After an accident in a Superior lab, the Lodgers are exposed to Superior-based quantonium, and thus they end up gaining superpowers. What makes it even stranger and interesting to some is that these powers are based upon the individual him/herself, which seems to bring interest of a serum that can grant a power based on personality itself. But what is of concern is that the Lodgers cannot control their powers, and need to enroll in the Renaissance School to control them until they should wear out. While they deal with their respective enemies along the side, they still have trouble, as they cannot simply be removed because they are too unstable to allow such. Thus, they become a target for a new threat, but not of Superior origin. Rather, it is a Mothron that's been studing Superiors for ever since their rise as such which always intriged his curiosity! This Mothron, named Jacallous, a very distent cousin of Jallmadoor and a Mothron who behaives incredabily like DC's Brainiac mixed with Marvel's Apocalypse, with a pinch of Dragon Ball Super Beerus. Jacallous liked what he saw in what became of the Lougers, wants to make their powers periment so he can turn them into a footnote of giving the Mothron race these kind of powers that benifit them in the longest run! Gazelle, the Heroes of Kratos and Jacallous' long-standing rival, a Lightfly named Xzena, a once victim of his exspeariment with qountonian and perimently left her with powers fused with her already great Lightfly powers, aim to halt this! Can Jacallous' plan be discouraged, and can this powerful studier of every known and unknown power be beaten?


The Lodgers In Class

Renaissance School Field

  • Iron: Aaaaand that should do it.
  • Gloria: What's up?
  • Iron: Well those of us in the Athena House decided to merge your suits' helmets with GoPro. This'll transmit what you see to a local server.
  • SpongeBob: Uh, don't know how I feel about that. Are they recording all the time?
  • Dynamo: Yeah. What's the big deal?
  • SpongeBob: I mean what if it records me doing something embarrassing, like looking at Sandy's butt or something?
  • Sandy: I BEG YER PARDON?!
  • Vultani: "Now that's something I wouldn't mind a private viewing of."
  • Gluestick: "Me too, ish."
  • Chronotrigger-Finger: "I don't need a camera to keep tabs of the finer things in life if ya know what I mean."
  • Stacy: "Can we be mature about this guys? Spongebob, if your worried about coming off as disrespectful, then, just don't do that."
  • SpongeBob: Well it usually throws me off, so-
  • Ingenio/Sandy: SPONGEBOB!!
  • SpongeBob: I'm just going to look at the ceiling, okay?
  • Tigress: I need to ask, how will this make us better?
  • Dynamo: Well, it's like football players getting better by looking at videos of past games.
  • Nitrous: Come on, who likes football?
  • Banzai: Millions of people, duh.
  • Vultani: "Ya do realise your talking to superiors. We have sports that make this "Balls of the Foot" look like amatur hour."
  • Genny: "(Snickers), I know that wasn't meant to sound sexual, buuuuuut...."
  • Nitrous: Pssh. I kinda have to side with Mr. Deludedly Hades Fan here. If you like watching people ram into each other like a stampede just to kick a ball through a giant wishbone, then you're a sad f*** who has my pity.
  • Banzai: Very funny.
  • Marty: So where exactly do we start?
  • Prodigy: Easy. We just disembowel and apprehend the best student in the school.
  • Limitbreak: Pip, you know that 'disembowel' means to kill like a predator, right?
  • Prodigy: We're animals with superpowers, so, does it matter?
  • Creatana: Technically yes.
  • Prodigy: "Ugh, okay FINE, I'll REPRHASE! Just beat the best student of the school, and it'll be proof that you matured and mastered your power."
  • Lefou: So we just gotta take out one guy? Sounds doable for the Shell Lodgers.
  • Prodigy: I'm talking about Sunwave.
  • Sunwave: Seriously? I'm the practive dummy bitch?
  • White Rabbit: Him? He has steamroll the best and/or the worse, in the infamous sense, villains of this world.
  • Prodigy: Exactly.
  • Iago:... This monkey's trying to kill us.
  • Icky: "Well he did almost had Inmighty commit assisted sueaside, so...."
  • Sunwave: Pip, I am NOT the kind of guy that would have to lose to rookies so they can feel better. Can you use the second best, or heck, give them someone easy, like.... Anyone of Dionysus House?"
  • Aton: "OH HA-HA?!"
  • Prodigy: You don't have to. Just do what you usually do. You'll just have a target on you. You can surely handle that.
  • Sunwave:... (Sighs)..... At least you didn't picked Vultani. Knowing what he's known for, he would've been a death sentence.
  • Vultani: "I'd be insulted if t'weren't the truthist of truths."
  • Squidward: "..... "Truthist" is not a real word, hothead. (Vultani breaths fire on Squidward as he screams!)........ Ow."
  • Skipper: "Kolwaksi, what's our odds at beating Sunwave?"
  • Kowalski: (With abacus) I estimate the odds of us getting the jump on him at 100%.
  • Skipper: "Really?"
  • Private: "There's hope?!"
  • Saa: Wait for it......
  • Kowalski: Hold on, upside-down again. That's 0% with an exclamation point.
  • Private: "Ohhhh."
  • Saa: Called it.
  • Kaa: You know, sometimes you three can be big jerks.
  • Tigra: "We started out as a minor agtaninist in a cartoon about pastel colored horses, what did ya expect?"
  • Kaa: "..... Toushe."

French Narrator: Later...

  • Binary: Well... I guess it was wo-o-o-orth something. I just e-e-edited some of the best parts, correction, all of them, into a highlight re-e-e-el.
  • Icky: "Ya really should do something about that glitch talk thing."
  • Binary: "Do-o-o-on't ya think I a-m-m-m-m-m-m?"
  • Chaos: How much you wanna bet we'll need popcorn for this?
  • Binary: "Yo-o-o-ou may now play, MM-MM."
  • MM: "(Announcer voice as the video is started off like a movie) And now, our feature presintation. (A close up to MM's face is seen)"


  • Larry: Hey guys, welcome to my helmet cam. This is our first attempt to take down Sunwave. Could be bad, could be good. Either way, we're all gonna have fun here..... CAUSE THIS IS JACKASS! Louger sytile!
  • Krebs: Who're you talking to?
  • Larry: The audience.
  • Nigel: What audience? We're recording this for ourselves. YOU'RE the audience.
  • Larry: Oh yeah! Hi me!


  • Larry: Hi Larry!
  • Ryan: Can we skip this part?
  • Binary: Sure. (MM sped things up to a certain part of the video)


  • Icky: (Looks at Sunwave with his telescopic vision)... There he is.
  • Lord Shen: Alright, I'll take him out with a cannon blast.
  • Soothsayer: We must do this carefully.
  • Boss Wolf: What, it's not like he didn't survive worse.... Right?
  • Icky: Okay, f*** it, Po, hand me a nega-bang!
  • Po: Ohhh... Right...
  • Icky: Hurry, he's getting away!!
  • Po: I don't have any.
  • Icky: I told you to grab them!!
  • Po: Yeah I wasn't, really listening.
  • Skipper: UUniverses', worst, manager.
  • Icky: Let's not argue semantics, Skip.
  • Skipper: That's not what that word means.
  • Icky: Does ANYONE have a motherf*****g depower grenade?!
  • Max Cat: I gave mine to Whiskers.
  • Icky: YOU WHAT?!
  • Whiskers: Fire in the hole! (Throws the grenade too close)
  • Everyone: WAIT!!!! *Boom* (Everyone screams as MM started to play canned laughter)


  • Nitrous: (The students laughed hysterically) F*****g idiot!!
  • Gluestick: I could watch this for hours!
  • Tom: "Now THAT'S, Comedy."
  • Okapinsect: "Wow. (Chuckles).... I'm starting to feel pity to the villains that actselly lost to you misfits."
  • Icky: Jesus Christ, how long is this video?!
  • Gluestick: Hours, I just fricking said it, get your earholes checked.
  • Brandy: Does it get any better?
  • Binary:... Define be-e-etter.
  • Icky: Ugh, come on, let's go.
  • Iago: Go where?
  • Icky:... To try this again.
  • Chaos:... Popcorn it is.


  • Sunwave was seen buying some flowers and a box of chocolates.
  • Sunwave: "Well, if I'm going to be a target to abunch of wacky cartoon characters, I may as well take the time to buy something nice with Stacy. Maybe I can buy some jewelry while I'm at it. But nothing that would invoke a wedding, I want to take it nice and slow with her."
  • The misfits were seen sneaking about as this music was heard.
We Are Number One (But It's Perfect)

We Are Number One (But It's Perfect)

  • Po: (The heroes were jogging as Po fell beat)...
  • Sunwave: Mmmm... Seems a little... Too good-looking. Not sure if that's possible, honestly...
  • Skipper: ...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- (The Penguins leapt in with their flight only for Sunwave to knock them to the ground with a light shield) OOF!!! (Coughs)
  • Rico: No, fair!...


  • Devon: (They look at Sunwave from a distance as Trigger watched through his crossbow)... He's on Level 5 solar energy, right? (Nutsy looked and got stunned with heat vision)
  • Nutsy: Yep......
  • Cornwall:... Well that's good to know.

Video Room

  • Patrick: (As the students laughed harder)... I don't get it.


  • Coach Jack: (As the Lodgers were doing push-ups in their own way)... Oy!
  • Prodigy: Yeah, oy.


  • Lucky Jack: (Sunwave was walking near his hiding spot and got out his laser pegleg) SURPRISE MOTHERF- (He fell off the ledge and was like this)
Yosemite Sam Cursing

Yosemite Sam Cursing

Last One


  • Mr. Whiskers: (In manly voice) Target's sighted at 8:01. Headed towards- (Sneezes as his boogers blocked his view and the camera view).... Umm... Anyone else see him?
  • Skipper: Negative.
  • Mr. Krabs: Nope.
  • SpongeBob: (Looking at Sandy's butt) Yeah I got nothing.


  • SpongeBob: (The students kept laughing as Sandy stared awkwardly at him)... Looking at the ceiling.


  • Sunwave: (Smells flowers as Thief came in with a nega-bang grenade)
  • Thief: (Telepathically: "Hey Sunny... Catch!") (Throws it as he caught it)
  • Sunwave:... One Mississippi, Two Mississippi...
  • Thief: ("Oh no!") (Ran) ("NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!")
  • Sunwave:... Four Mississippi... (Threw the grenade as it blasted on Thief) AND IT'S OUT OF THE PARK...... Wait how did that make sense where I am?


  • Napoleon: (He and Lafayette were watching and waiting for Sunwave as he spoke with Stacy and Brody, as Lafayette did crazy signals for 10 seconds)... At what point did you think I knew what any of that meant?! (Sunwave walked in and saw them)... Aw cripe. (He punched him as his helmet cam cut off)


  • Bagheera: (Everyone laughed)...... Yeah, I guess that was sort've funny.
  • Napoleon: "Aw don't be a prick, Baghear-A."
  • Lafayette: I told ya, Napoleon, we don't do any of that discreet spying stuff. We already fast enough to chase four motorcars and a bicycle, and a scooter.
  • Napoleon: Hush your mouth!
  • Icky: "Well that was 20 or so minutes of shame."


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Training Daze – Episode 5 – Red vs

Training Daze – Episode 5 – Red vs. Blue Season 12

Montage of Lodgers Failing To Use Their Powers

Spaze - Believe

Spaze - Believe

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