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Stoick the Vast

Stoick the Vast is Hiccup's father and the short-tempered former chief of the Hairy Hooligan tribe in the book. He hopes his son will mature and become strong enough to be chief himself one day, but fears that he is not suited to the Viking life. Stoick has a large horned helmet (supposedly one half of his late wife's breastplate in the film) and is a friend to Gobber the Belch. Stoick the Vast is also the creator of The Viking Song. In the film, he is voiced by Gerard Butler. In the book series, Stoick has three dragons: His Hunting Dragons are a Gronckle named Newtsbreath and a Monstrous Nightmare named Hookfang. His Riding Dragon is a Bullrougher named Bullheart. In the TV series, Stoick's dragon is a Thunderdrum named Thornado, but he released Thornado so that he can raise three adolescent Thunderdrums in the episode Bing! Bam! Boom!. In the second movie, Stoick has a new dragon; a Rumblehorn named Skullcrusher. Near the end of the movie, he got killed by Toothless who was being possessed by the Alpha. Toothless was then immediately rejected by Hiccup when he accidently killed his father, yet he was forgiven for it after the defeat of Drago.

In the Book

Stoick the Vast was married to Valhallarama after he found the Fire Stone for Old Wrinkly (Valhallarama's Dad). They end up having a son and name him Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III . In the books Stoick the Vast is constantly trying to decide right from wrong with his son, because Hiccup is constantly challenging his viking traditions. Stoick is not the smartest man alive, but he does have good qualities. He can be very loving towards Hiccup which is not like the average viking.

In the Films

How to Train Your Dragon

In the film, Stoick is pictured as the perfect leader of the tribe of Vikings on the island of Berk: strong, big and stubborn. Unfortunately, Hiccup, his overzealous son, is almost the exact opposite and often causes grief for the villagers when his desire to slay a dragon like the others gets the better of him. And Stoick is pictured as being uncertain about what to do with him.

During a dragon raid on the village, Hiccup inadvertently causes the hoard of dragons that are attacking to escape with the Viking's livestock while attempting to shoot down the dreaded Night Fury. As he attracts the attention of a Monstrous Nightmare, Stoick has to beat it back himself to stop it from killing Hiccup. Disappointed in his son, Stoick wishes to find the Dragons' Nest so that the dragons tormenting his village will leave once and for all. Before leaving to search for the Nest, he confers with Gobber about what to do with Hiccup. Gobber believes that since Hiccup wants to slay a dragon so much, he should be put into training. After getting over some initial hesitation, Stoick agrees. He makes Hiccup promise him that he will one day kill a dragon and places him into the class before he leaves to finish off the dragons once and for all.

After a few weeks, Stoick and the other Vikings return home in their ravaged ships, having been unable to successfully locate the Nest. Despite this, however, he is overjoyed when he hears that Hiccup has blossomed into the most promising dragon slayer in his class and when he is later given the honor of slaying his first dragon in front of the entire village. Unbeknownst to Stoick, however, Hiccup's sudden emergence as a dragon slaying savant stems from the time he has spent with Toothless, the Night Fury he shot down and subsequently became close friends with, even learning to fly on Toothless' back with the help of an artificial tail created by the former. Unaware, but still eager to reconnect with his son, Stoick takes the opportunity to speak with Hiccup where he gives him his own Viking helmet crafted from his mother's breastplate.

The following day, the village is invited to watch Stoick's new-found pride and joy take his final dragon training exam against a Monstrous Nightmare. However, when Hiccup attempts to explain that dragons are not at fault for their seemingly malicious actions mid-fight and tame the beast, Stoick angrily slams his hammer against the metal cage surrounding the arena to silence him, frightening the dragon into attacking Hiccup. Toothless, hearing Hiccup scream from the cove in which he hides, swiftly comes to his human's aid and defeats the Monstrous Nightmare, incurring the wrath of the rest of the fearful village.

Stoick is enraged when he realizes that Hiccup has been spending his time with Toothless all this time, going back on their deal to have Hiccup kill a dragon. Hiccup attempts to reason with Stoick but accidentally reveals that Toothless knows the location of the Dragons' Nest and that he has been there himself. Stoick promptly denounces Hiccup as his son for siding with the dragons and orders the village to set sail, ignoring Hiccup's warning of the monstrous Red Death waiting in the Nest. With Toothless strapped down in the center ship to guide them to the Dragons' Nest, Stoick sails away.

Stoick and the Vikings reach the Nest through directions from Toothless and break into the mountain housing the dragons within. However, when Stoick attempts to attack the dragons inside, he is surprised to see that they are all fleeing from the scene. The Red Death then smashes its way out of the mountainside and immediately sets fire to their ships (with Toothless still bound to the center ship), stranding the Vikings. Stoick and Gobber decide to sacrifice themselves to buy enough time for the villagers to reach shelter on the other side of the island when Hiccup and the others arrive on dragon-back, much to Stoick's amazement.

When the Red Death's rampage causes the ship to which Toothless is chained to sink, Hiccup desperately attempts to free Toothless. After he almost drowns with his dragon, Stoick, realizing his mistake earlier, swims down into the water and rips the chains binding Toothless apart. Stoick apologizes for not listening to Hiccup and tells him how proud he is of his son. Toothless and Hiccup then quickly take to the skies to take down the Red Death.

After the battle, Stoick seeks out Hiccup but only finds Toothless lying on the ground with his saddle and tail fin burned and scorched. Stoick bows his head, believing that Hiccup died in the fight and that it is his fault. Toothless sees Stoick's grief and opens his wings, revealing an unconscious Hiccup. Stoick thanks Toothless for bringing back his son in one piece, rejecting his initial beliefs that dragons are simply violent beasts. After the battle at the Dragons' Nest, Stoick welcomes the dragons to live in the village as pets and companions, proud to call Hiccup his son.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Stoick, now 50, has also changed ever since the war with the dragons ended. He now has a Rumblehorn named Skullcrusher. It is revealed he wants Hiccup to become the next Chieftain of Berk, due his great deeds and coming of age. Hiccup, however, isn't happy about these new responsibilities and avoids his father as much as possible.

When Hiccup disappears, staying in Valka's Ice Cave, Stoick tracks him by using Skullcrusher. When finding Hiccup, he is overjoyed that Valka is still alive, claiming she is 'As beautiful as the day he lost her'. After rekindling their love for one another, Stoick asks if Valka will be his wife once more, coming with her to Berk. Valka agrees with this, but before they can, Drago attacks with his Army. Drago's Bewilderbeast defeats the Alpha, thereby ending the fight by becoming the new Alpha and taking control over all the dragons, including Toothless, who has now been hypnotized by the Alpha and will not respond to Hiccup's command. Drago gives the order for the Alpha to kill Hiccup, and it decides to send Toothless. Drago leaves Hiccup to his fate as he prepares his now larger army for the invasion of Berk. Even Stormfly, Hookfang, Meatlug, Barf and Belch, Cloudjumper, Grump and Skullcrusher succumb to the Alpha and joined Drago's army.

Stoick and Valka see Hiccup in trouble and rushes to rescue him. Toothless prepares to fire a fatal plasma blast at Hiccup while the latter tries to smack the former out of its trance but fails. As the energy lights up within Toothless's mouth, Stoick cries out and leaps in front of the possesed Night Fury. Toothless let loose the huge blast of plasma, thus blowing the defending Stoick to oblivion. Valka and the other dragon riders rush over to Hiccup and Stoick, and Valka solemnly announces that Stoick has been killed. Toothless is released from his control and realizes that he has committed a great sin. Toothless then attempts to help Stoick but is told to leave by an angry and blinded Hiccup. The Alpha gains control over Toothless again and Drago rides Toothless to lead the final invasion of Berk. Hiccup, Valka and the dragon riders hold a cremation ceremony for Stoick. Hiccup, now filled with vengeance and regret at the loss of his father and capture of his dragon respectively, decides that they will fly back to Berk and defeat Drago once and for all.

Once on Berk, Drago announces to the Berkians that Stoick is dead, much to their shock and sadness.

After the Battle of Berk, Hiccup looks over the horizon in remembrance of Stoick and decides to carry on his father's legacy. He is officially appointed chief by Gothi the Elder and Gobber proclaims that the chief has finally come home as the villagers cheer. At the ending, Skullcrusher bonds with Eret and a statue in Stoick's honor is built.


Stoick's personality is different between the books and the movies. While in the books he is an unintelligent raider in the movies and series he is shown as a wise and capable leader who's main priority is protecting his people (in the movies) and keeping the peace on Berk (the series). Though his stubbornness and head strong attitude makes him seem unintelligent at times, he is shown to be able to listen and take advice and even use it when needed as seen in How to Pick Your Dragon.

Stoick's personality has developed significantly during the first season. He is at first still uncomfortable with the dragons, and in In Dragons We Trust he actually banishes them from the island. He starts the series out determined to do things the Viking way. He also is still fairly callous towards Hiccup. All of this changes as the series progresses. Hiccup and Stoick grow closer and closer, and Stoick becomes more and more willing to trust the advice of his son. Stoick's idea of dragons changes dramatically after he trains one of his own. At first he was still willing to order a dragon to be killed just because it was on a rampage. Now that he has trained Thornado, all that has changed. He quickly rushes to Toothless's aid even when the whole village disagrees with him, he's extremely attached to his own dragon, he stands up for the dragons in a new found strength, he has grown to the point of trusting them as much as he trusts his people, and he was willing to risk war with Dagur the Deranged for the sake of the dragons on Berk. He also treats them more like people as enemies shown in the episode Frozen when he walked up to the Lead Speed Stinger and asked him "remember me?" as if he was talking to a human enemy, and referred to it as him when he ordered the Riders to get it off Berk. This amount of development has greatly enhanced Stoick's role as Hiccup's father, and the two continue to grow closer as the series progresses. This is seen when he talks to Hiccup as an equal in A Tale of Two Dragons, giving him the three options to get Astrid and Snotlout to work together. This and other instances show that in a way Stoick is slowly training Hiccup on how to be a leader of Vikings as well as dragons, possibly readying him to be chief. He also proves himself to quite crafty. Overall Stoick is a stubborn, headstrong man who changes to a more compassionate thoughtful person and he will always protect his people.

He can be called something of a hypocrite however. He wanted Hiccup to be a successful Viking and future chief but at the same time he was the one who sheltered him the most from the world and any sort of experience that would have been helpful, not allowing him to even join the fire brigade when they were still fighting dragons. He also claimed that it was his personality that he disliked (although to a certain degree that was true) and not his lack of muscle and fighting skills, but later, when Hiccup was doing exceedingly well in Dragon Training, he was overjoyed that his son wasn't, in his words, the worst Viking Berk had ever seen, and that the years while he was were very rough and that they finally had something to talk about when Hiccup seemingly had incredible dragon fighting skill.

It was shown throughout the film and series that Stoick very likely has low emotional intelligence, as he could be blunt to the point it's hurtful to the one he's speaking to without intending to be, like Hiccup. As it's already mentioned he could be very unperceptive of other people's emotions with the victim mostly being his son as he didn't notice his discomfort and sadness when he talked to him in the forge before the dragon training finals, when he made Bucket draw him much more muscular than he really is and when Mulch said that the muscular image of Hiccup is how a real chief's son should look like and Stoick enthusiastically agreed while Hiccup was still there and listening.


Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

In the film, Stoick's biggest problem with his son Hiccup is that he doesn't listen or follow orders. Whenever he talks to Gobber about his parenting troubles, the subject is not about Hiccup's size or lack of strength, but about Hiccup's alarming tendency to ignore orders. However, that is probably untrue, or at least not completely, considering his joy when Hiccup did very well in dragon training and exclamation of how the times his son was considered the worst viking Berk had ever seen were very rough. This happens again in the series when he tells Bucket to draw Hiccup considerably more muscular than he truly is. Since Hiccup is convinced that Stoick is disappointed because of his diminutive size, he goes out of his way to prove himself to his father, and, by extension, to the village, as a Viking. The two are implied to rarely speak to each other themselves when he reveals to Hiccup that they "finally have something to talk about" with Hiccup's new-found "talent" for dragon-fighting. When the two do speak, it's typically one-sided with Stoick doing the talking and Hiccup trying to get a word in edgewise. By the end of the movie, Stoick realizes and apologizes for his neglect of Hiccup's words and is finally proud of his son. In the series, their relationship is much better, now that Stoick finally accepts him and listens to whatever he wants to talk to him about, rather than ignoring him. But in the second film, he pressured Hiccup to become chief and apparently he realized his mistake after Hiccup ran away. In the end, Stoick's love for his son was strong enough that he sacrificed his own life to save Hiccup from a mind controlled Toothless' plasma blast.

During Stoick's funeral, Valka reveals to a distraught Hiccup that when Hiccup was born, he was born early and weak which made Valka believe he would not survive. But Stoick kept faith and believed that Hiccup would grow and become the greatest Viking Berk had ever seen, showing that Stoick always loved and had faith in his son.


  • Valka: In the film, when Stoick hears of Hiccup's successful performances in Dragon Training, he gives him a Viking helmet forged from half of Valka's breastplate; Stoick's helmet is made from the other half, saying it keeps his wife's memory close, indicating he dearly loved her. After finding her again, it is shown that he had lost Valka in a dragon abduction 20 years prior to the events of the second movie, and had thought she was as beautiful as she is now. They then spend a lot of time together, including dancing. When Stoick sacrificed himself to save Hiccup, Valka was very saddened by his death, yet remained forgiving to Toothless for killing him due to being under Drago's control.
  • Valhallarama: Valhallarama is Stoick's wife and Hiccup's mother in the books.

Gobber the Belch

Gobber is a good friend of Stoick's and acts as a bridge between Stoick and his son Hiccup, both nearly polar opposites of the other. Gobber convinces Stoick to allow Hiccup into the dragon training program, reasoning he can't protect him forever - he can only prepare him. When Stoick decides to sacrifice himself to the Red Death to buy the villagers time to escape, Gobber elects to stay with him to the end, further hinting at their strong friendship.

In the second film, Gobber is still Stoick's right hand man and best friend. They worked together when tracking down Hiccup and fight alongside one another against Drago Bludvist and his minions. Gobber was greatly saddened when Stoick died to save Hiccup, and delivers a eulogy during the chieftain's funeral in honor of his best friend.


Thornado is Stoick's dragon in the series. Stoick begins searching for a dragon for himself, but rejects the known species on the island. That's when he meets a blue Thunderdrum that had been attacking the fishing boats. Stoick is impressed by the dragon's strength and picks him. However, the Thunderdrum is very stubborn and continues to try to escape. Hiccup tries to tell his father that training a dragon is about trust, but Stoick appears not to listen. Thornado manages to escape and Stoick and Hiccup find him near a cave. Stoick intends to fight the dragon, until he sees that he was just helping his injured friend. After helping protect the injured Thunderdrum from a pack of wild boars, Stoick and Thornado bond and become friends. Although they are not always seen together, Stoick cares about Thornado. He is very worried about his dragon when he gets sick like the others. When Thornado recovers, Stoick is very happy. The two have similar personalities, as both are stubborn and strong, but have a soft side when protecting their loved ones. Sadly, Stoick had to set Thornado free so that he could protect and take care of the three baby Thunderdrums in Bing! Bam! Boom!.


Skullcrusher is Stoick's new Dragon in the second film, and is very loyal and helpful towards Stoick, as he helped him find his son. However, he isn't as close to Stoick, as he was to Thornado.

Role in the Series

Stoick was known to be a minor member of The High Council and a great ally to the Shell Lodge Squad which helped battle the forces of the Villain League multiple times. Unfortunately, his death in the second movie has left Scroopfan very shocked, especially when MSM accidentally spoiled the ending for him.