After the events of Friendship University, Flim and Flam had desided to make up for what they pulled in the episode by giving Twilight and friends, the school's factily, and the students obviously, plus Applejack's family as an espeically big make up, and alchourse Starswirl and the Pillers espeically, free one day and night stay at their resort and paid for expenses on the housem, with a promise of not over-hyping their presence, cause Twilight learned her lession about the last time she was given free luxery, espeically on how they learned that they were scammed by Neighsay who lied about the E.E.A. still being around and tricked the two into making a for-profit school as a means to see their expansion ambitons, who was busted and captured by the inter-racial six who were aiming to come into the University themselves but ended up discovering the ploy themselves, which got Rarity and Starswirl's attention while Rarity was confronting him about the matter. Alcourse, Twilight still has a rather sour opinion of the two now, but Starswirl proved more forgiving that because they gave out free passes at all, even albeit of it mainly being out of anti-lawsuit measures and not nessersarly out of remorse, though the Brothers do admit shame in falling for Neighsay's scam and even in fact, had personally realised on how that felt, and had made promises to be better ponies, to Twilight's begrudgence since what they said wasn't exactly a lie, but nor proveable truth since the two are often hard to read for even her. However, just as the group were enjoying their time in the brothers resort, they were surprised to see the Wonderbolts and Las Pegacious Police charged in and arrested the two brothers apawn orders of the leader of las Pegacius himself, President Vegas, has arrived and looks clearly disappointed at the duo after he agreed to let the duo stay as owners of Gladmane's former business to honor the dying wishes of the duo's late father, who was a friend of his parents, who had departed after the events of Viva Las Pegasus, who in desiring that the name of Las Pegasus needs to be honored after the scam the duo pulled, thus, the two have been fired from their honest businesses for their act of blackmailing royalty and their Friendship University scam, which begrudgently, has returned to Gladmane, who claims to have turned over a new leaf. This act was actually one of many that the returning Neighsay intends to do with not just the Mane Six' rogues' gallery that he strikes a friendship with, with abit of an exception to an Asylum Rival, but another EEA chancellor named Chancellor Perplexity, who was the EEA's prosecutor and Shineflare's cousin who is particularly mean and an extremist at penalties. She was actselly behind masterminding the sudden rise of Friendship U, also behind having Neighsay out to begin with and had him cover her as a fall guy because of him already having a tainted status. Now she brought him back to basicly punish the duo for their failure, along with a plan to undermine the Main 6's friendship missions as a means to prove that the very ponies that brought the school were very incompident before the school was even a thing by making it look like that their end-results of fixing friendship problems are not periment, as a VERY extreme way to undermine the school and by extention make the students unrelieable as well. Now Wind Rider has blackmail material on Rainbow Dash including her weather factory sabotage, and Rara goes bankrupt during an anticipated charity drive because of Svengallop. With lives and friendship crumbling apart, Starswirl and the Pillars learn that Flim and Flam themselves were scammed to be as malicious as they had been in the episode via mind control from Perplexity, as she supports Neighsay's views and wants the heroes to suffer, and now the two are being punished because Perplexity had to be a sore loser about her "Perfect Plan" having failed like it did. And things get REALLY interesting when Shineflare of all ponies shows up and wants to help the Main 7 and group combat Perplexity cause, as she puts it, it's "A private matter" involving her past. When this problem strikes the Lodgers, they must help do something about Perplexity, along with fixing what she had reaped.

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