During a Magic Duel Contest in Twilight's School held by Starswirl to test out who is the greatest magic user of Equestria, the event gets crashed by another Storm Clansman, this time, by the Storm Clan member with the Highest Magic Ability: The Magic Master, someone with magic so unquestionably great, it's a wonder why he isn't Storm Clan leader. It's because he's pretty much a scrawny and nerdy little dork and the Storm Clan cared for physical fitness, and even his great magic couldn't change their minds. Now, he sees the Magic Duel as an oppertunity to prove to his family that brawn isn't everything and that his magic can be the greatest thing for the Storm Clan! And he does this by challnaging Starlight into a duel, and proves to be an equil to Starlight, if not even barely better then her by at least 2%, then the Magic Master dropped the ball and reveiled that he recently just gained the powers of Equinox magic that made him that way! Given that the Magic Master's new found Equinox abilities make him a serious problem that can't be defeated like how the other storm clanners are, the heroes need to find a way to use his gaining of Equinox magic to stop him as a threat since just turning him into a solid object's no longer so simple.

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