Stys W.E. Bluetooth, AKA the Grimace Reaper, is an Alternate UUniversal Synx from Planet Remena. She is a diminutive elderly feline whose species is said in AUU heraldry to be wiser than any elder because of their reach on the highest of mountains and unbelievably keen sight, which is complimented by her notable tech-goggles that have multiple advantageous settings including a holographic UI with night, infrared, and UV vision, and a spectral analyzer that identifies people she sees, which she obtained since she lost her vision to a reptilian Empirid, and even her Celestial Eyes, the same power shared by Rewbeny Ravwen. She is one of the biggest teachers of Almana Radiance Academy and a genius of various calibers mastering the anti-machine martial art of Aroe Tao which was especially vital for the highly-advanced technology of the continent of Vigorasia, and a close friend of Erik Torchwood who was from the same Esper team of SNOE (Team Snow). Despite being 72, she is still as combat-capable as in her youth, is incredibly agile, and carries a fluorescent chrome walking cane that is also two electric batons similar to Nightwing's Eskrima sticks, an electric pugil staff, plasma blades, plasma scythes, and plasma bayonetted plasma blasters. Originally though, she was happily retired, but upon Almana coming into a regime trying to bring back an old status quo while risking an undermining of what Remena agreed with the Union of Independent Systems, along with a Grimsister that didn't get the memo that the conflict is over, to Stys, that was time to get out of retirement and fix this with unlikely help. She is the AUU version of RWBY Maria Calavera.


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