructible. It's just ridiculously hard to beat. Even Qui finds herself somewhat intimidated by these machines, and hardly kept any around the Villains Act Main Base in Peerbon, which ironically served as a fatal mistake when the Villains Act was finally taken down. But the only way the heroes were able to clear the AUU of these things was to use the Commando Skelebots' Resonator Guns, which if aimed correctly, could puncture it's energy core in it's chest, and blow it up.

Named JC Skelebots:

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  • Tactical Skelebot

    Tactical Skelebot

    Tactical Skelebot- The Coneheads were a prototype in a nutshell for an even smarter Skelebot in the works that wasn't yet ready and Bloggle wanted more time to perfect it. He argued that the Conehead was a 'rushed and intermediate" version of the computer-minded Tactical Skelebot. Though the Coneheads were still kept, the Tactical Skelebots, outside of being intended as battle strategist, are also presidents for the law-legislators to abide to. Tactical Skelebots are insanely advanced and are hard to sneak up on. They know every strategy in the book, and would painfully ensure it goes through without a hitch. Because of it, rebellions are often surprised and disbanded before being able to survive Day 1. Mooku favored how intelligent the Tactical Skelebot is, so he made a personalized one named Companion 5627182987. Companion was even smarter for the drone's standards and was redesigned to be like a butler in some ways. Though as you can see, they are clearly designed to be like sophisticated machines wearing armor that almost matches the colors of a business suit. But despite masterminding battles, they're not good at combat, nor are they meant for combat. They are not programmed to use weapons, but they are programmed to defend themselves. But they don't do this by self-defense, but with reinforcements. Their armor, being made of simple aluminum, does little to nothing to protect them from damage, and their computer faces are the most fragile part of their bodies. A simple crack on the screen could destroy it. It's also a slow mover. The lack of motor skills due to the price for it's bulk makes it an easy target for possible assassination attempts, but it doesn't help that their strategy compensate for all their flaws. To them, being considered the weakest Skelebot, other than even the first Basic Skelebot, is a small price for being the smartest Skelebot than even the Coneheads by a few extra-dozen IQ points. Qui recognized their potential and has her own Tactical Skelebot named Unit 7TVtronic, an equally brilliant beyond-average strategist. However, not even he prevented the Villains Act's downfall, and is currently missing in action, possibly among the also-missing Cone Unit 1991.

Named Tactical Skelebots:

  • Companion 5627182987
  • Unit 7TVtronic

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Manbeetle Series

The Manbeetle Series are similar to the B2 Super Battle Droids from Star Wars, and is a particularly interesting series with a history longer than even before the Starbots were made. Even before the Warobot Series was disbanded, the Manbeetle Drone series was meant to be the very first drones of the Villains Act, but complications with money, machinery, and the Warobots getting to be first, the Manbeetle Series seemed to be unable to step up it's game, but not as an independent series. In it's history, Bloggle was always fascinated by the Photomites of Bieoclite and how they fought against the Terragords, and decided to create machines that resembled them. He also borrowed some inspiration from the failed Warlord series to revive a legacy that was never born. However, budget cuts for invasions and productions of the Warobots limited the Manbeetle's progress. However, since Nimboo started to have rebel uprising and began to use the skelebot's weaknesses to their advantage, rebellions were becoming problems. So Bloggle, along with creating a series of stronger and/or smarter Skelebots, saw this as the opportunity to test the first Manbeetle now that they had the money to make them bloom. Once the Basic Manbeetle quelled the rebelions, the Manbeetles starting growing into other models.

  • Basic Manbeetle

    Basic Manbeetle

    Basic Manbeetle- The Basic Manbeetle may not be perfect since it is the first of it's kind, but it's still bulky, strong, and a bit more competent. Manbeetles are certainly tougher and harder to trick than most of their Skelebot predecessors. Since this is the very first Manbeetle ever created, it's not so easily unstoppable, but it still fights perfect. It's prototype coincidentally provided Qui with her Soldier Drones in her wide array of personal drones. When they appeared on Nimboo, the rebels hardly stood much of a chance having limited weapons and were only able to take down at least 12 of them by luck of chance. The Manbeetle was a giant success. Even just a small gang of them were capable of gunning down an entire squad of rebels in minutes. Basic Manbeetles were made of 40% titanium, and 60% nickel, thus they don't have a very perfect armored defense. Their main weapon was a right arm cannon which fired lasers that delivered strong damage to a target. It also has the intelligence of a teenager. While not the best intelligence, it still has the instinct to kill and defend. Aside from invasion forces, they can also be used as wardens for Villains Act prisons, and can usually be strict and abusive. They can be the go-to bodyguard for tyrants and mob bosses under Villains Act alliances. The drawbacks of these drones are not just it's limited armor and limited intelligence, but also that it doesn't move very fast because of both it's weight and it's programming, and it's left arm is the only one that can hold objects. Despite the 45% chance of one individual being taken down on the first invasion, it's still a formidable machine. But not even a squadron of Basic Manbeetles could stop the eventual downfall of the Villains Act.

Named Basic Manbeetles

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  • Commander Manbeetle

    Commander Manbeetle

    Commander Manbeetle- The Commander Manbeetle was made after the first rebellion of Nimboo was stopped by the first few Starbots. They were the second of the Manbeetles, and were given more improved features. Like The Jetpack Commander Skelebots, they are bulky brutes that are much harder to take down than the Basic Manbeetles, especially with their stronger armor and their deadly weaponry. Like most of the Manbeetles, they took some inspiration from the unapproved Warlord series and donned the intended capabilities of the Warlords. An example is it's left arm cannon, which houses a top missile launcher and a bottom laser cannon. The missiles are heat-seeking and it's blast is strong enough to penetrate titanium, and the laser cannon has the same blast effect of a Basic Manbeetle's arm cannon. Even if it were alone, the Commander Manbeetle is capable of destroying any form of ship with just a few place blasts with it's missiles. Even the likes of the Dynasty Battle Cruiser would suffer heavily from enough group blasts of at least 9 Commanders. Being even bulkier than Basics, being made of 65% titanium, and 35% nickel, it can survive a blast from a tank, and can withstand the stabbing of even the strongest energy sword. Even dislocating it's parts won't help as much. It's parts are hard to destroy and they're replaceable. While they are strong, the Commander Manbeetles have a bit of a superiority complex. They constantly try to fight the best they can and not allow their weak spots to be exposed by making themselves look like they don't have them, also believing that they ARE the strongest. The Commanders, small or not, can have up to 50-80 Basic Manbeetles each. A widely-respected Commander Manbeetle would have nearly 100 of them. Despite being more developed than the Basic Manbeetles, they still have drawbacks. The Commander's only weak spot is the eye, which is very sensitive to light, and the most complex machinery on the Commander is in it's eye, as well as it's mother chip. One shot to it can shut it down easily. Also, like traditional Manbeetles, their weight makes them very slow, but it can move 2 times faster than a Basic Manbeetle, though still slow. They are incapable of running, and it is hard for them to get up when fallen on it's back. But it can easily charge it's laser cannon to a higher power level for maximum destruction, and it won't be afraid to use it on the toughest bully it comes across. While Qui has known that these drones have caused severe damage to the Dynasty before, even they couldn't stop the fall of the Villains Act.

Named Commander Manbeetles

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  • True Manbeetle

    True Manbeetle

    True Manbeetle- The True Manbeetle is actually the result of an accident while production of the upcoming 'Intelligent Manbeetle' was in progress. The first True Manbeetle, 2E-2343 Mandro, was the prototype for this new kind of Manbeetle. The original prototype ended up being altered by AUU Grand Council spies in an attempt to ruin a new Manbeetle series. They thought if they made the next Manbeetle drone too ugly for use, it would slow down the Starbot series greatly. Unfortunately, Bloggle and Qui ended up being impressed by the completely-different drone and dubbed it as a seperate Manbeetle unit of it's own right. The AUU spies were captured, and fittingly executed by the drone they sought to ruin. Mandro was stored into the archives, while more True Manbeetles were being made, and just in time to quell a rebellion when rebels started to exploit the other Manbeetles' weaknesses and that of the Skelebots. The True Manbeetles were much stronger than it's other 2 predecessors, being made of 90% uranium and 10% aluminum, being partially indestructible. They even had several blasters. They had double-barreled blasters on their wrists that fired basic laser blasts. Also, Bloggle had the satisfaction of giving the True Manbeetle extra limbs on their lower body that functioned as 2 auto-targeting laser cannons which gave backup firepower. It also has dangerous physical combat in the form of wrestling moves, and with it's incredible strength, it was twice as dangerous to have this machine grab you. However, even they have drawbacks. While it may have the intelligence of a true assassin, it's eye can be sensitive to light and enough damage to it can blind it. Also, their limbs are not detachable, albeit replaceable, and their arm cannons are the most powerful weapon they have. Aside from this, Qui kept a good number of True Manbeetles guarding the main Villains Act fortress on Peerbon, but even they couldn't stop the Villains Act's judgement day.

Named True Manbeetles

  • 2E Mandro.

More coming soon...

  • Manbeetle Cyclops

    Manbeetle Cyclon

    Manbeetle Cyclon- This was the 'Intelligent Manbeetle' that was meant to come first before briefly interrupted by the accidental creation of the True Manbeetle. What's different from most Manbeetles is that they can think more clearly. Manbeetles were all about being brutes and power, and made themselves look intimidating with their power and size. Bloggle didn't want the Manbeetles to be all 'brawns but no brains", so he corrected it by introducing the Manbeetle Cyclon (The AUU version of a Cyclops). Though not really THAT unique a name considering other Manbeetles had Cyclops-like eyes, the function is where there's a difference. It does more than just be an inspiration from the Warlords and to enable the Cyclon to see, it can also be a thermal scanner, can grant X-ray vision and ultraviolet vision, and it even functions as a laser weapon, though it only works like a modern-day Active Denial System. They even come with several forms of detachable weaponry. Their main weapon is their double-barreled blaster which rapidly fires volleys of plasma. They even come with a minigun that uses the same kind of ammunition as the blaster, a rocket launcher that fires up to 8 heat-seeking missiles, a railgun that takes down a target like a sniper rifle, and a flamethrower which burns any opponent alive. With these detachable weapons, the color on part of their body changes thanks to it being made of chromlar, a metal that is commonly used for camouflage. Aside from being made of 30% chromlar, the Cyclon is made of 69% uranium, and 1% nickel, making it very tough to puncture. Being among one of the few Starbots capable of making successful strategies and see them unfold in action, nicknamed the 'Sweese Army Knife' of Manbeetles (As in 'Sweesinla', the AUU version of Switzerland), followed by the fact that Commander Manbeetles and other high ranking Drones in the Starbots take them seriously, thus their inclusion in the politics of controlled planets and their part in quelling rebellions in places like Nimboo, the Cyclon is not a force to be reckoned with. Luckily, they're not invulnerable. Their chromlar isn't durable, their eyes are a common weak point and are sensitive, and they also have a bad habit of trying to be dominant and command even the most successful of Starbots, even when it isn't necessary. Because of this, when a strategy goes south, the Cyclon will either strictly command superior Starbots or go into overdrive doing risky things to ensure it's plan doesn't fail, ironically resulting in it's own downfall from a planned ambush or just being all-together overwhelmed. Qui had kept a personalized Cyclon named By-Clon 7637, who's a trusted ally to her and a few other personalized drones of hers. However, when the Villains Act fell, he stood with the other lost drones to hide from a world that would fear them and would turn them into scrap like the rest of their brethren.

Named Manbeetle Cyclons

  • By-Clon

More coming soon...

Attachable Gun Gallery

  • Manbeetle Alpha

    Manbeetle Alpha

    Manbeetle Alpha- When Commander Manbeetles kept failing during the rebel invasions, a new Manbeetle was needed to command these Manbeetles and keep them from making mistakes. Bloggle decided to upgrade them, but that wasn't possible for them. So he had to make a new model, and as a result, the Manbeetle Alpha was created. It's basically what any Manbeetle would look like if they were capable of taking steroids. They are the biggest Manbeetles created, even outsizing Commanders. They're even physically stronger, lifting a tank off the ground with it's built-in energy claws like it was made of plastic, even if it had 1,000 soldiers in it. They're great for holding prisoners or losing Commander Manbeetles in place, and their energy claws are as deadly as a lightsaber, though it doesn't burn or cut through organic skin unless it allows it. Their grip is inescapable, even if their victims have a collapsible skeleton. While they are known for these energy claws, they are also known for having the same eye laser the True Manbeetle has. They are also fierce combatants, giving even the most brutal of rebels a run for their money. Few have even managed to severely damage the Alpha, or even take one down for that matter. They were also used as a cheaper means to load and unload cargo into ships than using hundreds of workers and/or slaves. While they are partially unstoppable, they still have the usual Manbeetle drawbacks like it's sensitive and vulnerable eye and it's slow movement. Outside of that, it's virtually indestructible, being made of 95% titanium and 5% aluminum. Qui has a series of personalized Alphas as her personal protectors aside from her own drones, all being led by Alpha Morna, which was among the most feared of the already-infamous Manbeetles. However, when the Villains Act fell, Morna was critically damaged by the unexpected and overly-powerful attack force that surprisingly not even it could stop. But Unit 1991 recovered Morna in the pile and repaired it, earning it's loyalty. Convinced Qui might be lost, and not realizing her true fate, he helps Unit 1991 protect any lost Starbot drones with warrior value.

Named Manbeetle Alphas

  • Alpha Morna

More coming soon...

Insectadrone Series

The Insectadrones are a unique series of Starbots. They are bug-like robots made not just by Bloggle, but by several currently unidentified scientists. This series, like the Manbeetles, are based on a variety of insects. While most of these are walkers, others stand on 2 legs or have extra limbs. Because of this, no one Insectadrone is alike. It is also the most infamous because the very first Insectadrone was literally made a walking death machine without a sense of pity, regret, or remorse, or sentience for that matter, but that doesn't mean they're not smart.

  • Snakemantis


    Snakemantis- This Insectadrone was the first of it's kind that was released among the first three Skelebots, and instinctively became infamous, and it's pretty obvious why. 3-barreled blasters, a rechargeable double-powered energy shield generated on 2 energy lenses on it's chest, and a strategic calculative intelligence, The Snakemantis is a nightmare on even the strongest rebellions. With a similar design of a Mangris, Snakemantises were able to leap long distances and it's mobility is very quick compared to other Starbots. There's almost no clear strategy to defeat these robots, so high priority bases under VA control is never without these things. It's shield is nearly impenetrable, and no weapon can go inside, but can only go outside so that the Snakemantis' blasters could work. The blasters launched 3 laser blasts at a time and causes serious injuries to it's target, though the blasters must cool down for 3 seconds after constant use. The shield can only protect the Snakemantis from most types of firearms, but certain kinds of firearms like max-powered lasers and powerful-enough explosives can discharge it, and does nothing to stop powerful enough lazer swords. The shield takes about 5 seconds to charge back up after being disabled, and thus leaves the Snakemantis vulnerable to attack. However, the Snakemantis is still feared regardless of these drawbacks. Surprisingly, not even a near-endless swarm of these killing machines stopped the fall of the Villains Act.

Named Snakemantises

Coming soon...

  • Midget Bug

    Midget Bug

    Midget Bug- The Midget Bug is an Insectadrone that started out as a previously rejected drone design meant to be included into the Warobots. It was rejected because it looked nothing like what true Warobots were, looking more like a walking head. It was also considered the butt of jokes and laughed at by more vocal villains. However, the original inventor of the Midget Bugs, a rogue scientist from Corruption Co. knew that the machines could prove those jerks wrong. The prototype he named 'Coolo-07', was the earliest of the machines during the end of the Warobot era when the earliest Starbots were soon to be introduced. At the time, a few troublesome villains in a small rival group known as The Renegades of Gronan planned a conspiracy with a hypocritical rebel faction on Peerdon to destroy Qui so the leader, Renegade Lord Gronculum, the descendant of the AUU Third Cartoonian War hero Gronan, can take over the Villain's Act in return for making the Villains Act leave Peerbon to make a new base so the rebels can restore new order on the planet. The rogue scientist and Coolo found themselves on a mission to save both the Villains Act and the people of Peerbon from hypocrite rebels and fanatic renegades. He had Coolo destroy key protections of the Renegade base and assassinate a few key-rebel leaders, rebel warriors, and almost the beloved morally-conflicted daughter of the main leader of the rebel faction, Meerdan, and blamed it on Gronculum. This destroyed the alliance between the no-longer hypocrite rebels and the Renegades, and Meerdan killed Gronculum in anger, and left with the renegades fearing him. To make sure the Renegades don't seek revenge on the Villains Act, he warns Qui of the uprising from the leaderless renegades and what he did to momentarily disable them before the equal-minded son, Gronsla, takes over as new Renegade Lord. Qui responded to this by having her own personal drones and a few assassins from the Dark Sisterhood and the best of bounty hunters from the Consortium to hunt down all the Renegades. Qui then proceeded to punish Gronsla by forcing him to join the Villains Act and denounce the legacy of Gronan. Because of this, the Midget Bug Insectadrone was hailed as a savior of the Villains Act. More of the machines were made while Coolo rested in a special place in the VA archives, and their first mission was the destruction of the rebels of Peerbon, sparing Meerdan and his daughter as slaves for the labor force due to Qui sympathizing for Meerdan, who merely wanted to make Peerbon a better place and Gronculum offered that, which was seen as a rare moment of mercy from Qui. The Midget Bug is simple and not very complex since it's one of the earliest Starbots created. It can't walk very fast, being only 22 mph, though it's fast enough to catch a running target. It's 2 eyes are able to see in infared, X-ray, night, and ultraviolet vision, and the lens is made of carbonium, a transparent durable substance, making it less vulnerable. It's only weapons are 3 laser cannons that fire a blast powerful enough to destroy an entire cabin in one shot. The drawbacks are also simple. Besides the slow/fast speed, it's cannons can only fire once before it charges back up for 3 seconds. But it was hailed as the drone that protacted the Villains Act from a treacherous usurp and a favorite for common place palace/lair guards for tyrants and dictators, espeically on Peerbon. However, the hero uprising was not something even the Midget Bug could prevent.

Named Midget Bugs:

  • Coolo7

More coming soon...

  • War Spider

    War Spider

    War Spider- This was a drone that wasn't originally created by the Villains Act. It actually came from Globex Industries, and was actually one of the many drones used by the USRA during the Exo-Wars. The designs were donated by a defecting traitorous and racist Yurun in the ranks of The Alpha Federation in the Legion of Dominant Races by the name of Dirk Dalinnx. Dirk, after blaming wars like the AUU Third Cartoonian War for the splitting of the USRA, which he thought would've helped keep his closest human friends from leaving to the Tranquility Zone, he decided that the Legion needed to run a tighter ship than ever. He decided that each rebellion come together to invade Peerbon to end the Villains Act once and for all. He even had Globex build a drone based on the dreaded and extinct Crabypods that the extinct Veexomites rode long ago. However, the federations couldn't risk rebellions coming together and allow the Villains Act to destroy them all, so they denied the action. But the Cunones were also offended by the fact that he made a drone with a design based on a monster they hated to be killed by centuries ago, and this resulted in Dirk being fired from his job as a diplomat, and left him as a janitor in Globex. As a result, Dirk felt betrayed by his own community, and decided to steal and donate the schematics of the War Spider to the Villains Act. He had no regrets appearing in person and within grabbing distance in the meeting of Qui to flat out say they 'betrayed' him and denied his ideas all because of creating a machine based on the Crabypods and gave them full access to the machine. The federations found out too late that Dirk has betrayed them and had most of their rebellions destroyed by using the War Spider, thus planned attacks to the key Villains Act's fortresses were halted quickly. For his crimes, Dirk was assassinated in 2007 by Federation soldiers. The War Spider was designed to be a big, hulking, anti-tank destructive machine and proved to be very useful in ensuring even the toughest invasions and attacks from rebels made only minor dents into the Villains Act. What makes it so fearful and infamous is it's two plasma cannons, which are twice as strong as Shen's Cannons. It's limbs can also be used as an offensive weapon. But it has drawbacks of it's own. It's weight makes it as slow as a tank, but it can leap into the air with ease thanks to repulsor packs on it's bottom. It's also built for direct assault and isn't much of a thinking machine. It also has very poor stealth skills because it always makes noise, considering how it's only fast reaction, it's jumping ability, makes a loud noise. Another drawback is that it's eye is sensitive, and it can be punctured very easily. That's not to say that it isn't vulnerable because it's legs are made of titanium, able to reflect gunshots easily, so it can use these as a shield.

Named War Spiders:

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  • Aquanator


    Aquanator- While not exactly looking like most Insectadrones, this one was the first waterproof Starbot, and it was debated about being part of the Skelebot series. But the 4 arms make it an Insectadrone. It was created especially during an attempted Jomos invasion. When the Union Against Religious Abuse declined alliance to the Villains Act, claiming that they're not doing their atheistic job for evil, only for stopping religious crimes and misunderstandings, and that the religious group ruled by Zealord The Zealot are considered part of the conflict of trying to get at Jomos' special technology, Qui and the VA find themselfs up a creek without a paddle. So Bloggle and Qui requested that the Starbot factory create waterworld forces until the rest of the Starbots are made waterproof. Until that was possible, the Aquanator was created. Like the Basic Skelebot, the Aquanator comes in several forms and have different jobs. The Basic Aquanator is recognized as a drone that can fold it's legs into becoming flippers, and it's able to adjust it's body to maneuver well underwater. It's 2 waterproof auto-targeting blasters on it's lower 2 arms can bend upward when the Aquanator is swimming sideways so it can be used well. It fires concentrated plasma that delivers fatal blows to it's target. Aside from the basic, they come in dozens of other forms, and were a devastating force to both the UARA and Zealord's forces. They are made of mostly an aluminum-carbonic alloy, which is not the strongest metal, but strong enough to resist the strongest of waterproof lasers or projectiles. With their swimming mode, they can move over 30 mph, not very fast, but fast enough to catch a swimming target. The Villains Act's place in the Jomos War lasted until it's inevitable downfall, where everyone was at a momentary cease fire to resume business, and the people were this close to giving up until the VA fell. While the Act is down, the Aquanators are still around monitoring the watery paradise waiting to plan the next move. Off-planet Aquanators were made part of the armies of several Villains Act villains that have avoided capture such as Lord Donatello. The main drawback is that the Aquanators are not good fighters on land. They walk very slow, and they're not use to the amplified power of their blasters that were kept balanced underwater, and their armor, being used to resisting mostly underwater weaponry, is vulnerable to stronger land weaponry. It's basically easier to destroy on land. A drawback when underwater is that certain forms of Aquanator cannot withstand the pressure of deeper waters, and burst like a balloon as a result of this. Luckly, the water pressure of Jomos isn't gigantic and such issues were rare. But for Aquanators on other ocean worlds, this was common.

Named Aquanators:

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Aquanator Classes Gallery

Coming Soon: Fast-shooter, Sniper, Heavyweapons, swordsmen, crossbower, spy, Demolisons, rocket laurngher, duel gunner, machine gunner, commander, Tanker, poisoneer, netter, head-hunter, assassin, Medic (if there are organic troops present), machcanic.

  • Magma Trooper

    Magma Trooper

    Magma Trooper- The Magma Trooper is a personalized series of Insectadrones with a design provided by one of the most famous members of the fight against rebels, General Grosvenor, who ended up gaining them as an award. Formerly a humble series of security guard drones for Globex, the Magma Troopers had been designed to become the best of warriors, and while Grosvenor wanted them to be like his own species, he didn't have the budget to add 2 extra arms, leaving the Magma Trooper to be the first Insectadrone that didn't look anything like an Insectadrone. However, he was able to give them traditional thermal-energy staffs that common Larvirian bug races wielded in battle, and were made of the same aluminum alloy that makes up Grosvenor's cybernetic parts. They protected Grosvenor from many assassination attempts from several of his enemies and aided him in battle. Sometimes they can be seen in the traditional bodyguard garb of Grosvenor's people. They fight even with no head since it has another brain core in it's body with the bright orange lens on it's chest being the extra eye, and would only be destroyed if both brain cores were destroyed, which was difficult with it's agility and reflexes. Grosvenor even allowed them to become bodyguards for other VA rebellion-fighting leaders such as Count Mooku, Qui, Bloggle, even Nuke Munbay. They are also used to escort prisoners and enemies of the Villains Act into prisons, and are useful as assassins against usurpers and treasoners against Qui or other high-ranker members that they're obligated to. They are experts at defense and offense and have more experience in melee combat than any other person, and can damage even a grand army of enemies in minutes. Their only drawback, aside from their 2 vulnerable brain cores, is that they can be limited in numbers. There is only a select number of Magma Troopers to protect leaders of invasions or defense, so it's not expected to see an army of these things. They are also restricted to only trustworthy high-rankers because they have a dangerous tendency to be loyal to their masters even if they are too trecherous for their own good, and would be used against others, so high-ranking villain with questionable motives or a high risk-factor aren't entrusted with Magma Troopers unless Qui and other high-rankers know doing such won't end in a money and drone wasteing rebelion within VA ranks. But overall, as much as they're almost rare, they're still a dangerous force that takes a great strategy and weaponry to defeat swiftly.

Other Drones.

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