Steve Squirt

Steve Derry Squirt

Steve D. Squirt is a Superior barnacle from Planet Lagoola. He was considered a nuisance to people in high school for his insults, his language, and his taunting. Nobody could tell where he was when he was taunting since he could turn invisible and intangible, meaning he can literally be unseen and untouched, meaning that his taunts couldn't be stopped. He soon grew up and had once had a job as a worker in a Biodome, but his attitude got him fired by order of Baron Tritiumlung. The police forces lost him, however, and Steve was able to find the Baron, knock him out, and attach himself to the top of his head and make himself invisible and untouchable, and has since taunted the Baron in his own kingdom. The Baron has been trying for years to get rid of him, but to no prevail. His powers include invisibility and intangibility.
  • MCode: ItbIvb


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