Storm Rider

The Storm Rider Heartless is a heartless summoned by Fagin in Spongebob and Friends meet Mulan again. It originates from KH 2.


The Storm Rider is a large, blue dragon with a long, curled tail and twisted, yellow spikes lining its back. Its wings are actually long, five-fingered hands with ornate webbing between the fingers. Each finger sports a short, white claw and the webbing is decorated by a swirling pattern. The Heartless's underside is lined by two rows of three gold cymbals. Its lower jaw is large, jagged, and yellow, its upper jaw is blue, and its eyes are glowing yellow with blue-green "eyebrows". White hair is visible around the Heartless's eyes and mouth, and forms "tusks" on the sides of its mouth. The Storm Rider also has two bent, red horns on its head, its only vulnerable points. Its Heartless emblem is on its chin.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the Storm Rider becomes predominantly brown and orange, its hair and fingers become black, its lower jaw becomes white, and the webbing between it fingers is now red and orange, as opposed to the original white and yellow.

The Storm Rider's name refers to the electricity it generates, similar to lightning storms. "Rider" may reference the fact that Sora can hold on to its back spikes and "ride" it, or the fact that it "rides" the wind.

Role in the Series

The Storm Rider is set to be a surprase villain after Fagin curses Mulan and Mushu, and sentences all to death by this beast, alcourse, thankfully, Sora, Donald, and Goofy were not far behind. don't judge the preview too poorly, the Storm rider and Sora's gang will still make an appearence, it's just not gonna be in the later finale as formerly planned, because there was no battle in the later climax, so Scroopfan thought it makes more logical sense to add the Storm Rider at the Bandit attack, since THAT'S actselly a battle.

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