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Super Ops Logo

The Superior Operations Taskforce Agency, better known as Super Ops, is a Superior law-enforcement branch that was created by Master Algorithm to help take care of massive crime rate and provide assistance to the Justic Teens or some other heroes. They are all commanded by the reformed quantonium scientist Aaron Solaris who had proven himself worthy of being a master sergeant of a taskforce long before the Justic Teens evolved, and lead by a highly-experienced agent named Major Chance. The Super Ops are a futuristic version of S.W.A.T, consisting of a wide range of weaponry and powerful vehicles and technology, meant to take on Superiors and Non-Superiors.


The concept of the Super Ops was speculated by Grotch Prometheus, and he was the one who began the funding that was required to bring this police force to life. Of course, this took years and years of business and financing to get it finished. Grotch had to have help from 7 science companies to provide the power, and he needed to have enough money to get it finished. He never found the funding to do it before The Big Shake caused by Master Algor. This caused half of the funding to drop due to severe money needs following the various Superiors that survived the massive earthquake that nearly destroyed the planet. Their funding was put on hold during the creation of the Civil Criminal Trade community that smuggled resources to control survivors enough to spark the Kratosian Civil War, which had ended following the apparent death of the leader of the CCT, Lord Kilopann Genocide, and thus, once the planet was repaired, Grotch continued revitalizing the funding for the police force.

Unfortunately, he was unable to gain the funding himself and died before it could happen, leaving Master Algor as the new leader, and to ensure that he properly learned from his mistakes with the Big Shake, he replaced most of his body with platinum machinery and armor, which was able to keep him alive for a long time. Algor, out of respect for Grotch, continued his attempts to fund the new police force, but couldn't find proper people to be a part of it. However, when the events of Superior Planet came forth, he found his first potential member, his quantonium scientist assistant, Aaron Solaris, who had taken boot camp in half his life and knows a bit about fighting. When visitors returned, he no longer needed to hold his family's plans for a supercontinent, and he spent part of his time correcting his wrongdoings, and has been able to fund the police force much faster now that visitors were in the marketing of Kratos, and enjoyed visiting the place.

Within a few years, Algor was finally able to gain enough money to bring the police force to life. He privately advertised it to several other police forces, and he gained Major Chance and Agent Kafka. Major Chance became the prime leader of the force, which Algor has named the 'Superior Operations Taskforce Agency', Aaron Solaris became Major Chance's protégé and the Master Sergeant, and Agent Kafka had become Solaris' partner whom he starts to fall in love with. Algor then gets another person to be another leading member named Corporal Tracker, who leads the Major Forces, the heavily-armed and armored forces of the team, whereas Kafka is the leader of the Minor Forces. In no time at all, hundreds of recruits signed up for the force.

Then once the Justic Teens were formed, Algor believed it as the perfect time to finally make the Super Ops public. After an announcement of their patrol at the Prometheus Temple, the Super Ops had become a public police force the nest day, and all the soldiers there were ready to patrol the cities. Hundreds of Super Ops bases were made in Kratos, and each had the same types of vehicles, equipment, weaponry, armor, and strategy that made them a perfect police force.


The Super Ops is similar to S.W.A.T, with similar weapons, strategy, and forces. The Super Ops has several differences, though. Because they were provided with technology from 7 different science corporations, they have a ranged selection of equipment, vehicles, and robots to help them fight crime. Their ranks are among the most complicated, and they come in 2 forces: Minor, which has small less-armored soldiers with low-level technology and weaponry, and Major, which has much more armor and high-grade technology and high-level offensive. Their strategy and technology is so well combined, not even a Superior team could elude them.


The ranks of the Super Ops depend on what the Superior wishes to be on. The recruit can choose one of 6 branches: Minor Forces, Major Forces, Special, Forensics, Medical, and Administrative.

  • Minor Forces: The Minor Forces are the pinnacle of the Super Ops. They are only permitted to have low-level offense or defense. They are given Kevlar vests, Level 1-2 weaponry, and Level 1-2 vehicles. They are trained by head agents, and get promoted ever 3 months if having proved themselves enough. Their ranks include Rookie, Agent I, Agent II, Agent III, and Head Agent. After that, they either move onto the Major Forces or the Special Branch.
  • Major Forces: The Major Forces are the much stronger counterparts of the Minor Forces. They are given high-level offense or defense. They are given a Kevlar/Nomex vest under flexible combat armor, Level 3-4 weaponry, Level 2-4 vehicles, full access to grand equipment, and are allowed to have jet packs or gliders. Like Minor Forces, they are promoted every 3 months if given the potential. Their ranks include Rookie, Agent I, Agent II, Agent III, and Head Agent. After that, they either go into the Special Branch or the Administrative Branch.
  • Special: The Special Branch is the branch that all commanding officers are placed in. They require the highest fighting potential of all. It usually takes years for a rookie to get to this branch, and those who are determined are the first ones that get in. You can only get into this branch during signature if you are already a commanding officer. The ranks include Private, Private First Class, Specialist, Corporal, Sergeant, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, General, and Major General. By the time one is a Major General, he will be at his highest ranking point and will serve until retirement.
  • Forensics: Forensics is not much of a fighting branch, but it requires fighting skills just in case. This branch contains those who are in wide knowledge of math, science, and strategy. People who are in this branch are meant to analyze crime scenes, investigate for clues, or even do other things such as inventing. Unlike the 3 fighting branches, this branch doesn't have a similar ranking system. Instead, one can choose to be one of 4 roles: Detective, Professor, Scientist, or Diagnostics. Each of these roles can be ranked to 3 levels: Basic, Field, or Investigative. These play a great role in the efficiency of the Super Ops.
  • Medical: The Medical Branch is similar to the Forensics Branch, only it's got a different role. It is meant for medical or psychiatric purposes. The Medical Branch owns a large vault full of healing tanks meant to heal severe wounds of those who cannot heal on their own. There are also psychiatrics, which help treat those who are having conflicts in their work or lives that are posing a threat to their work. Doctors and Psychiatrists are the only 2 roles in this branch and do not have ranks.
  • Administrative: This is the most important, and even the most difficult, branch to get into. One must go through years of work in the Special Ops to make it to this branch. Only those who are of royal, political, diplomatic, or administrative experience can enter this branch right away. This branch handles the governmental accommodations that the Super Ops needs to stay alive. This has countless ranks such as Diplomat, Manager, Councilor, Commissioner, CEO, and President.


The Major Forces are the only ones permitted to use all forms of major equipment. The Minor Forces are permitted to use equipment as well, but their equipment is low-grade. The Minor Forces are given Kevlar vests and even helmets with red lenses and a comlink as the main uniform. They only wear the helmets during major battles or in extreme environments. The Minor Forces are permitted to have small iPad-like devices that can control their vehicles, they have special riot shields made from uranium, several jamming devices, they have small hacking devices for computers or technological locks, and they are even allowed to have their suits' colors changed with a push of a button, which can turn the black and grey parts into tan, green, blue, or white to provide great camouflage.

The Major Forces are given access to higher forms of equipment. They are given Kevlar/Nomex vests inside flexible and durable combat armor which is able to withstand several forms of damage, and cyan blue helmets are also given. The helmets are used in the same way as the Minor Forces, and their suits can also change color. The Major Forces are given access to stronger jamming and hacking devices, and they are even given iPad-like devices that not only control their vehicles, but also the various drones that hide out waiting for an attack, and certain soldiers are given jet packs that allow them to fly, and the jet packs do not acquire that much fuel. They are even given holographic disguise systems for certain emergencies.


The Minor Forces are only allowed to have access to Level 1-2 weaponry. These include pistols, handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, or carbines. And the weaponry is all given munitions of not just average bullets, but acidic bullets, projectiles, pulse weapons, exploding bullets, adamantium bullets, and pyrotechnic ammunition. They are even given stun batons that are given an energetic swing that shocks the superpower capabilities and renders them useless, but these require power to work. They are often given other forms of melee weapons such as electronic spears or batons with spikes that send a painful shock to the victim and knock them out. They are even given a small range of explosives such as thermal detonators, frag grenades, flash bang grenades, and shock grenades. Some of which can be launched through their assault rifles.

The Major Forces are given access to Level 1-4 weaponry. These include not just Minor Force weapons, but also shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, chainguns, and rocket launchers. Also, they have not just Minor Force ammunition, but also electronic projectiles, shockblasts, fire projectiles, lasers, heat-seeking bullets, and armor-piercing bullets. Their melee weapons are not just Minor, but they also have laser pikes that look similar to a lightsaber, but are not as lethal. They only shock victims. They are even given a much wider range of explosives such as liquid nitrogen grenades, flame grenades, gas grenades, sticky grenades, and pyrotechnical.


Minor Forces are permitted to have Level 1-2 vehicles. These include 3-wheeled motorcycles, armored jeeps, armored trucks, flying armored jeeps, and flying armored trucks. The bikes do not come in a flying variant, but they are 3-wheeled fighting machines with titanium armor, and 2 front-mounted guns that fire heat-seeking bullets. The jeeps can carry up to 5 people, and the trucks can carry up to 10, each being covered with uranium armor. The ground vehicles are useful for ground attacks whereas the flying vehicles are useful for aerial attacks. The jeeps have automatic drivers, have black translucent windows, are each in 6-wheel drive (unless it's a flying jeep), and are black, gray, and cyan blue. The trucks are much stronger than the jeeps, and can travel much faster. They have the same color, auto-driving settings, black windows, and 6 wheels, but they carry more infantry, carry weaponry, have 2 side-mounted railgun turrets, and they have radar systems that detect danger in a 5-mile radius.

Major Forces are given Level 2-4 vehicles. While not comfortable to having jeeps, they are granted not just ground/flying trucks, but also ground mobile command center trucks, gliders, and helicopter-like VTOLs. Each of these vehicles are coated in neutronium armor, and most of the selection of these vehicles are capable of flight. The trucks are the same as the Minor Force trucks, but have different armor. The MCC Trucks are large semi-trailer trucks that Minor Forces are able to operate in, but not control, only to be controlled by Major Forces. The truck carries a large trailer which contains the base of operations, and inside has several computers, cells, compartments for other vehicles, and labs. It has neutronium armor, has the same color as all other Super Ops vehicles, and it's got the major communications system which commands all vehicles and robots. Gliders are among one of the most difficult vehicles to ride on. Major Forces have to have strong balance, stamina, and reflexes. They are very similar to the Green Goblin's glider, and are equipped with railgun turrets and grenade launchers. The VTOLs are flying vehicles with 2 turbines for flight, the design of a helicopter, and the firepower of any other Super Ops vehicle. They have black, gray, and cyan blue coloration, black windows, have an auto-pilot setting, can travel very fast with rear jet-propellers, have neutronium armor, carry weapons and a radar system, and have 2 side-mounted turrets that fire missiles and electronic pulse blasts.


Robots are a common force in the Super Ops. They come in 3 different classes, each class referring to their design, offense and defense. Each robot is commanded by the Major Forces by either their iPad-like devices or through the computers in a MCC Vehicle. The robots have the same strategic planning as the Minor and Major Forces, but have much more stronger intelligence and cunning. They attack in either the air or the ground, but mostly in the air. The robots, like all other technological advancements, come from the technology from the 7 science companies that made the Super Ops possible.

  • Class I Robots: The Class I Robots are called Droids. Droids only travel on the ground, and some are designed for combat. There are 2 kinds of droids: Workers and Raiders. Worker Droids are the first version of this class, and they are meant for communications, forensics, or repairing, and are often found inside MCC Vehicles or bases. Raider Droids are similar in appearance to Workers, but they are meant for combat. They have detachable arm cannons, Kevlar/Nomex vests and titanium armor which allows them to withstand damage for long periods of time, and they come in troops of 5, and attack on command.
  • Class II Robots: The Class II Robots are called Drones. These are meant for aerial combat. All Drones are controlled by Major Forces through iPad-like devices or through computers in MCC Vehicles or bases. They are programmed to take orders from only Major Forces or Commanding Officers, and not from Minor Forces, which don't have access to commanding a Drone. Each drone is made from titanium, and each have different forms of firepower. There are 3 types of Drones: Assassins, Assaulters, and Renovators. Assassin Drones are stealth drones which are equipped with infared and ultraviolet optic settings, and are fast enough to elude the most keen eyes. They are equipped with a bottom-mounted railgun turret that work like sniper rifles, and will take out a target in one shot with armor-piercing electrical blasts. Assaulter Drones are similar to Assassins, but they are much more armed and a bit slower, but still fast. They are meant to attack in groups and fly into assault by command. They have the same optic senses as the Assassins, but they are equipped with 2 side-mounted turrets that rapidly fire average, acidic, or armor-piercing bullets, mostly having to open fire as a group. Renovator Drones are X-Wing-like drones that are 5% larger than either Assassins or Assaulters. There are often 5 Renovators in an attack, and will split up and do the command on their own. They are armed with double-barreled side-mounted turrets that fire heat-seeking, armor-piercing, or electronic bullets at a target.
  • Class III Robots: The Class III Robots are called Megadrones. These are meant for a much stronger robotic arsenal. They are much bigger and stronger than their Drone counterparts. They are also controlled by Major Forces, and can attack in groups, but mostly work alone. There are 2 types of Megadrones: Hunters and Shockers. Hunter Megadrones are capable of walking on spider-like legs, but can take off and fly very quickly and carry out tasks fast. They fly through jet-propelled thrusters, and steer with 4 rear wings, and 2 front wings. They are equipped with 2 side-mounted turrets that fire heat-seeking bullets at their targets, and they have much more heightened senses. Shocker Megadrones have the same design as the Hunters, but they are much stronger. They have 2 extra thrusters, and they have 2 side-mounted railgun turrets that send an electric pulse at their targets.


  • Superhero Registration Agency (Yet to exist)- A branch designed to be meant to make the work of superheroism more organized and orderly, and reduse property damage known from the battles of good and evil. It's assentually meant to be the superiors attempt to try and make these battles less destructive and chaotic. On paper it sounds benitfital, but in practice it's actselly the dumbest idea in the world to restrict un-enforcerised heroes in risk of giving villains, who never obey laws to begin with, much more breathers and relay in doing whatever they want and cause serious public and super hero unrest cause of them being made to go through what is the superior equilient of the DMV, as it's permit system is just as slow and mostly unrelieable as that of Dreamwork's China's on Kung Fu. Should this ever be approved and allowed to be made cause of unfortunate coincidence, it will serve as the ultimate reminder that the battles between good and evil can never be truly tamed, and would end up looking like another exsample to be used as a weapon to those that believe super-powers should be rights, not privilages.

Members and The Usual Suspects


  1. Major Chance- Major General Victor Chance is a Superior platypus who is the main leader and the supreme commanding officer of the Super Ops. He is the mentor of Aaron during his movement into the Super Ops, and he has been a good friend to Agent Kafka since they both grew up in the FBI business. He has been going up in ranks every year, and had made it to the point where he became the main leader of the Super Ops. He is wise and noble, fights with an iron fist, and commands his troops firmly and nobly.
  2. Aaron Solaris- Master Sergeant Aaron Solaris is a Superior green frog who is a former criminal quantonium scientist that had been wanted for impersonation and murder of a popular child after stress in boot camp. His rigorous training in the camp gave him fighting skills and rigorous endurance. Though in jail, he was bailed out by Master Algor and was made an accomplice in his attempt to bring visitors back to Kratos. But he soon reformed himself, and his potential to leave a life in upholding the law gave him a position as a Master Sergeant in the Super Ops, and the protégé of Major Chance. He even starts to fall in love with Chance's childhood friend and his partner, Agent Kafka, though is hesitant to admit his feelings.
  3. Corporal Tracker- Corporal Warren Tracker is a Superior beaver who is the 3rd-in-command and Major Forces Commander of the Super Ops who was a ruthless fighter for the CIA, the FBI, and the Navy until he lost his right leg in an explosion. Master Algor gave him a prosthetic leg that allowed him to fight just as good as he did before, and he had the potential to become a major part of the Super Ops. While he can be a big jerk, he is still a wise and respectful corporal.
  4. Agent Kafka- Minor Head Agent Pyrena Kafka is a Superior red-eyed tree frog who is the 4th-in-command and Minor Forces Commander of the Super Ops, and is acquainted with Major Chance and is the partner of Sergeant Solaris. She has become a close friend to Major Chance when they were children, and while they grew up in the FBI for several years, she later took a job as a security guard for the Prometheus Temple. That is until Major Chance returned after Algor appointed him the leader of the Super Ops, and Kafka, on Chance's request, as the partner of Aaron. Aaron had started to fall in love with her ever since, but never got the chance to admit his feelings.
  5. Professor Cynergy- Investigative Professor Keith Cynergy is a Superior prairie dog who is an investigative officer and minor inventor of the Super Ops. He was once a nerd who became a criminologist in his life who investigated several crimes in the Kratosian Police Department, and his potential earned him a position in the Super Ops as the inventor of many of the Super Ops' vehicles, weapons, and equipment. He is a bit psychotic at his work, but has a creative intelligence to show that it doesn't matter.
  6. Doctor Iridium- Medical Doctor Iden Iridium is a Superior lava lizard who is the medic of the Super Ops. He develops several of the superior medicines that help make the Super Ops very strong, and has been known to heal the most severe of wounds in his time. Over the years, he was a doctor, a dentist, a chiropractor, and a psychiatrist, and as his experience grew, so did his potential as a medic for the Super Ops years later. He is cranky and cocky as a medic, and even tells jokes in certain times.
  7. Agent Paladin- Minor Agent II Gage Paladin is a Superior sun parakeet who is a member of the Minor Forces in the Super Ops. He started out as a comic-reading stunt actor who stared in several action movies until he retired to become a member of the Kratosian FBI. Of course, his stunt experience worked well in his training, and he eventually got chosen to become an agent for the Super Ops. His family was well-acquainted with Grotch Prometheus, and his comic habits have given him great experience in science.
  8. Agent Shuriken- Major Agent III Roanna Shuriken is a Superior Iriomote cat who is a member of the Major Forces in the Super Ops. She is known to be a Japanese fighter with experience in Kung Fu and has been a friend and love interest to Tane Speedromacros from the Justic Teens. She shows no concern that her species is endangered thanks to a strict moral code, and she does form a small connection with Tane. Her family are descended from ancient Superior shoguns that lived in a similar moral code.
  9. Agent Panzer- Major Agent I Earl Panzer is a Superior capybara who is a member of the Major Forces in the Super Ops. He is a very trigger-happy fighter who was known to have previously been part of the Kratosian Police, but was kicked out for being too violent. Over the years, he outgrew that lifestyle, and was chosen to be a small agent for the Super Ops who tested out Professor Cynergy's inventions, and with his super-endurance, survived every collision. He has been so good, he is closer to getting a new rank.
  10. Phase (Temporary)- Phase is a Worker Droid which was mysteriously sabotaged one day during assembly into having a blended programming of both a Worker and a Raider. Thus, he not only does a Worker Droid's job, but also a Raider Droid's job, and has developed actual emotions. He enjoys being a fighter, but he also enjoys being a worker. Unfortunately, due to having no design of a Raider, he has to carry his own weaponry and equipment, and is the only robot in the Super Ops that is different than the others. In fact, he has found a way to command several other robots in the force. With all those, and a few controversy from the members of the Super Ops, he is a very tough fighter and worker. However, when his programming goes crazy, the heroes had no choice but to shut him down, but keep his legacy by making Phase M2.
  11. Mr. Ohmsphore (Temporary)- A Superior Alpine ibex who is known to be a diplomatic head for Kratos' superheroes in the Super Ops branch of Superhero Registration Agency, or SRA for short, pretty much like the superior equilient of the DMV, though before that branch can exist, he's at best an over-glorifived unseen pencel pusher from behind the scenes of the Super Ops who does ALOT of boring paperwork. He joined long before the Super Ops was even introduced. In what he claims, he was attempting to control how superheroes fought villainy and do heroisum in order to prevent property damage and cost millions in collateral damages. In truth, he actselly hates the idea of heroisum being controled because it makes it easier for villains to do whatever the fuck they want. In truth, he's actselly an extremeist friend of Gazelliola Rightra, and a semi-offictal member of her rights group who managed to cheat the goverment into believing he cares about rules. He actselly aims to make it look as if rules do more harm then good by causing the SRA to happen and restrict the hell out of super-heroes and risk making it easy for villains AND cause heroes to be against this and attempt to declare civil war so the Kratos Senate will start being more lenient on super powers. Problem is, his plan is his own doing as even Gazellioa think the plan does more harm then good, not to mention it would make the rights group look reckless and anarchical. He has two sons, one being a hero named Mighty Ohm who is also against the registry act, and a supervillain named Ohmen who is a deadly criminal leader and master marksman. He is doing this because Ohmen was a victim of being harshly punished by the Kratos Senate that it caused his rise to evil, believing that the goverment is too shuck up in their rules and wants to make them suffer in it by being ironic. He's also, abit of a twat.
  12. Theodore Klumuss (Temporary)- a Superior black ram who is a law advisor for Super Ops who was betrayed twice by a best friend who was a renowned criminal, the first time being enough to ruin him at an alarming rate, second time he was believing he legitimately changed only to find that he ruined his life even further. As a result, he believed that reformation was a means to an end, and thus intended to prohibit such a thing, moving onto being a long-time critic of Master Algorithm in the many things he did, including making reforming schools all over Kratos.

Prisoners/Rotine problems

  • Dr. Robotrix- A cybernetic funnel-web spider criminal genius who has a mastery of robotics and has a large criminal record of smuggling weapons and quantonium, as well as terrorism through his robot soldiers.
  • The Bombino Brothers (Sometimes called the Bombmio Bros.)- Two adopted wombat and fennec fox brothers, that are dressed like Wario and Waluigi, Bomb-Bat being like Wario, and Boom-Fox being akin to Waluigi, who are petty but destructive robbers with the ability to shapeshift their hands into useful tools including bomb launchers. Though not offictally terrorisum, their bad habit of using bombs to rob banks kept them from being treated like ordenary criminals since they are rather destructive bank robbers and jewelery thieves.
  • Boss Quantyx- A babirusa crime lord who was arrested for unauthorized possession, smuggling, and experimentation of quantonium, and owned the biggest smuggling business of them on Kratos.
  • Diablo Guana- A green iguana with a red skin pigment who was wanted for being a master thief and killer, and even framing his former friend Moxie for crimes due to also being an iguana and for having similar powers.
  • Specula- A female Patas monkey who was a cat burglar that made impressive and nearly-impossible heists by committing strategies and probability analysis with her enhanced mind until being arrested.
  • Mr. Bitrogen- A bush dog criminal overlord who committed organized mass robberies and terrorist acts.
  • Rammor- A water buffalo who was wanted for masterminding a massive counterfeit operation.
  • Croktor the Menace- A saltwater crocodile who, after losing his house after being considered a menace, became a killer who had to be locked away for his crimes.
  • Wolfsbane- A black wolf who was a savage killer that killed his own family, and terrorized his hometown until being arrested.
  • Miserya- A female binturong who is a muscular terrorizer that had a split personality, one good and misguidedly well intentioned, and one sadistic with a major loathing of the law, being imprisoned for rehabilitation.
  • Beararms- A sun bear who was guilty of illegal weapon manufacturing and smuggling, being a former special ops assassin who moved onto a grand crime opportunity until being arrested.
  • Alexander the Greater- An Egyptian vulture who was a killer of many who opposed him, naming himself after the historical figure, until being arrested.
  • Whitejack- A female albino jungle cat and cat burglar who is actually the love interest of Moxie, being a master gambler, thief, and former bachelorette.
  • Redeye- A Namib rock agama lizard supervillain leader and evil adopted brother of Captain Firedrake responsible for committing a wide variety of crimes.
  • Firebelly- A tomato frog who is responsible for using his poisonous powers for bullying, and using them again even after having a revoked superpower license.
  • Dr. Fluxar- A civet super criminal genius who was arrested for stealing from a competing business, and for murdering the one who reported his crime, moving onto being an organized criminal that robs with robot armies.
  • ShadowbaneAn Ex-Police Commisioner turned super-villain that, due to a major mess concerning An outside wizard and a reserected victim of his, was exposed as a shadow superior and was taken to due progress, along with removeal of his powers.
  • Gazelliola RightraA super power rights actisfist and former senator of the Kratos senate who is motivated by personal tragity to make super powers rights after her adopted son died because of being discriminated. Her Group, Superpowers Unlimted aimed to bring rights to Superiors in a well-intentioned aim to end discrimination because of laws banning or restricting powers. She believes that powers shouldn't be treated like privilages and should be treated like a right. Though Gazelliola herself is not a true villain, she does have a bad habit of getting involved with super-villains, whether unknowingly or if desperate enough, and that her goals ended up being a magnit to them cause they like the idea of their powers never being taken away because of it being a right and not a privilage. Unfortunately, because Gazelliola knows how to get herself out of legal jams cause of some powerful friends in the justice system, she was never arrested and prosicuted and malmitulates all media shorces to avoid controversey and a bad reputation (mostly), and that way, still earns public trust and still continues being an issue. As such, her stay in bars almost never happens.




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