Sue Wai

Sue Loa Wai

Sue L. Wai is an Alternate UUniversal Dateer from Iratune, and was a former scholar who had ambitions to ensure a way to cure the darkness in souls forever. However, she was captured by Dr. Glowrod, her treacherous former assistant, and was mind-warped into becoming a Councilmember of the Villains Act until she survived the destruction of the Villains Act HQ in Peerbon, where she hitched a ride with her boss, Nuke Munbay, and his colleagues on a dropship to Goalax, and she eventally found herself in The Dark Radicals resuming Council obligations. Occasionally, she finds herself with odd feelings that she was on the verge of discovering the way to create magic that'll make more heroes, but is routinely kept in corruptive ignorance by Bot Timber. Because of this, she sometimes tries to contribute into giving ideas on how to rid themselves of the Heroes Act to Nuke, who he always claimed credit for the idea, to the annoyance of Sue and the others. This is especially sad because she was a beloved teacher in the Alternate UUniverses and contributed to may advances in healing, and it brings a great sadness to her family and admirers as well as her colleagues that Glowrod robbed them of a good friend, teacher, healer, and practically a near-miracle worker.


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