Stephanie Nicemile

Stephanie Geeta Nicemile

Stephanie G. Nicemile is an Alternate UUniversal Istrich from Planet Keuca. She is a Keucanic who has been a member of the HA ever since they aided her in saving Keuca from an extremeist group respondsable for it's controverseal history. In days prior, she was apart of the democratic centered side of the world, daughter of President Nicemile, and a tourguide (In due to the fact that Demockracy doesn't believe in heirs). In due to the fact that her father is infamous of trying to make peace with Iallog through it's controverseal nation leaders, this pisses off the terrorgroups dedicated to trying to destroy them, leading them to target Stephenie for obvious reasons. Fortunately, she was never truely defenceless thanks to the local air-force leader of the repubilcan side, Radcliff Hawkens, saving her. In fact, it's more or less how the two first interacted. Alchourse, natrolly, cause of usual demockracy conflicts and tensions, their interactions at first was minimalistic as possable, but then, cause of karmatic convinence, the moon was shining bright and the right shading complimated Stephenie's graceful body, making Radcliff dumbfounded and in love. Stephenie, being a smart girl, caught onto it, and though flattered and amazed that a Keubric feels anything other then natrol hatred and distaste for a Keucan bird, she politely insists that because of Keuca's standerds, a relationship between a Keucan and A Keubric no longer works. The two tried to go their seperate ways, but temptation congured them and the two started to spend some time. Alchourse, it wasn't exactly the best kept secret ever because both Steph and Hawkens were children of the presidents of the two devided Keucanian nations. Hawkens having friends that couldn't keep their beaks shut about it, didn't helped. Fortunately, this didn't turned into a predictable Romeo and Juliet Scenario as everyone was mostly cool with it, barring far-right wing nuts. Even both president fathers are not bothered by it, not even over their own personal disagreements, but not without warning their children that it may not be garrentie to work out as their natrol conflicting spirit would soon ruin it. And thanks to Hawkens' bully problems from the airforce that he's in-charged of for certain reasons, it happened in a way. Peer-Pressure from one mere asshole forced Hawkens to almost avoid Stephenie aside from rescuing her from a vengeful extremeist, helped little that the asshole is related to a brass general that would punish and ruin Hawkens' career for merely standing up for himself and for his beliefs, leading to Stephenie feeling hurt and angry about it, and determined to set both Hawkens and his bully straight, unaware that it was part of a bigger problem until the HA and the Shell Lodge Squad came and things went way out of control from there. With thanks to her martical arts skills she learned from a friend of Hawkens, though shy and modest about it, she was enacted as a new member and further improved on her skills. Dispite having one heck of a kickass skill, atlethic prowless and speed, she prefers to resolve problems peacefully, given her democratic nature, but when forced or at a crossed line, she's not afraid to give you the new meaning of "Leg Action".


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Stephanie is an Istrich, and it allows her to run at a rapid pace, and her agility and acrobatics are very adequate, which compliments her boyfriend's flight capabilities. She has even self-trained herself in martial arts, allowing her to jump across the battlefield with quick strikes, and has been trained in military strategy. She can even use her body to distract her opponents if need be.

Her UIS identity, Tiffany San Tiago, is a sentient being called a Birol, which hails from Birollia III. Modeled after Carmen Sandiego, Tiffany is an expert detective, and a quick-learner in the battlefield. She is trained in stealth, acrobatics, and martial arts. She wears a scarlet jumpsuit lined with a large fedora and cape that can use active camouflage, and adds the likelihood of distracting her foes with her body before striking. Though she is self-conscious about how she fights, and she has an unpredictable paraphernalia of gadgets to get her out of situations. As a Birol, she is capable of long sustained flight, and she can seduce her opponents, but only when she has to.


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