Sunber Lilly

Sunber Lilly is an Alternate UUniversal Original Human from Planet Chronicus. She is a pretty post-teenage girl who was born on the same day as Taran Pan and her reality counterpart, Wenby Dohl, as the daughter of the Chief of a large Indian-like city called Sundred Village, Chief Sun-Come-Shining, and seems to fall in love with Taran even when he comes back, as she got photos of him from Corollia against her father's wishes, and even has the same attire as his foretold appearance with her own style. She has the same interests as him, and even acknowledges that he has a flirter that looks just like her in the form of Wenby, who is revealed to be her iteration in Corollia. She's the one who helps protects Taran during his journey by request from his mother, who knew of her for a long time and knew that she had the potential to be his top bodyguard. Though she shares romantic moments with him, he doesn't seem to notice, even after he defeats Capitan Nothingverse. She is, as of now, his best friend and his top guardian who, under the permission of her father, lives with him in his home at the very top of Young Island's trademark Imagination Tree along with the Lost Young. As of this day, Sunber has never grown in her relationship with Taran as he was too childish to notice. She is an AUU parallel to Tiger Lily (Peter Pan).


Story History

Sunber and Wenby were created by Fairchild Y.G Youthwell to add to his desire to bring young love into the story and have the two fall in love with Taran the same way young children do. Both characters were based off of a crush he once had in his orphanage by the name of Wenby Sunber, whom he never seen since he left until he made his play, which caught her attention and even earned her heart. Thus she took more creative liberties and improved the character into being more like her after her own lifetime of growing up gave her an early outlook. She made both characters similar but different, making Sunber like her when she was a child and Wenby like her as an adult. Wenby was an orphan who grew in the same orphanage as Taran and joined him in his own adventures when he was still fostered on Corollia. In the original pitch for Island of Young Dreams, she and Sunber became the same person when Young Island and Corollia became merged, but due to controversy over the ending, many iterations were made until one was accepted where both characters remained separated along with their homes, and as such Taran would have his own life with Sunber while Wenby would eventually find a man just like Taran, which was given by Young Island's Guardian Angels as a reward for helping Taran save Young Island.


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Sunber has similar abilities to her partner, best friend, and crush Taran. She can fly, communicate with nature, can do impressions, can speak all languages, and can survive underwater, toxic environments, and the vacuum of space, but that's practically all she can do that Taran can do. Like him, she is immortal and stuck his age, though unlike him, she has matured more than Taran, including the concept of love, and because she was raised by a ntive family, she learned more yet prefers to keep it to herself when around Taran and the Lost Young, that is until they learn for themselves. She has little to no weaknesses besides her love to Taran, and sometimes Noina Bell can be a nuisance to her as they got into arguments once or twice. Though she has rescued Taran from Captain Vu Granse and helped protect him from Capitan Nothingverse and followed him wherever he went as his guardian. She has typical young quirks as she still has a lot of growing up to do herself.

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