After what Starlight witnessed in her friendship mission with Celestia and Luna and accidentally switching their cutie marks, they discover that Daybreaker is in fact real and has had a conscience of it's own, just like with Nightmare Moon. Turns out, Daybreaker and her previously-seen form, Solar Flare, are connected by a small amount. In order for the two evil versions to avoid getting power fluxes when fighting, the two sisters have to take a form of limited power that reduce the power to maintain control. Daybreaker was the held-back form of Solar Flare. When learning of this, and fearing of what Nightmare Moon would be like in her own Solar-Flare-like form, Starlight goes to the universe Twilight previously studied before where Nightmare Moon ruled and Celestia was banished to the moon. Turns out, there was more detail in their final battle upon Nightmare Moon's return. Nightmare Moon does indeed have an unrestrained form, referred to as Earthlight Moon, as they both first started out fighting in their limited forms until breaking their limits turned it into Solar Flare vs. Earthlight Moon, and it almost destroyed both until Celestia committed a horrible act that, upon seeing the distrust in her pony subjects caused by how many she accidentally killed, caused her to accept exile to the moon, living in grief and ruin, yet was able to keep herself alive from morality illness as Nightmare Moon, despite her evil ways, still cared for her as a sister and gave her all the support she needed to cure what would've caused morality illness. The Alternate Universe Celestia, after confessing how guilty and wrong she was, and it may even take thousands of years for her to restore her former glory even with help, and she does all she can to keep the effects of eternal night from causing starvation and death of wildlife, mainly by making the moon illuminated enough to sustain it, begs Starlight to not let this happen to the Celestia in her universe. Unfortuantely, this came at a bad time as Junjie and cronies once again deside to cause trouble and bring Nightmare Moon and Day Breaker out and then to bring froth the bigger deals Solar Flare and Earthlight Moon. Can this be resovled before it's too late?




Starlight In Nightmare Moon's Ruled UUniverses

Equestrian Moon, Alternate Original UUniverses

  • Starlight: (She went there through a portal)... (She saw the moon as a world of wildlife unlike what was seen from Equestria)... Isn't, the moon suppose to be, a lifeless barren wasteland?
  • ???: That's only true to moons of outsider worlds.... But Equestia's moon is cleverly deceptive. From Equestia it seems to be.... But once your actually here....(A gloomy Celestia appeared)... It's very much alive.
  • Starlight:... Princess Celestia!
  • Celestia:... Please! Only refer to me as just Celestia...
  • Starlight:... Kinda hard to do that when I'm from a universe where you're still ruling.
  • Celestia:... So you're the pupil of your universe's Twilight Sparkle?
  • Starlight: Yes. Though, by SAF logic, I was a former student of yours-
  • Celestia: "To your universe's Celestia. This Universe's Starlight is.... Still far away from me. I know not whether or not Luna or, the persona she forever dons, has ever came to address her disappearence."
  • Starlight: For the sake of not making this more depressing then already, let's not worry about it that much. I gotta ask you something. I had a friendship mission long ago concerning you and your sister, and I accidentally switched your cutie marks, hoping it'd settle your differences, but... I feared that you'd turn into-
  • Celestia: Daybreaker? And... Her worst form... Solar Flare?
  • Starlight:... Yes.
  • Celestia:... (Sighs) Well, I know about that far too well, and every day, even if it's a reality that never came to be, I wish I never had gone down that dark path. All it does... (She shed a tear)... Is remind me of what got me here.
  • Starlight:... Yes, Twilight said you two fought in your two forms, and-
  • Celestia: There is FAR more than that. Our battle following her return in 2010 was too unspeakable. But for the sake of your mission... I'll... I'll try and explain. (Creates a portal to view the past of this universe) You see, since this universe's Twilight didn't come into being in my School for Gifted Unicorns, I didn't have a plan to stop Nightmare Moon. I had to turn to the offers brought on by-
  • Starlight: Eagle-Beak? Yeah, I dealt with one of his creations abit prior to this.
  • Celestia:... Majusty, I presume?
  • Starlight:... Wow, you know a lot.
  • Celestia: Given I had no choice but to rely on Eagle-Beak to stop Nightmare Moon, it's too obvious. But everything he ever tried upon Nightmare Moon's return, have failed. From the Scarlet Dragon, to Majusty, to making Equestia a war nation, all it did, was only an unintended benefit to Luna. She took quick advantage of this and rought destruction on any resistence in Equestia. Even Eagle-Beak himself was destroyed as a result. With all of his resources destroyed by Nightmare Moon's forces, I had to rely on myself to stop her. As our bitterness and hostile relationships raised, I turned into Daybreaker, and we fought for the fate of the Sun and Moon. But as our hostility grew even further... We went too far. (They turned into Solar Flare and a far darker version of Nightmare Moon)... Nightmare Moon's unrestrained form... Is called Earthlight Moon. Our battle shook the Sun, Earth, and Moon. Many innocent ponies were killed in the crossfire. We were so hell-bent on destroying each other, we didn't regard what would happen, and not just for the disharmony caused by the loss of the other. (The two fought violently as their actions scorched the earth)... I never realized until too late... That my actions... Destroyed me as much as I destroyed Luna. (She watched the distrusting, teary, and anger-filled eyes of the ponies around her)... (Solar Flare was hurt by their stares, that she reverted back into Celestia)... After all I felt utterly guilty of... I accepted defeat, and accepted banishment to the moon. (She was banished there as she cried in guilt and mourn)
  • Starlight:... That... That's horrible. Wait... Wasn't Nightmare Moon born from Pitch Black?
  • Celestia: That crime with Nightmare Moon was so great following that incident, Pitch Black himself was heavily punished by the Guardians of Childhood. It was, also reveiled that poor Eagle-Beak was but a product of a cold and misguided minor winter spirit trying to use Eagle-Beak and Luna as a means to seek redemption from his own mistakes.... You can safely guess that he didn't reshived a kind fate neither. (Pitch was turned into shadow just like King Sombra, and cast out throughout the rest of space, while Cold Heart turned into a dead tree in fastion of a Baskin Ross villain)... Nothing of what he used to be was left. As years passed, he was one with the darkness left in the UUniverses, and anything dark brought on by what he used to be are still around.
  • Starlight:... Are there Shell Lodgers in these UUniverses?
  • Celestia: Yes. But even Lord Shen, with his reformed status, shut me off after my crimes. Even if the others wanted to aid, Merlin said that the mistrust of the people of Equestria was so great, it would basically take a thousand years, even with help, to heal my reign. Until then, to ensure my former subjects survive, I had to illuminate the moon so that the light can support life. But from then on, the best the lougers of this universe can do, is keep my sister from joining with the Leagers, and take away the strongest of Eagle Beak's mistakes away from her control. They did so with this universe's Qui awhile back, and just recently Majusty. Though what was once Magic Universeity's hopeful students.... Are a work in progress.... The only good thing about Luna's reign is that she proved formittable to many familier threats you likely known from your universe, though, if not in the way of friendship.
  • Starlight:... Don't gods like you have morality illness?
  • Celestia: Yes. But because Nightmare Moon's good half of Luna being awakened by a slight amount by my sacrifice, she took over half of Nightmare Moon's personality, being in her head and threatening to do something horrible if she didn't repay the debt of her sacrifice. In a way, we help each other out. I help her subjects survive by giving them the ability to plant crops and have life continue to be nourished by the moonlight, and in return, Nightmare Moon, under Luna's persistence, gives regards to me through subjects that sympathize, so I can have purpose, the only thing that can cure morality illness. So in a way, we are peaceful... However... I still cannot heal the scars of my past. Lord Shen has stopped supporting me, I made utter sacrifices in the name of peace, and... And... (Sighs)... Luna... What have I done? (She sung this)
Lullaby for a Princess Animation

Lullaby for a Princess Animation

  • Starlight: (She was crying hysterically after seeing the grief within her)... I... I'm so sorry!
  • Celestia: (She softly sobbed as well)... But do not worry. This is peace enough as it is in these UUniverses. As well as the knowledge that this isn't the main timeline, rather a dark alternative path if things had went differently. I'm glad the Twilight of your timeline came to us all like she did, and prevented this from ever becoming the main timeline. But still, to many of this alternate lifetime, it is more then unpleasently real enough. But my prophetic powers tell me that one day, I WILL come back into the light again, but nobody I come to care for, including Shen, will likely be around. I'll outlive them all. The least I can do until then... Is make my life count.
  • Starlight: *Sniff* (She wipes her tears)... Then... Then I hope you can do well in that regard.
  • Celestia: Though it may be too late for me at the moment, it is not too late for you. Knowing how pure I am I your UUniverses, you and the heroes there have a chance to make me prosper there. Please, I am begging you, do not let my alternate UUniversal self, suffer the same fate as I did.
  • Starlight: "I will.... And I won't be alone on that."
  • Starlight teleports away from the dark reality and back to her own in Twilight's castle as he plops into the Cutie Map and broke into tears!
  • Pinkie: "..... (Gulp). Can I assume that it was REALLY bad/sad in that reality?"
  • Icky: "Well as Abridged Perfect Cell once said. Multiverse Thorey is a BITCH!"
  • Twilight: ".... It's even more terrorable then we all thought, was it Starlight?"
  • Starlight: (Sobbing)... Yes! There IS a darker version of Nightmare Moon! Just like Solar Flare, Earthlight Moon is Nightmare Moon when she is not held back.
  • Rainbow Dash: Earthlight Moon? Badass name, really.
  • Starlight:... So, yeah, Celestia in that UUniverses... Won't be of high hopes for a long, LONG, time!...

An explanation later...

  • Twilight: (All the heroes, except a few who were able to cry on the inside though only barely give or take a few, were crying hysterically after hearing the Alternate Universe Celestia's story, and they were literally starting to flood the room with their tears) POOR CELESTIA! (Cries)
  • Starlight: (Sighs) Guys, let's just calm down! The Celestia of that universe assured me that she's as happy as she can be there. At least that universe has protection. You guys DO exist there, even IF the Shen of that universe broke up with her.
  • Lord Shen: (One of the few who actually showed raw emotion) Yes, but... I don't think I can BARE to hear the concept of me showing no remorse for Celestia no matter what she did. The alternate universe Shen may not see this, but what Celestia did in that universe, was out of desperation. There was nothing else she could do, so she had to try her best to stop her again, only to realize that she was going too far.
  • Soothsayer: To be fair, Shen, you didn't come to know her that much in that universe, and you're only saying that because unlike THAT Shen, you have come to appreciate her more, even if she ended up lying to protect others.
  • Merlin: In fact, we still help Equestria however we can in that universe.
  • Twilight:... (Sighs, and wipes her tears)... But, the least we can do now, is fulfill THAT Celestia's wish, and make sure OUR Celestia doesn't end up like her.
  • Icky: "No ifs and/or buts about that! Celly and Luny's relationship going south is WORSE then a dysfuntional relatsionship leading to a devided country! Those two getting into hissy fits is LITTERALLY armagotten waiting to happen?!"
  • Trixie: "Or to make things less worse case scenario, we would end up in our own verson of a Nightmare Moon era universe, or even an era where that nasty Day Breaker is in-charged! I'd imagine she would be like Sunset 2.0.! No offence to your sister Starlight, but you cannot deny what that episode showed us!"
  • Starlight: "I worry a Day Breaker rule would be WORSE then anything Sunny even came CLOSE to!"
  • Rainbow Dash: Well I'm equilly more afraid of a Nightmare Moon rule! Even more so when Silver Quill stated the consequences of Nightmare Moon's rule compared to this one, and how it COULD be fulfilling, to an extent. No resistance, she defends Equestria for the loyalty of her subjects albeit for herself to where collateral damage is not a big deal, yet WILL destroy and steal anything that she feels is more powerful than her and will likely pose a threat to her rule, even if it's members swear allegiance, AND would likely destroy itself from lack of hope, meaning that it's only a world of false security. Heck, remember when I was serving Nightmare Moon, and was absolute in my loyalty to her to where I'd threaten anyone who poses a threat? Heh, given what Silvy said about the Wonderbolts having to be disbanded or worse, and therefore ruin my dream, and I'd have no one else to turn to but Nightmare Moon. And Rarity? She'd have to manage her castle since her fashion career was ruined as much as my dream was. It'd be no better than the last two Starlight created. A world at a deadlocked war against Sombra, and a world where a resistance, AND a race, is slowly going extinct due to an overthrowing hostility.
  • Starlight:... (Sighs)... But the only thing keeping that from being unfulfilling is the gloomy and even eternally-depressed Celestia, and the good half of Nightmare Moon created by Luna as a result of her sacrifice. They fix cons that would be a detriment, until Celestia's name is finally repaired after she accidentally killed ponies as Solar Flare. Bigger threats may be gone thanks to Nightmare Moon's absolute defensive measures, but there's always threats out there, like Mortuus, which will be more powerful than her, and it won't be long before it DOES bite her. But thing is, the Celestia of that universe says that she has it all under control, and KNOWS that they will survive thanks to her prophetic powers. Sure, she laments that we'll all be dead once she's back, but it doesn't mean she can't make a new life.
  • Lord Shen:... (Sighs)... I feel that, the Celestia of that universe might need some help. But only after we deal with the threat of the possibility of a battle between Solar Flare and this... Earthlight Moon.
  • Squidward: "Well that shouldn't really be a problem. Just keep the sisters from driving eachother nuts and from being at eachother's throats. As simple as that."


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