Superintendent Woo


Woo (formally known as Superintendent Woo) is a character from the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He and Hu are part of the Permit System that prevents Kung Fu Masters from independently fight villainy, which outside of being meant to reduse property damage and bring order, is not as benifital as intended. He's been known to have a daughter named Ming Woo.

Woo is very burdensome, short-tempered, demanding, and grumpy, also, he has little patience. He tends to be argumentative, impertinent, aggressive, sarcastic, and insulting to those below his rank. However, when his authority proves useless in a situation, he will cave in when his own well-being is at stake.

In the episode "Shifu's Back", when Po gave Shifu a three-ration potion for pain on the same day Woo arrives for inspection, he mistakes Shifu by Po, and when the real Shifu shows, Woo describes him as a "lunatic", threatent "he is closing the Jade Palace for good". Po, Shifu and Constable Hu afterwards save him from Lao, Bao and Tsao, a trio of albeit incompident pig brother bandits, who would proceed to be a bother to both him and his daughter ever since cause of him being impourent.

Role in SAF series.

Though dispite the attatude, he's not ignorent that he's part of a flawed goverment attempt to control the battles of good & evil, even before he became a faverite target to the pig bandits. It's just that he's resectful enough to the imperial wishes of the council that he dares not question it, nor to the emperor. Though unafraid to push his ahtority around, it's nothing really personal as it's mainly what the law demands of him. Eventually, he will show a more calmer, unless provoked or stressed, demeaner when a more peaceful emperor takes hold. And that happens to be Lu Kang, who is likely to retire the system in being informed that it's not as affective as it is, leading to Woo to have a more safer (and less stress) career along side with Hu. Interestingly, even though his daughter's an accomplished fighter and vastly more older then her debute in the series, Woo is almost cartoonishly and comedicly protective of Ming to the point that he would litterally follow her and any would-be boyfriend with bodyguards at the ready to "deliver" Woo's grivances should the boyfriend do something dangerious, or simply because Woo isn't ready with his daughter going to "first base" with the boyfriend..... It's, kinda the reason why she stays single.

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