Monson the defecting member of the Storm Clan's family who was pacified by Fluttershy during the 2017 Movie, is now living with her, and acting as a guardian to show flirters that she needs her space, even though he himself is one of the flirters, to where he finds anything she does cute and attractive, even though he tries to control it and respect her boundaries. However, a new threat comes to take advantage of this: A female cousin of Storm King named The Love Queen, who intends to wreck their hero enemies by damaging the life of Fluttershy through charm magic, cursing the cottage itself with a charm curse that makes Monson uncontrollable of his crush, and even harder to defend the place from far more flirters, forcing him to go too far by saying he's defending her because 'she was his', thus making him look bad to Fluttershy. Thus, as this starts to drift the two apart, Monson must set things right and put this completely behind him by asking for the help of the Lodgers and Fluttershy's friends, and hopefully stop the Love Queen, but with help from another relative, she ends up getting new pawns to aid in her scheme: The Dazzlings.


Monson Defends Fluttershy

Fluttershy's Cottage

  • Pony #1: (Many ponies were seen at her doorstep as Fluttershy was hiding herself, many of which were wearing the same Fluttershy fan shirts as the ones in Fame and Misfortune)... I admit... I never thought I'd do this since I read her story in her Friendship Book!... She's... JUST SO PRETTY!
  • Pony #3: I like it when she makes her ADORABLE faces!
  • Pony #4: I love her laughter!
  • Pony #5: I love her singing voice!
  • Pony #6: HOOF FETISHES!! (The others looked at him weird)... What? I'm sure others here think the same thing! (Suddenly, a familiar intimidating figure came in front of Fluttershy's door)... (It was revealed to be Monson as he had the same appearance as a pink-themed Storm Guards in the movie on Celaeno's ship) DYAAAHH!! (The ponies screamed)
  • Monson: EVERYPONY, I COMMAND YOU TO SHOO! FLUTTERSHY NEEDS HER PRIVACY! (The ponies ran off or backed off hesitantly)...
  • Fluttershy: (She came out)... Are they gone?
  • Monson: Yep!
  • Fluttershy: Thank Celestia!... They, just won't leave me alone!... Am I REALLY that pretty?
  • Monson: Ye-
  • Fluttershy: I was asking Jerry!
  • Jerry: Eh, I'd take the Lodgers' word for it, I just find you adorable!... I mean... As adorable as an average animal. Cuteness and beauty are not that far off, you know. Heck, remember Discord turned you into an animal for s***s and giggles when trying to prove that you really ARE as adorable as they were saying?
  • Fluttershy: (Sighs) Yes! It wasn't ALL that bad!... I mean, it was as nice as the time when he made all the animals talk in the comics. I'm already so close to animals, so what better way to get closer to them than being an animal myself? He... Likes to have fun with me in his own special way.
  • Death Coffin: "Though sometimes he tries just abit too hard."
  • Fluttershy: Though, it's still nice in one way or another.
  • Jerry: But still, I CAN agree with them in some way. I'm sure a LOTTA people can't help but like you. I mean, you ARE one of the most popular characters of the show. They find you cute... But they CAN end up thinking you're pretty, and just shamefully think of you as something to... You know.
  • Fluttershy: (Sighs)... Well, at least I have Monson around to defend me... Even IF he's one of the flirts.
  • Death Coffin: "Well, yes, I'll give the defected Storm Beast this. He's at least a helpful admirer."
  • Andre: "No doubt about."
  • Le Rat's voice: "Oui oui!"
  • Andre: "Hey no one asked you!?"
  • Fluttershy:... I just wish they'd understand... I'm not ready to fall in love. I can't exactly blame myself... I've been hidden in this cottage for a long time since before I met Twilight, and... I never got ready to have a romantic partner... If I felt I was ready... I WOULD'VE stepped out years ago.... Now... Monson... What exactly DO you find attractive in me?
  • Monson:... Well, to be honest, everything THEY do! I can agree, everything you do can be... Quite arousing.
  • Everyone: WHAT?!?
  • Monson: HEY, I HAVEN'T BEEN IN LOVE BEFORE! I'VE SPENT MOST OF MY LIFE IN THE STORM KING'S LOYALTIES... Until SHE was the only one to step in and see... That I had a legitimate problem. She... She inspired me... And I took my gratitude to unexpected levels. I LOVED her for helping me out of my crisis... And I wanna spend my entire life with her... Because she's the only one who understood... Not to mention, see past the roughness Storm King told me to have.
  • Fluttershy:... (Sighs) Unfortunate. Everypony said the same thing. They say everything and anything I do is adorable. Whether it be laughing, crying, singing, gurgling, even being sick... (Shivers)... It... For some reason, arouses them! I just don't get it! Look me in the face, and tell me I REALLY AM ATTRACTIVE! (Monson looked at her adorable face as she squeed)...
  • Monson:... Excuse me for just a second! (He left)
  • Jerry: He's not seriously gonna j- (He was heard making disturbing noises)... AW, COME ON!!!
  • Death Coffin: (Sighs) If he ever learns to control his boner, no pun intended, let's hope he controls his modesty.
  • Fluttershy:... (Sighs)... I just... Need some time alone. (She left)...
  • Death Coffin:... I feel we need to give him an intervention. (The end of Monson's unmentionable episode was heard)
  • (Monson): OH, GOD, YES, I LOVE HER!!!
  • Death Coffin:... IMMEDIATELY!
  • Le Rat's voice: "I Le Concur!"
  • Andre: "Once again, NOBODY ASKED YOU?!"
  • Le Rat's voice: "Oh Le come on, I'm basicly living in your stomich in a le sciencetificly unsoundable long periods of time, I may as well voice my opinions with Miss Fluttershy's polotics."
  • Andre: "Well, that demends. Do you STILL want revenge on Canada and a certain state of it over it's rat related polocies?"
  • Le Rat's voice: "..... Ooooouuuuiiiii?"
  • Death Coffin: Let's just get the intervention ready!


  • Monson: Aaaaaand, IT'S MONSON, BACK IN THE HOUSE-... (Everyone including the animals were in seats circling the room)... What's this?
  • Discord: You know what this is about. This is an intervention to talk about your crush on Fluttershy.
  • Monson:... (Sighs) I knew this was coming by my 27th m**********n. (Some of the animals chuckled at that) No pun intended. Guys, I get what you're concerned about. I don't want to take this too far. I mean, I know Fluttershy needs her space. I came to live with her not because I love her, but because I want to be a good friend and make sure she HAS her space.
  • Death Coffin: Well the issue here is that you have a bad habit of not controlling your own feelings adequately.
  • Skybreeze: Now I'm not gonna lie, Fluttershy, is adorable. And I can see how you think everything she does is adorable even if it's not supposed to be. But you need to be able to keep that way of thinking from getting in the way of your friendship.
  • Monson:... I don't exactly see how such a private matter can be damaging. (Animals chittered at him) Oh, come on, that drowning incident had a LOT of context. I have DAMN good CPR skills. It's not a big deal as long as you can revive her. (Animals chittered again) Hey, we were just having fun. I'd be lying if I said I had no feelings of arousal that time, but I know when to take it easy. (Animals chitter) That ocean fever incident was taken care of as quickly as it should. I called Meadowbrook and waited, watching Fluttershy like a friend would and making sure she was alright.
  • Jerry: That's what we're talking about here. Context is not always going to change the fact that whatever was going on with her, you just wanted to let something out.
  • Andre: It's inappropriate and unnecessary.
  • Death Coffin: You need to understand that being a friend is doing so the modest and honest way.
  • Monson: You guys think I like being that way? I'm new to the whole friendship thing after all those years of being a lonely henchman to Storm King. I never was once allowed to fall in love because Storm King said it was 2-times worse than friendship. Personally, I think he was only like that because he could never get a girl to date hime because of his family.
  • Le Rat's voice: "HO-HO-HO!? So he was a le hopeless roman-tic?"
  • Monson:..... Ignoring that. Now that I'm free of him, I can experience both forms of love. The problem is that... I live in a land where females are the dominant gender. You have any idea what I was up to since Storm King's first defeat? I didn't just go back where I came from. I was stranded in Equestria, far from home and surrounded mostly by girls. I wanted to make a new life, but since Storm King's attack, everypony didn't want anything to do with me. Ponies take one look at me and go "AHHHH, HELP, RUN, A BIG MEAN UGLY STORM CREATURE!!".... Well, not nessersarly in those lines contextually, but, you get the idea. (Sighs) They judged me before they even knew me.
  • Death Coffin: "Preach on. I know too well of that is like."
  • Monson: I had to be alone and try to think like them. During all the villain attacks after Storm King, I did my own fighting just to see how ponies lived. Then not too long before Storm King's second defeat, when I was still lost even after knowing so much since Twilight's school was opened... I thought of the one pony who knew me more than the others. So when she was captured, I had to go and rescue her. But I have tried to find where she lived but couldn't because of, you know, and every time I saw her, I saw a kind and gentle and very socially-compatible girl who I couldn't help but admire and later fall in love with. I wanted to show my feelings once I found her just to get it out. After Storm King fell again, I had to do a lot of changing. Then I finally got to live with her, and... Here we are. So yeah, I love Fluttershy, but not for her looks or body or even how contagious her cuteness is.
  • Le Rat's voice: "Le good, because then it le means that your not a le poonhound- (Andre smacked his stomich and caused a shake that disorianted Le Rat) SACLE BLU?! EARTH-LE-QUAKE?!"
  • Monson:.... Ignoring that again. That's just something that anyone should let out because it's all too natural for us as males, even if we aren't the same species... But because she needs help to grow and be strong and that timidity and social awkwardness is the only thing standing in her way. I want to give her the space to grow on her own. If... If you all are offering to help me help her help herself and not embarrass her... Then go ahead.
  • Stefano: "Well tecnecally this was meant to be an intervention for your issues, so-"
  • Discord: "Make it work, guys! Alchourse we'll help."
  • Monson: Thanks for understanding. The last thing I want is to come too strong. (Morgen snickered) Oh, come on, is that homonym hard to ignore when- (Morgen snickered harder)... I'm not saying a word.

Fluttershy's Curse/Fluttershy Isolates Herself

Fluttershy's Cottage

  • Monson: (He arrived to find the place in the same fashion as in Putting Your Hoof Down)... FLUTTERSHY!... I FOUND THE PROBLEM! THIS PLACE IS CURSED WITH A CHARM!... A COUSIN OF STORM KING IS MAKING US HAUNTED BY OUR WANTS AND LOOKS! Come out! We need to solve this together!
  • ???: No! I'm sorry, Monson, but... I've had problems of my own!... I already knew about this after you left!... I... Nopony is taking me seriously!... The curse is making me... Making me more beautiful! I'm beautiful, and I don't like it! While not meaning to imply I would enjoy being ugly because that would be bad in the oppisite direction, I just wish to be considered, average and un-noticeable at best! So... It's best if I kept my pretty face locked away!
  • Monson: Oh, come on, I mean, it's not like I can control my bo- (She came out and she was seen extremely attractive)... (A splooge was heard)... Oh, God! I see what you mean! Well... We can still work this ou- (She shut the door)... AW, COME ON!! YOU CAN COVER YOURSELF!!!
  • (Fluttershy): But you know how that played out for Rarity! Nopony will know it's me if I just hide myself! And it's not like I can CHANGE my appearance! Not helping that those fanfictions about me being a closet changeling have most likely been LONG slain by canon because Thorax's debute episode may've suggested that there isn't any other hives canonly, and that I'm pretty sure the show also proved that I do indeed HAVE a pony family! My appearance is the problem! This charm curse is making me too dangerous to be around without anypony wanting me! I thought... I thought being around other girls would help... But they suddenly became lesbians and did the same! And that's sad because Twilight already has Flash, Rarity is wanting Trenderhoof, Pinkie.... Well giving her party-going nature she can actselly go either way, Applejack is a traditional straight only mare, and I'm usually pretty sure Hasbro wouldn't allow Rainbow to actselly be gay! Now it's like I suddenly entered a typical brony's fanfic where suddenly me or one of my friends turn gay for eachother.
  • Monson:... Geez! That's gonna be a problem.
  • (Fluttershy): Even if I try to get in gunk and mud, it just makes them want me more! Like you said, ANYTHING I DO IS NOT GONNA SHOO THEM AWAY!!! I'M JUST TOO POPULAR!!! (Crying)... I JUST WANT IT TO GO AWAY!!!
  • Monson:... (Sighs) For once, I don't like it when she cries! And it's DEFINITELY for the best!... Alright... I guess it's up to me! I'll find this cousin for you, Fluts, and force her to take this curse off of this cottage!
  • (Fluttershy):... You'd do that?
  • Monson: Of course! As much as I love and want you... I want to be friends! So, I can't let this Love Queen get away with what she's doing to us!
  • ???: "Yo, is that a private fight or can anyone join in?"
  • The Lougers came in.
  • Icky: "Cause Starlight called and said that something happened to Fluttershy that suddenly made her a walking Senpai Zone alou to when Squidward became Handsome."
  • Monson: "Like you wouldn't believe. Even Twilight and the others were turned into Lesbians around her."
  • Patrick: "Oh I'm sure it's not THAT bad."
  • Monson:... Is the puddle of c** behind me not a clear indicator of what she's been reduced to?
  • Patrick:... Noted!
  • Sandy: Poor thing! Well, we're here to help ya', big guy! If you're gonna deal with this bitch, we're going in with you!
  • Monson: Good! I can't do this alone! I was already gonna call you guys for help. So... Let's do this for poor Fluttershy!

Confronting The Love Queen


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Courtney Gears Battle Theme

Courtney Gears Battle Theme

Monson Fights Love Queen On Her Zeppelin

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MLP Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - "Welcome to the Show" Music Video

The Dazzlings Are Back

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