Sucky the suckish

is Icky's second cousin who is terrible at everything, including jokes. He was a family outcast who dreamed of being a comedian. Unfortunately, he wasn't smart enough to think of a good joke. He kept many joke books, but they all failed on giving him some potential. Unable to comply with his comedian life, Sucky left his family to hopefully find his purpose in life. He was, however, surprised by some raptors that tried to eat him until he was saved by the Soothsayer, who used magic to scare the raptors off, and took the poor fool in as her pet and lives with Yucky in her home. The Soothsayer plans to reunite Sucky and Yucky with Icky when the time is most appropriate.


  • "Wanna know what noise a dog/cat mutant makes? 'Mearf'! Wanna know what noise a cow/horse mutant makes? 'Mooeigh'! Wanna know what sound a frog/snake mutant makes? 'Ribissssss'! How about all of them? (Scoffs) 'Mooearibbisseigh'! (Laughs hysterically, but there is no laughter) Darn it!'
  • "Your v****a's in the sink! (Gets beaten up) Drat, I knew that Family Guy joke wasn't gonna work!"
  • "Why'd Tigger look in the toilet?...So he can look for 'Pooh'! HAH! (Tigger: Oh, you think that's funny, tough guy? Well, I'll show ya a thing or three!) Wait, I didn't know you were here, NO--(Gets punched by Tigger, then Tigger bounces on him multiple times) OOF! OOF! OOF! OOF! (Tigger: Next time, I'll use the Whoopdy-Duper Loopy-Looper Ally-Ooper Bounce on you!) Me and my big mouth."
  • "Oh, crud in a toilet! P-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! BEST ONE I CAME UP WITH, RIGHT?!? (No laughter) Oh, for crying out loud, THAT wasn't funny?!?
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