Su Su Ka-Boom

Suming Sulang Ka Boom

Sumong Sulang, Su Su for short, and dubbed Su Su Ka Boom for blowing up a heavily-guarded sacred snake temple in India, is a mongoose from the world of Kung Fu Panda China. As a mongoose, whose species are the only ones capable of taking on snakes for their speed and natural immunity to their venom, he is the racist leader against snake kind, and an infamous arch-nemesis of Fu-Xi, leader of the Anti-Snake Mongoose Clan, and was born from his kind's natural hatred for snakes. He possessed powerful Kung Fu on the same level as Fu-Xi, and even learned a deadly Kung Fu technique outlawed by Oogway called the Song Xu Heart Poke of Death, which allows him to overload the victim's circulatory system until they collapse and burst, killing the victim. Being raised in a treacherous and dark ancestry, mongooses are considered universally greedy, xenophobic, and unpure, and Su Su is the worse of that example. He is continuing a xenophobic tradition stemmed from the very first founder of any mongoose clan, Lord Xing Chi Su Su, the father of all mongooses, who took advantage of the chaos of the actual First Cartoonian War to spread xenophobia on snakes while the High Council wasn't looking. Mongooses caused the name of snakes to be soiled in certain religions, and most of Hollywood movies in general. Because of this, for a while back then, mongooses were considered heroes, yet they weren't cheap or generous when doing so. They always demanded monetary services in return for their services, even if those villages they helped were poor and thus they claimed them as payment, showing their selfishness. His actions were what caused the Chinese Dragon Gods to not only introduce Fu-Xi, but all snakes in general, and made them to be brave enough to stand up to these mongooses. They sought revenge ever since, and resulted in Su Su, his brothers Lu Ban and Meng Lu, attempting to bastardize the good name of snakes. They spread lies about snakes that the Cult worked hard to prevent, which lead to the massacre of Fu Xi's family, and then eventually, a gruesome attack on the Cult. Fu-Xi made friends with people like Mo Tong, Su Ming, and a few others when they were able to escape their tragic pasts thanks to a broken-hearted, but still brave, Fu Xi, yet it came at a price. Su Su had given Fu-Xi a head concussion that forever damaged what sense of judgement, and mental sanity, he had left, turning him into the vengeful jerk he is today. Enjoying a cold-hearted victory of ruining his archenemy, Su Su and his xenophobic mind-slaves left Fu-Xi for dead, allowing the surviving Cult members to rescue him in secret. Su Su has worked hard to ensure that with Meng Lu controlling Fu-Xi's former village, and with the rest of the clan by his side, snake discrimination look destined to stay. However, his Clan is destroyed when he makes the mistake of leaving a family relic to be destroyed by a renouncing relative, he crippled Meng by stabbing him in the back with a throwing knife when he threatened to leave the Clan as it was slowly dying, and when Fu-Xi gained help of freeing his home with the Shell Lodge Squad, he will swear vengeance further.


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  • "Soon, China will espearience a great cleansing that will destroy snakes forever! I won't rest until my ansisters vow to eradicate snakes has been met!"
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