Super Lion

Carlos Krypton Holoparagon

Carlos Holoparagon
aka Super Lion is a superior lion who was born on Kratos and is the leader of The Amazing 9. He is benevolent, iron-fisted, strategic, and wise. Although the downside is that he gets a little irritated sometimes. Also, he is pretty much a giant lion due to a gigantism mutation, but is not a true giant, just roughly bigger then normal lions.... and riviling most good size tigers. His powers include light manipulation, super-longevity, power-augmentation, power-negation, invulnerability, super-strength, X-ray vision, heat-vision, super flight, and telekinesis, as well as nearly simular powers of Superman.
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Before Exile

Carlos was born in Prometheon on Planet Kratos as the son of two vigilante superior lions. Although, during his birth, he was so big that he almost split his mother open coming out of her. It was painful, but Carlos was born as a healthy lion cub. He spent his teen years as a Superman fan, and occasionally wanted to be just like him.

But when Grinchgrog took over, Carlos was angered at the superiors being corrupted that he decided to lead a resistance to defeat Grinchgrog. He founded the Grinchgrog Resistance, and lead over 50 superiors, many of which include his Amazing Ten members, who were the only ones to survive the fight for Grotch's rightful rule. The fight was bitter, but Carlos managed to use his power-negation powers to steal back Grotch's powers, return them to Grotch, and help him defeat and exile Grinchgrog. After that, he became the well-praised Super Lion, the leader and founder of The Amazing Ten.

He led his teammates to victory and vigilance for 3 years until he was betrayed by his teammate, Von Gloom, and exiled with his powers disabled, and his memories erased even with his superior power.

After Exile

Carlos was exiled to The Dragon Realms version of Africa, adopted by 2 lions and went by the name Carl Pride. He liked his normal life without worry, and after a few years, got bored of it. He went to New York where he met up with his old teammates, who he found very familiar, and became an astronaut. And soon enough, he got his powers back after being bitten by a radioactive grasshopper, and became the leader of The Amazing Nine again.


Carlos is the leader of The Amazing Nine for a reason: he's the most powerful. He is super-strong, able to bench press 30000 lbs, and lift up to 3000 times his size. He can also fly at a speed of 500 mph. He is also capable of controlling his teammates' superpowers with his abilities of power negation and augmentation, allowing him to amplify or take away their powers.

Carlos also has great eyes, able to see through objects with his X-ray vision, and fry them into ash with his heat-vision. He even has the unique ability to manipulate light. This allows him to project holograms, shields, force fields, and lasers, and become invisible. He can even levitate objects with his ability of telekinesis. And he is also invulnerable to any form of pain. He can even live for thousands of years with his long lifespan.

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