Steamius is a world of an 18th-century steampunk society. Being as graphic as Bioshock yet very creative in the field of technology, Steamius has had little interaction with other worlds for centuries. Though the world had suffered wars that devastated the world, it healed as much as it could, creating new forms of wildlife similar to that of Earth, and they cope with the easy and cheap resource of steam, refusing any other fuel because of it's effects on the environment. However, aside from a few fanatics who wish to introduce modern-day technology against the wishes of the world's leader Emperor Gaspar Retruvius, all lead by the fanatic industrial mercenary named Tearle, there is a bigger threat on the horizon in the form of a former Revolur technological mastermind named Mister Fallout, who, as a result of his technology being too controversial for even the Hylander family to accept as the technology was destroyed for being dubbed too dangerous, and anyone else who wished to use it and was denied because of the risks of the threat they posed becoming his loyal allies, Fallout ruined many lives in the past and stole countless levels of technology, even from Mega-Sci Corp, and seek to use this stolen tech to build the biggest techno-empire in the UUniverses, first by targeting Steamius, and manipulating Tearle and it's many tech-fanatics, air pirates, and everyone else. The Lodgers are there to respond, but given how strong Fallout has gotten with his stolen technology, how will our heroes aid a vulnerable and somewhat gullible 18th-century society from a fanatic who only went evil because of being insulted since his technology was dubbed 'too risky and must be destroyed'?


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