After the success of heroes like the Justic Teens, Foxtrots, and their other allies, Algor decides to do something unexpected. He has decided to re-open the Renaissance School, which was built after the Good-Evil Wars against Alexander, to give people hope in using their powers to a balanced and acceptable co-existence, by a lion superhero named Almighty Mane, and is now intended to give birth to more heroes. In this time period, the superpowers were referred to historically as 'Quants', which is rarely used to this day for pretty clear reasons, and Almighty Mane, because of his super longevity, is still alive, and is now approving of the reopening of this school, because he had lost a lot of hope since he retired 20 years ago. However, he brings up the facts that got the school disbanded in the first place: aside from super powers becoming the new norm while true normalcy is pretty much an extinct biology and there for a school like this is rather redundent and outdated, there's also the matter of regulations around the idea, especially the ones of which were considered unfair yet arguably a good reason for existing, resulted in those gravely upset by it taking legal action to bring it down, and a failed attempt to fight it off resulted in Almighty Mane disappearing until now. The leader of this striking opposition, is none other than Almighty's brother, Inmighty Mane, who is also still alive, and is seeking to ensure that this school stays dead, though to why is rather because Inmighty was a victim of a periment depowering that left all but his longivity gone and only wants the school gone to not be reminded of his personal pain that he's the closet one ever gets to non-Super-Powered Kratosian apart from assentually being near-immortal. Will our heroes ensure that this school not only comes back fresh, but doesn't result in history repeating itself? With a prodigy student litterally dubbed Prodigy, there might be a chance.


Coming soon...




  • (Chronicler): What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely. Christopher Reeve, 20th Century AD... (You know the AD thing doesn't seem necessary, but, moving on.)
  • Different voice: Kratos... The world of Superiors. It wasn't always like that, though. It was actually created by the Greek gods to free animals from humanity. Then... Something changed their fate. (A quantonium asteroid hit)... The gift of a substance charged with quantum energy. The first one to use it on this world was named, appropriately enough, Prometheus.
  • Grotch became gigantic upon exposure to the quantonium...
  • Voice: After fighting off fearsome dark demons known as the Darkspawn, he decided to share this gift. Soon enough a lot were giant. But then... As the residents' bodies biologically adapted to the quantum substance in their bloodstreams and with a lot of research... The first true Superior was born.
  • A baby mouse glowed in light shocking his parents...
  • Voice: Soon they regained their original size and it was replaced with more diverseifived powers. Back then, they called them 'Quants'. Prometheus sought to expand this new gift. And within a millennium... Superiors were finally born. But 20% of the population were not Superiors, because of a then-emperor that did not felt comfertable with the gifts in being with Kratosians that never embraced the subtence, called the Proto-Kratosians, or the Normtos People. Thus, because of the emperor going out of his way to try and remove this gift, even often, albeit unintentionally, killing the ones who bared the gift in meaning for trying to normalised Kratos, began the Good-Evil Wars.
  • A war between Early Superiors and Proto-Kratosians began.
  • Voice: Okay, I know, now-a-days it's an inaccreate name since the Proto-Kratosians were not nessersarly "Evil" as more like they weren't accepting the gift, the more accreate name should've been "The Super Wars", but the Superiors had a poor-mindset at the time and thought lowly of the Proto-Kratosians, it couldn't be helped. Because of a war the Emperor did not wanted, he had no choice but to fight fire with fire, and gained powers, thus commiting the act of hypocratcy that only served to intenseify things..... Yeah, that guy, had the worse luck ever. And it did not got better when the True Superiors finally over-wealmed the unfit emperor to a bitter-sweet end. Ultimately the now former Proto-Kratosians, without their emperor telling them what to think and seeing how much others appresiated their gifts, even with some cromudgen, came to respect the power they hated. But they also need to better understand these powers since, let's be honest, they were initionally without them until their Emperor was forced to play the role of ironic hypocate and subugated them to gain powers to begin with so the war wouldn't've been one-sided. And with that... Came the Superior Renaissance.
  • An H-shaped Building was being made.
  • Voice: A time in which superpowers had to be adjusted to normal society. And as you would imagine, the first thing that they thought about was heroes, espeically since that not-surprisingly, the after-effects of the war lead to the rise of super-villains because the war produced alot of tragities, great and small, or often never-desireable inviduals simply desided that a Kratos without the Proto-Kratosian Emperor should be a world ruled by them. Thus, obviously, these guys, needed to be balenced out and kept from only making Kratos even MORE of a mess then already when the damn war happened. Obviously, this super-villain uprising, needed to be counter-acted by a Super-HERO uprising. And one person, stood to make them. Almighty Mane.
  • A silluetted lion hero was seen.
  • Voice: One of Prometheus' first true Superior friends. He was a great philosopher of the concept of heroes and opened up a school to produce the heroes need for Kratos. It was successful.... Unfortunately as times changed and the outlook of hero education changed... The school earned a serious controversy when it's usual methods, that were okay back then, have now been analised as questionable acts. There were concerns of contridictery intentions of creating just as much new villains instead of NOT doing that with students that were expelled for inaddiquintcy, along side that there are no longer any superiors that have problems with using powers as the Proto-Kratosian mindset is pretty much extinct, and even then independently grown heroes came to exist and kept the villain numbers down to promising degrees. The school, looked redundent, outdated, and to those bitter about it: CRUEL?! The reputation the school had was slowly dying. And it's fate had been sealed with the downfall of Almighty's own younger brother. His expulsion resulted in him successfully shutting down the school as it had served it's purpose with all. Almighty and his followers were scattered.... But soon, when times change for the far better... The Renaissance School will be restored in a more crucial time. But it will avoid the past it suffered that brought it down to begin, along with something more, dark, at play?.... (This song played)
My Hero Academia Opening - The Day 【English Dub Cover】Song by NateWantsToBattle

My Hero Academia Opening - The Day 【English Dub Cover】Song by NateWantsToBattle

Montage Song

Meet Pip Prizes

  • (Chronicler): Thank you for helping me with that introduction.... Ahem.... Though Almighty's time would fade... His followers still refused to let it die. And one Superior would find himself learning something about his family he never would have guessed.... His name was Pip Prizes. (A monkey Superior appeared at the scene of a villain battle)
  • Pedestrian: LOOK!!! (A Superior kangaroo superhero appeared) SPRINGFOOT!!!
  • Pedestrian #2: Yeesh, kid, you're a dork.
  • Pip: AND PROUD OF IT!!
  • A Saltwater Croc with a metal underjaw was seen.....
  • Springfoot: "..... (Quietly) Aw, struth, I just had to get Lock-Jawsmen today."
  • Lock-Jawsmen: "(Intimidating voice) Is that right, you over-glorifived marsupial? Well, get ready to fail your own hype. BOYS?! (Metal-Jawed Alligators appeared) Send him back to Austrillia...... IN PIECES?!"
  • The Alligators charged!
  • Springfoot jumped out of the way way high into the air as he pulled out his phone!
  • Springfoot: "Hello? Shela? Yeah it's me. I'm gonna be late today. I ended up having a hard super-villain to fight with, again. Yeah, love you too, sweetie, call ya back. (Hangs up the phone as he curled into a ball and fliped back down and prepared a judo kick!)"
  • Alligator 1: "Heads up, fellers, he's coming back down hard!"
  • Springfoot: TIGGER, EAT YOUR STUFFING OUT!!! (Lock-Jawsmen blocked it)... DAMN HIS SHOCK IMMUNIT- (He was thrown comically into a building) YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAH- *CRASH*
  • ???: Hey, Crockpot! (A Superior gorilla, Dalmatian, and titanic frog came in bowling over the Alligators as the gorilla punched him in the groin)
  • Pip: (Squees dryly) GUERRILLA, BURNTSPOT, AND TITANJUMP!!!! NOTESNOTESNOTESNOTESNOTESNOOOOTES!!! Guerrilla's ability to negate powers with punches are appropriate for a villain like Lock-Jawsmen, Burntspot's firefighter powers of water and fire can quell the fires, and Titanjump's gift of the original power of the Titans of Superior history could be useful, but Guerrilla's power can be only useful for close combat which isn't very good for someone as strong and invincible as Lock, Burntspot's steam can block senses in battle, and Titanjump can't operate in tight spaces. But they're good enough for a fight against Lock. (He didn't realised that one of Lock-Jawsmen' Alligators was over-hearing Pip, hidding in an alley as a reinforcement)."
  • Alligator: "...... (Grabs Pip by the tail) Well looky here. A stupid fanboy that be a perfect meaty-sheild. (Gaffaws). Ya should've just stayed home, monkey! Now yer the boss' get out of getting arrested card, cause heroes are SUCKERS for not getting col-latter-all dam-age. Ha-yuck!"
  • Pip: "..... Buddy, I don't think you realise who you're messing with."
  • Alligator: "Aw, shucks. I know a stupd little fanboy when I sees'im."
  • Pip: It's just... You should watch which Superior you hold hostage. (Punches him with powerful strength, causing a distraction that distracted Lock as he was surprised by the situation, and was about to say "What the" until his distraction ended up allowing the heroes to take him out, ending with a huge kick from Titanjump)
  • Lock-Jawsmen:... Ouch!
  • Guerrilla:... Glory of Zeus, kid, you got guts. But I must ask that next time, leave this to the professionals. You just gave them a helpful tip. (Pip realized his error)...... Next time they get a hostage, they'll know which power they have. Shouting words like that can be dangerous.
  • Burntspot: He's right. You don't just shout advice even as an insult to villains. That's something that a minion would do.... But thanks for the aid. (They restrained and took away Lock and his gang)
  • Pip:............


  • Pip: (Bumping his head on his desk) THAT, WAS, SO, STUPID!!!!
  • Golden Poison Frog: I heard what happened. Everyone's talking about it. You expect to go to a great professional school for a mistake like that? Even someone as reckless as the infamous Nitrous wouldn't do that.
  • Pip: NOT NOW, DANIAL!!!
  • Danial: "Hey, relax dude, I've meant that to be constructive criticisum."
  • A camel in regel clothing showed up.
  • Camel: "(Arabian Accent) Hello here, young master Pip. I heard about your interesting situation about the Lock-Jawsmen insodent about inadvertingly giving a minion advice that he would come to live by."
  • Pip: "Look, he looked like the typical dumb minion, he might not even remember it, A'hji."
  • A'hji: "But his friends, and espeically Lock-Jawsmen, might. And that means that Super Ops may have to start making people vacate the premises because now Villains may start to get wise on how to get out of hero fights faster."
  • A tough Ostrich Girl showed up.
  • Ostrich: "Yeah, well done, genius. It took awhile for the last set of villains to abandon that idea. Now we have to wait for the new set to eventually dump it. And that could take YEARS, for that to happen."
  • Pip: "Ya didn't had to remind me, Astrich."
  • ???: "Hey take it easy on him, guys. (A girl mandrill showed up) It only happened because the dumb minion mistook him for an over-eager fanboy."
  • A'hji: "Tecnecally, Miss Shauntelle, that isn't to say he was entirely incorrect."
  • Astrich: "Relax, Surmount, we were just having fun with him."
  • Danial: "And at least we're not being as bad about it as the populars are. They boasted about Pip's little accsident so badly, not even social outcasts would look at him with straight faces. And they have problems with looking at people in general!"
  • Pip: "REALLY NOT HELPING, DANIAL?!.... I can't help being the descendant of the famous "World Strongest"..... It was just my dumb luck that his great power was hereditary."
  • Shauntelle: "I wouldn't see that as dumb luck, Pip..... I think it's more destiny.... Like.... Maybe you were meant to pick up your ancestor's old role."
  • Pip: "Are ya kidding? My mom, aunt, uncle, 10 older cousins, and both grandparents of both mom and dad's sides, discouraged me to ever become a hero because they think that WS's shoes were TOO big to fill!"
  • A'hji: "To be fair, your ansistery had very big monkey-paws. (A shot of very large Moneky Paw shoes were seen)."
  • Pip: "...... I meant that they don't see me becoming like my ancestor..... Espeically not after mistakes like, JUST NOW! They're afraid I'll fall short."
  • Astrich: "Likely ain't helping you're doing dumb s*** like giving villains advice when there's a GOOD chance they'll take it seriously and ya keep showing up to battles. Maybe take the heroes' advice, and leave the s*** to the professionals until like, ya know, ya become one?"
  • Pip: "..... Maybe you're right, guys. Maybe, I should wait for that ever elusive oppertunity to answer the call of justice...... If it ever comes."
  • A Striped Hyena: (Shows up Laughing) Oh my Gods, Pippy, how gullible are you? You're not the ancestor to World's Strongest. That's just a desperate lie like Santa Claus and Big Foot meant to get you forward. You just happen to share the same last name AND rare power. All the descendants died during the Civil War.
  • Pip: (Shocked along with Shauntelle)...... You take that back, Laughson.
  • Laughson: Oh, really? You really think that a family like that would give you such a pitiful life of high school and screw-ups? That doesn't sound proper of ANY bloodline of a hero like "World's Strongest"! We're talking about a hero that managed to stare down a freaky lovecraftian horror said to eat entire universes whole, AND WON!? He made that universe eater run away like a bitch to the surprise of his eye-bird parasites! 
  • Shauntelle: "Give him a break, Laughson! Generations can change from the standerd."
  • Laughson: Yeah, fair's fair, that is true, but I think the people connected with World's Strongest would've been an exception. The family would be more subtle than that. You were lied to since you were told of your Superior disability. Your mommy just wanted to put you in a false world where we all get what we want. (Grabs the notebook).... Well frankly, Pippy..... That's really immature, dude. (He burns his notebook and throws it out the window, shocking the troupe) Time to wake up, Pip. Your power will never grow....
  • Laughson: Well excuse me for only being a messinger to a great force known as, REALITY?! Dreams have to end EVENTUALLY, people! May as well pull the plug on this dream's deathbed..... But hey, you want to prove me wrong? Why not just try hoping for next time a villain comes up, only to end up getting creamed that time? (The bunch were shocked) It's be a spectacle and laugh for me. (Chuckles and leaves)......
  • Danial: ".... Yeesh, that Hyena's an asshole. Good thing we all know better then to take laugh-ass serious- (Pip was already running off)..... Lee."
  • Shauntelle: "..... (Sighs)..... Let me, handle this. (Goes after him)."


  • Pip: WHAT, THE HELL?! He should NEVER tell someone to do that. What if I actually did that? What would he do?
  • Shauntelle: Don't let it get to you. Laughson's just trying to bust your gut.
  • Pip: (He got his notebook from a pond)...... But what if he was right?...... What if my lineage WAS just a sham?
  • Shauntelle: Don't you believe Laughson's words, Pip. He's just trying to get a rise out of you.
  • Pip: It COULD be. The possibility of me being related to him without enough evidence is very, VERY slim!
  • Shauntelle: You're REALLY going to listen to a total laughingstock like him?
  • Pip: No... But maybe I was just overexaggerating my name. If someone had the last name Crockett, would you assume he was related to Davy Crockett?...... It's just something pretty hard to believe when I think about it....
  • Shauntelle:...... (Sighs)... Then just ask your mother.... Who knows? You might be lucky.
  • Pip: "That's about it?! I'm afraid that she'll might end up want to talk to me and confirm everything Laughson said!"
  • Shauntelle: Come on. I'm sure her honesty will help and-

Pip's House

  • Pip's Mother: I actually don't know. (The two were shocked)...... I don't know if we're related to him. It was literally during the first era of Superiors. Much of his genealogy is a blank. Maybe he needed to be safe, or keep us or some other family safe, maybe chronicling genetics wasn't a priority in those times, maybe the infomation was lost to that mis-named war, maybe he is just an old folklore legend, I can't really say! Either way, I'm honestly unsure. It isn't that I was lying, as more like..... Pre-maturely saying a concludion while the truth isn't reveiled yet, nor, would it ever since we ARE talking about the early times of Superiors.
  • Pip: "...... Why? Why tell me something you weren't even sure was a definitive fact?!"
  • Pip's Mother: I did so because...... I never amounted to anything. I didn't want to believe that having the same last name and power was just a coincidence.... I don't even know IF anything I said is a lie, or a truth yet to be proven, nor would it ever because how bad early Superiors were at recording bloodlines!.... It's just information lost to time.
  • Pip: "..... Ya know....... It's bad enough that Laughson doesn't even believe in World's Strongest...... Now, my own family has basicly said that "WE'RE NOT EVEN SURE"?!"
  • Pip's Mother: "Your aunt and uncle said it was time you stop throwing yourself into super battles and stop inadvertingly helping both sides and complicating future battles as a result! They, they wanted you to grow up..... I'm, I'm sorry it had to end like this. I am so ashamed, and you have every right to take it as you will. I was just trying to be a good mother. I wanted you to be happy.... But you should still try. You might end up being the hero you want to be, related or not."
  • Pip:... You're right... But I don't blame you. This disability seems to be a curse. Weakner's Syndrome? Where a power is biologically unused to the body and cannot work at full capacity? World's Strongest was able to prove such a disability can be wiped away with his power. OUR power.... But again... Nobody knows if it's true... Thanks for at least giving me hope, mom. (Hugs her)...... I won't let you down. I'll make you proud. (The two left)
  • Pip's Mother:... I know you will....

Sunset-Lit Park

  • Pip:...... This is something that even I can't prove is true....... We both may have the same power... But if I can't break through my limits like you....... What do I do?... And what school would be perfect for me?
  • Shauntelle: You're going to be great, Pip. WS never gave up even after Almighty fell and neither should you.
  • Pip:... I hope not.... (Sung this).
Hercules - Go the Distance Lyrics

Hercules - Go the Distance Lyrics

Training Begins


  • Gibbon:... About time. Welcome to the first day of hell. I am your metanastics coach, Coach Jack.
  • Pip:... I definitely know you. You're one of the Turbonaughts. The famous family line of Superiors that mastered power training.
  • Jack:... How observant. Nice to know that there's people who know me. But... I'm going to stress that I'm not here for making heroes... I have a personal mission. My family is the last thing allowed to be invited to the school.
  • Pip:... Why?
  • ???: YOU!!! (Almighty came in)... What're YOU doing here, Crashitus?
  • Jack: Aaand here it comes.
  • Almighty: I thought I told your family to stay off my property. Your ancestor's dumb choices ruined the school. It costed me my brother and legacy.
  • Jack: Tch, Might, listen to yourself. You make it sound like the Crashituses and Turbonaughts getting together was a crime. Let me assure you, I do not respect my maiden family name.
  • Pip: What is going on here?!
  • Jack:... I was hoping to tell you at the right time. But since he just blew it for me... My maiden family was the cause of this school's old controversial supremacy clauses. The Crashitus family were infamous philosophers for applying unfairness in life to the educational curriculum. They excused it by saying that calamity was always around the corner and heroes exist to correct that unfairness.
  • Pip: "Wait, I thought that was Almighty's thing."
  • Jack: It is. My family, just pushed those beliefs abit too hard back in the day. It was a time when unfairness was like a plague. It was inexcusable to bring it in such bleak time and it was the stepping stone that caused the downfall of the school. But the name is only a maiden name. My father was the real family to focus on. I swore upon working here to forever ignore that family name for their crimes.
  • Almighty: Well, it's going to take far more than that to convince me. I do not want history to repeat itself.
  • Jack: I promise on my life that I only wish to ignore them until their name is restored. I'm a Turbonaught first and a Crashitus second. You and I did not get along because our shamed name had to become underground heroes after the fall of the school. You have to learn to forgive and forget, Almighty. I am nothing like those who ruined your legacy.
  • Almighty: "Can I REALLY trust that, Jack? And even then, it's not just myself who has issues with this, IT'S THE WORLD?! If Algor and the Senators found out you were here, they WILL assume that this school will only once again aggrovate it's critics?! I mean, nothing against you or your father, Jack, but I can't risk another collapse..... Please, leave."
  • Jack: Oh, I talked to them already. (Almighty was shocked)... Oh come on, Might, what did you take me for, a jackass? Don't answer that, I meant in terms of just wondering in here willy nilly. It would be foolish to come in without consulting them. Heroes always need to think ahead. Even the underappreciated ones. They gave me a chance because of my paternal name and my need to only respect my mother like a son and not a family member. And I will NOT waste that chance by being just like them. In some cases, I'd use the supremacist thing as a ploy to get you to do your best. But that's the LAST thing I want to do for this school. Instead, it's going to be a contest. Whoever comes in highest enters the Zeus House. Whoever comes in lowest goes into Dionysus House. You may also notice the leaderboard. There's many of them for each class and each position is graded by 7 qualities: strategy, in which you can test your planning or improvisation, responsibility in which you must test your subtlety, care, awareness and duty, health in which you can test your social, mental, and physical skill, courtesy so you can test how well you appear with others, self-control in which you can test how well you can control yourself and your powers, timing in which you can try to be responsive and on high alert, and last but not least, teamwork, in which you all must learn to work harmonically with each other. Your place on the leaderboard no longer shows supremacy. Now it is so you can better yourselves periodically. Of course, granted, we only have Pip as of now, but I diegress. It's no longer a pecking order. It's progress.
  • Almighty: Well...... You're more responsible, unlike your ancestor Coningham. But I am still uneasy about your presence.
  • Jack: You'll find that any doubt will disappear faster then what hairline Uncle Joggy has left. You will NOT be disappointed. You can start by watching...... Pip, doing, things...... Seriously, this one guy's all we got?
  • Almighty: "Superiors are horrendusly under-confident about the school coming back."
  • Jack: (Rolls eyes) Figures. Let's start with the orientation test. This will branch you all into the right houses, and whoever comes highest or lowest ,goes to the Zeus House for highest score, Dionysus House for low ones. But keep in mind the things you will be judged on: strategy, responsibility, health, courtesy, self-control, timing, and teamwork. They're all important for a hero. Now let's begin.


  • Jack: Let's start with how you believe your seven qualities are. Tell me, little Pip, are you smart? Strategic?
  • Pip: Oh, TOTALLY. Almost any villain fight I've been at, I was able to take notes. With a power like mine, you might never know which ones I'll get and how to use them right. And of course, given my little... 'help', to that Lock thing, I need to have forethought.
  • Jack: Oh yeah, Guerrilla told me about that. You were the "Fanboy" that half-helped them but also half-helped Lock'Jawsmen by giving one of his cronies an advice he'll live by. You'll need a lot more than Lumosity for that. What about responsibility? In order to protect, you need to see the world around you like you're carrying a baby. Expect the unexpected. Watch what you do. Make sure you handle with care. Otherwise you'll accidentally drop a weak structure on yourself trying to save someone.
  • Pip: Of course, I take environmental consequences into notes while taking into account heroes like Titanjump or Burntspot. It just depends on what my accelerated development will give me to work with.
  • Jack: Good, good. Now, Health. I was told you possess... Weakner's Syndrome.
  • Pip: Sadly yes. It had me doubting before coming here. But I am physically fit and social. Stood up to several bullies trying to develop my powers, made new friends... But as for mental...... I would like to say that-
  • Jack: Say no more. My empathy says it all. Now, what about courtesy?
  • Pip: Oh, I help out all the time. I have great leisure. Almighty said he saw me clean up an entire littery waste beach. I also dump out the water I find in bottles on the ground. Help out in basic nice deeds, do leisurely hero deeds, you know how it is. If that's not courtesy, I don't know what is.
  • Jack: Very good. Any, self-control?
  • Pip: Well I'd say I could take the opportunity to find the most maximum way to develop my powers. Just not in the level of pro heroes. Not yet. I just start small then work up to it.
  • Jack: Spoken like a true hero. How's that timing?
  • Pip: Well I rush over to villain fights I know I can reach in time for my notes. Does that count?
  • Jack:.... Close enough. And what's teamwork to ya? Or are ya one of those Lone-Wolf "I work alone" types?
  • Pip: Oh, be assured that I have friends who help me out when I need it. That has to say I can work in a team.
  • Jack: Again, close enough. Here's the stats so far. (Strategy: 8, Responsibility: 6, Health: 5, Courtesy: 10, Self-Control: 7, Timing: 7, Teamwork: 5)... Not a bad start for the descendant of Almighty's sidekick and successor. Or, ya know, so claimed. World's Strongest's gene histroy is ironicly the weakestly kept info.
  • Almighty: And for good reason. After the school's original fall, everyone wanted to make sure it stayed that way even if they had to become villains. None of those who fought for me were safe. Not even my girlfriend Stable Sable or that of WS. So we had to be under the history books and just be left forgotten for our own safety.... But I never lost sight of my followers' descendants. Pip IS descended from Jedrek. (Pip was given great hope from hearing that) Information on that just had to be obscured to keep him safe. There's threats out there that will take advantage of him, and they ranged from embittered souls who were victims of the school's old ways, or villains who are vengeful that the school quelled their uprising to begin with.
  • Jack: Well, I myself am still skeptical on that, so, only time will tell. Jedrek managed to prove that Weakner's Syndrome could be eliminated. The Syndrome is basically like when Superman made his mental blocks to keep him from obtaining his true power after he rejected his power. Then training with Mongol II got him to tear them away. The syndrome serves as a catalyst. Once it's gone, you can be just as great as WS.
  • Pip:... I never thought of it that way.
  • Jack: That's what my paternal name strides for. In order to train Superiors even during the Superior Renaissance days since that misnamed war, they had to prove that weakness could be overcome. See, Superior bodies are different than regular sentient animal bodies. In order to handle the quantonium in their bloodstream, their biology and anatomy had to change. The pinkie toe had to stop being semi-vestigial. That's what we did to embrace being true Superiors back when we were still Titans. You must do the same.... Starting now. Time to test your seven qualities on the training course. Now, keep in mind that the old course is, abit, rusty, it has yet to be re-moded for the modern world, so, expect it to be, anichent, out of date, and, abit rusty.
  • Pip: "Oh how bad could it POSSABILY be?"

Training Course

  • Pip: (The place was like a boot camp course)...... A boot camp course... Is ancient?
  • Jack: Well we were ahead of the normal technological curb because of our powers. Intelligence powers allowed even mobile phones to exist during Algor's first days as leader. Back in the Superior Renaissance, it was like the first half of the 20th Century.
  • Pip:... Makes sense.
  • Jack: I had the dated ugliness of it taken care of. Now it's like it's brand new.
  • Pip:... Well it would be more prudent to train with others. Alone, it's like I'm trying to punch the air.
  • Jack: Not my fault there's no other students. It's the fault of my maternal family. This is just to test the first six qualities. Teamwork will be for last.
  • Pip: "I was initionally speaking this to look, horrorable."
  • Jack: "You should've seen it when it had the outdated look. Trust me, it looked ALOT worse before I gave it that due makeover."
  • Pip:... Oh well. Beggers can't be choosers. I really hope I can meet new people. Hopefully more modern descendants of Almighty's followers.
  • Jack: "It ain't that easy, kid. Generations of certain folk don't aways keep consistent of what their ansisters did before them."

Final Battle Against Inmighty


  • Almighty: Brother, this is over.
  • Inmighty:... It's not over, UNTIL IT ACTUALLY IS?! (He took a specific serum out) Victory is not as easy as winning over the long-standing critics and those afraid of the harsh regulations returning! I swore that this school STAYS dead, no matter what changes! I am not ignorent to the rising villain problem and the need of a new hero generation, but this school is not, and shouldn't be, a way to address these needs?! This school STAYS DEAD!
  • Almighty: What... What is that?!?
  • Inmighty: A revitalizer serum, brewed by a friend of mine. An exspearimental project to see if perimently depowered superiors can be restored of their former glory. In theroy, not only with I have my old powers again, but it could even fix my longivity and make me young again! With a drink, I will have power much better than anything I ever had before! It can destroy the affects of quantonium to each other within our bloodstream. This time, the powers I get, can no longer be easily depowered, and I will be immune to any quantonium-based attack you have. I'm sorry it came to this, brother, but my goal to stop that wreached school from coming back has more pirority then family! Let history frame me as a monster! BECAUSE THE SCHOOL, SHALL, AND MUST, DIE AT ALL COSTS?! (He puts the serum in a needle and injects himself with it as he glew a dark green)!
  • Almighty: GOLIATH, DON'T! (Inmighty Mane started to grow into a blue lion-like monstrosity similar to Doomsday, and unleashed a powerful roar)... No! Not a Kratosian Deformity! Brother, was, was this friend a legit sciencetist?!
  • Inmighty Mane: "(Monsterious voice) He is. But tough times lead to him to accept illegit methonds to attive his dreams thanks to an unfair goverment. Another victim of regulation tyranny. Perhaps I'll pay his home a visit and destroy that joke of a govenor afterwords. BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST?!"
  • Foy: Well... Something tells me this is gonna suck!
  • Prodigy: YOU THINK?!? (The mutated Inmighty attacked them as their superpowers were rendered unaffective against him)
  • Walt: What... What happened?!?
  • Tane: I... I can't use my super-speed! And wow, so this is what it is like to speak normally.
  • Tyrone: "Alas, one of the few, if not only, good things from an otherwise bad situation!"
  • Inmighty: You're pretty much without any ability to fight back, minus the silly guns, which are basicly just powers in gun format! Now, you're welcome to still fight, but hear this..... Your overconfidence will be your own undoing! (He starts fighting them as this music played)
Strike Force Heroes 2 music Missions 5, 9 (The Meeting)

Strike Force Heroes 2 music Missions 5, 9 (The Meeting)

Showdown With Inmighty

  • The guns are proven ineffective as Inmighty Mane stated as all the group did is waste ammo!
  • Foy: "Nothing's working?!"
  • Inmighty: "Ya know, I tried to warn you people, but did you listen? No! Ya did not?! Youth these days. No respect for their elders."
  • Inmighty grabbed the ground and started to shake it to force the heroes to fall down as their guns were out of reach.
  • Almighty fell down the hardest and Inmighty approuched him.
  • Inmighty: "..... And to think, all this was because of your bad hindsight and lust for stronger Superiors. Your obcession with perfect super heroes caused all this. Had you just been even a tiny bit kinder to "Weaker" superiors, you wouldn't've lost a brother.... Not that you cared. You gave more remorse for the school that ruined him instead of your own flesh and blood?! You picked a profession that was becoming outmoded by the times, over family?! You disgraced the Mane name!"
  • Foy: "Hey you psyco, you're the one who-"
  • Almighty: "You're right, Goliath."
  • The heroes: "WHAT?!"
  • Almighty: "...... Everything, was my fault. I tried so hard to make all of Kratos understand a more complex reality, that.... I hurted more dreams then I helped created. I was selfish, in wanting to make every hero and heroine like me and the Mane family, that, I was inconsiderate to heroes that would offer a more unigte way for heroisum. I was more blind then those who believe in a more simpler reality..... I realised that, neither hero nor villain needs to match a certain standerd. Life, is even more complicated then even what my own damn philosify suggested. Heroes, do not always need to have super powers, or magic, or a peak of physical perfection, or a suprime mastery in the fighting arts, or high-tec fancy gear. A hero, can be the most average person ever who desided to brave a deadly threat because others couldn't help. Real heroes are those that accept weakness and limitations, and do great things without powers of any kind. I..... I was a fool, ever making the school like it was to begin with. If I knew that it would've ended up hurting anyone I cared about, I wouldn't've made the regulations like they were. I should've been more fair to those that didn't match my criteria in those times..... I.... I should've been there for you..... I.... I should've helped you..... Golaith..... I'm...... I'm sorry."
  • Inmighty was suprised by this.....
  • The other heroes were touched by that speech.
  • Inmighty was silent.......
  • Inmighty growled and grabbed Almighty in the throat!
  • Inmighty: "You're an entire millenda too late for apologies! You are years, of broken dreams, too late for sorrys?! You are a brother too late, FOR RECONCILIATION!? (Tosses Almighty straight into the building as he crashes through the walls and into the hallway as Inmighty walked in.) YOUR SCHOOL RUINED TOO MANY LIFES FOR FORGIVENESS TO BE AS EASILY GRANTED AS A TOUCHING SPEECH?! (Destroys some lockers) THOSE SOULS WOULDN'T'VE BEEN AS MISERABLE AS THEY WERE, HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR YOUR FALSE PROMISES OF GREATNESS?! (Grabs Almighty and tosses him into an armory!) YOU FORCED SOME OF THEM TO DELFEUPT DISHONEST TACTICS, JUST TO BE ACCEPTED AS STRONG BY YOUR EXCEPTATIONS?! (Grabs an engery spear) YOU DROVE THEM TO TRAIN UNTIL THEIR BONES CRACKED?! (Lashes out at Almighty as he was scratched by the enegery spear) ONLY TO THEN DENY THEM OF THEIR DESTENY?! (Lashes more at him as he got covered in scars as Almighty failed to fight back, and just when it looks like he was done, he impales Almighty hard!)"
  • Inmighty: "Well, I'm gonna make sure, this school never, ever, comes back!"
  • Inmighty tosses Almighty to the wall as the energy spear further inpentitraits him!
  • Inmighty proceeded to leave elsewhere in the school!
  • The group arrives and gasped in shock at Almighty's predicerment!
  • Prodigy: "LUCAS?!"
  • Tane: "Holy crud! Mr. Almighty?!"
  • Meg: "That, doesn't, look surviveable."
  • Almighty:... You... You must stop him!
  • Bolo: How?!? We don't have any powers!
  • Almighty: I was around when pre-Superiors fought against Superiors. They were still able to stand strong. You, as depowered Superiors, need to learn to save the day even without them! Don't worry about me! Stopping my brother should take priority over this old relic's well being. Please.... Stop Goliath.
  • Foy:... He's right, guys! We gotta do something! And we sure as hell aren't gonna do it by standing around!
  • Wendy: Well, what're we waiting for? (They took off)


  • Inmighty: (He used his growing powers to ravage the school)... This miserable school didn't even had the chance to have students yet. GOOD! Then it wasn't able to start causing the pain I felt! And I'll make sure it STAYS that way!
  • Ororo: GOLIATH! (They stood against him)... That is enough!
  • Inmighty: Oh, look at you, risking your lives without powers. (While rolling his eyes dejected) Life truely is wasted on the youth. (Back to being serious) Beating you all will be like breaking twigs. Ya may as well run off and let me finish things here.
  • Meg: Powers or not, we will do what we can to stop you. Pre-Superiors stood tall against Superiors, and so will we!
  • Inmighty: "But that's the thing..... Superiors WON against the Pre-Superiors! That bravery was for nought!"
  • Nigh: Well, true, but that doesn't mean it was a one-sided battle..... Completely...... I mean, have you ever seen Batman? Hell, soon, the Lodgers and Super Ops will-
  • Inmighty: I am not fearful of them! I would've already destroyed this school by the time they get here!? And even then, there's LITTLE they can do against me! I will NOT let anyone else share the same pain as me!
  • Inmighty: Oh look who suddenly grew a pair, AND a spine!
  • Prodigy: You will PAY for what you did to Lucas?! Your own brother of all things?!
  • Inmighty: His own fault for making this stupid school to begin with?! What accured to him was only a logical concludtion.
  • Prodigy: That's where you made the fatal mistake! I bare, a legendary rare power that even you cannot hope to comprehend, or take aw-
  • Inmighty grabbed him and did exactly that as Prodigy was without the unigte power!
  • Inmighty: "....... You were saying?"
  • Prodigy: "..... Crap baskits."
  • Inmighty punched Produgy very hard and straight into the wall!
  • Walt: "Annnd, just ike that, there goes our trump card?!"
  • Inmighty: "Now, are you worthless brats done pestering me, or do I now have some tools in the form of your bodies to help me damage the place?!"
  • Prodigy:... (Everyone stood down)... No! We can't give up!
  • Ororo: PIP, DON'T!!! HE'LL KILL YOU!!
  • Prodigy: Let him try! (He displays tactics that worked for only a split second as Inmighty punched him, which broke his arm) AAAAHHH!!! (Inmighty kicked him into a wall)
  • Tane: PIP, NO!!! JUST GIVE UP!!!
  • Prodigy:... I'm not giving up. Why are you all just standing down? Heroes don't give up, and as long as you wear those costumes, neither do you!
  • Walt: "..... So, where's the dressing rooms again? I want to change into civilian clothes, or else I would end up naked. And no one wants THAT!"
  • Prodigy:.... WHAT KIND OF HEROES ARE YOU?!?
  • Meg: Ones that know that they can't beat every single villain, ESPEICALLY NOT WHILE THEY'RE LIKE (Points to Inmighty's state) THAT?!
  • Ororo: "Sometimes a hero has to let the bad guy enjoy a small victory until they can regroup and try again more prepared! Besides, all he wants, is to destroy this STUPID school anyway?! He's not trying to be like Doomsday, Darksaid or Galactus and destroy the entire planet or wipe out races like Thanos or Apocaclips, no! He, wants, to wreck, a repalceable BUILDING?! That's it?! Buildings CAN be repaired, Pip?! AND EVEN THEN..... I don't think Almighty will survive his injury. Without him, this school has no garrentie of survivng without him, whether we stopped his brother or not. Just let him have that, or else provoking him will evolve him into wanting to wreck all of Kratos!"
  • Imighty Mane: "Actselly, even then, I would still only destroy the school and surrender peacefully afterwords. If anything, all provoking me would do is end with me being giving the murder charge, and I think I potaintionally already have that with Almighty, so I personally don't want to add CHILDREN into the mix!"
  • Tane: "TEENS?!"
  • Inmighty Mane: "(Being Coy) There's a difference?"
  • Scarlet: "Okay, dude, you are not being practical. Just let Inmighty do what he wants so he'll give in afterwords! Maybe it was for the best that the Reniassnce doesn't return."
  • Prodigy: Don't ever say that! Heroes never say that!!
  • Prodigy:... That's what a true hero does. Sacrifices himself for the good of everyone.... In case I don't make out of this, tell Shauntelle..... I've always been in love with her. That she'd inspired me to be just like my father. She gave me the guts to try and help a douche like Nicholas. I... I want to thank her.
  • Inmighty: (Chuckles) Isn't that sweet? Well, time to put you out of your misery. (He ultracharged his punch to be fatal until Prodigy just caught it)...... I'M SORRY, WHAT?!? WHAT THE FUCK?!
  • Prodigy:... Checkmate! (He punched him into a wall surprising everyone)......
  • Prodigy:... One of dad's classic moves. His accelerated development powers allowed him to fake out opponents that can take away powers. He can restore them with genetic memory.... So, consider it your biggest mistake killing your own brother.
  • Prodigy: "Oh, so am I making up that I was able to just slam you into the wall?"
  • A Trench Coat Zebra was seen.
  • Zebra: "You tell me, Kevin."


  • Prodigy was actselly being smacked around by Inmighty Mane as everyone stared helplessly!
  • Inmighty Mane: "Smack-smack, Paddy Wack, Break a'lotta bones, this stupid ape came crumbling home! (Tosses Prodigy right back to where the group where as he fell flatly on his face!)..... BAH! Some TRUE hero ya turned out to be, kid. But don't feel discouraged. How's about a joke? What's the oppisite of Christafer Walkens?"
  • Prodigy: "(Pained) Whaaaaaaaaaat?"
  • Inmighty Mane: "(Leaped up) CHRISTAFER REEDS?! (Stomp-lands onto Prodigy as he screamed in pain)!"
  • Inmighty Mane: "Well, neither did you, when you refused to give up. In fact, may as well use you to really wreck the place and- (Gets blasted by a light-beam as Inmighty crashed into a wall) D'OW ZEUS DAMN IT?!"
  • Prodigy: ".... Almighty? (Saw the Lougers, Gazelle with the Uniter Blade, and the Super-Ops)...... Aw, damn it."
  • Inmighty Mane: "(Gets up).... Well, you arrived quicker then expected. Guess Super Ops is getting abit better at responding."
  • Gazelle: "Inmighty, either step down now, or suffer."
  • Inmighty Mane: "Well ordenarly I would do so RIGHT AWAY! Thing is...... I'm not finish with the school yet. So, I think I'll disable the big player first! (Grabs the Uniter Blade, but it's power greatly burned Inmighty as his hands burst into flames) DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?! WHAT THE FUCK?!"
  • Gazelle: "The Power of the Uniter Blade saw too great a darkness in you, in that when you touched it, it has sealed your fate."
  • Inmighty Mane: "(Tries to shake it off, but it won't stop) I CAN'T GET IT OFF?! WHAT KIND OF SUPER-POWER IS THIS?!"
  • Gazelle: "The Uniter Blade is beyond super powers. It's the power of Kingdom Hearts itself. And your fate, is sealed."
  • Inmighty Mane: "NONONONONONONONONONONONO (Gets engulfed in light-flames) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- (Gets engulfed by the flames and poofed into black smoke that engulfs the room and leaves via windows!)"
  • Aaron: "..... Wow, the rest of us didn't even needed to do ANYTHING."


  • Almighty Mane was placed in a body bag as Algor looked on depressed......
  • Prodigy was placed on a strecher for the hospital......
  • Algor: "..... This was a dishastor."
  • Trunx: "(He and the other Senators showed up) Algor, this has become a media NIGHTMARE?! I tried to tell ya bringing this school back was a bad idea, AND IT WAS?! Almighty and his brother are DEAD?! And a young man was beaten to a pulp?! None of us feel confident anymore about keeping this school up! We're closing it down, AGAIN, and condemning it?!"
  • Algor: "Trunx, Neckstra, Good Senators! Please. Almighty would've wanted this school to continue without him."
  • Neckstra: "But without Almighty, people would not be as attracted to this school without a legendary hero running it! No one would trust this school without him?!"
  • ???: "I'll take over from Almighty."
  • A Sable Antlelope showed up....
  • Trunx: "..... The Stable Sable? A famed Omnipotent Super Heroine?"
  • Algor: "..... Miss Stable, I am sorry to inform you that-"
  • The Stable Sable: "I already saw the news...... And, I know that cause of it, the senate would not give the school a chance without him..... So..... I wish to take over from him. He would've wanted me to."
  • The Senators look at eachother.....
  • Algor: "..... Please Senators...... Don't forget why I brought this school back. The Villain Uprising is STILL a legit problem, and one we all wish to address in some way..... Don't let them enjoy a failure of our respondsence because of what Inmighty did this day."


  • ???: (As a Red tegu Superior came in tripping comically)... Ignoble?
  • Ignoble: Sir!... Your plan worked. Almighty and Inmighty... Are both dead.
  • ???: Excellent. I knew telling Inmighty about the return of the School would seal their fate. And alcourse, messing with that idiot Fix's concocion has helped a bit too, in that it ended up making him so monsterious that he would have to be put down. Now it's time to get to work.
  • Ignoble: Though, there's something else.... Stable Sable has taken his place.... What do we do?
  • ???: "That much can't be helped, Igs. That over-powered witch is NEVER too far behind from Almighty."
  • Ignoble: "But sir, any arch-enemy of whoever gets involved will be discouraged to ever attack a school with an Omnipotent superior present! A direct assault's out of the question now!"
  • ???: "Oh like it had any better a chance when Almighty was alive? He may've not been an Omnipotenter, but are you confident to say that any villain would've wanted to mess with the likes of him?"
  • Ignoble: ".... Ugh, good point."
  • ???: "Besides, direct assaults are so..... Medieval. Any d-list hack would just have a large number of villains attack any faculty like they think armies are enough anymore. A true stragist, devides, and congures."
  • Ignoble: ".... Oh, I get ya. Don't let them suspect anything. Though, what, exactly is the "work"?"
  • ???: "Well first, we need to see what kind of people this school would accept first. It wouldn't be smart to just accept any villain willy-nilly and they end up being inadaquite for the task at hand."
  • Ignoble: "Is, that it? Not what I really call "Getting to work", sir."
  • ???: Trust me, Igs, it'll all be clear in the end.
  • Ignoble: Well, you're the mastermind.
  • ???: Indeed.... (Ignoble leaves).... (Quietly) More then you could've ever realised. (Cackles)

The End?



Boku no Hero Academia OST 01 - You Say Run『Theme Song - Plus Ultra』

Boku no Hero Academia OST 01 - You Say Run『Theme Song - Plus Ultra』

Almighty Mane's Theme

Boku no Hero Academia OST - "My Hero Academia"

Boku no Hero Academia OST - "My Hero Academia"

Renaissance School Theme

『My hero Academia』OST All Might theme Song

『My hero Academia』OST All Might theme Song

Almighty Mane's Arrival Theme

Boku no Hero Academia OST - "You Can Become a Hero" - Extended

Boku no Hero Academia OST - "You Can Become a Hero" - Extended

Encouragement Theme

Raze 3 Soundtrack Juice-Tin - Sad Robot

Raze 3 Soundtrack Juice-Tin - Sad Robot

Prodigy's First Mission Theme

Raze 3 Soundtrack Symphony Of Specters - The Kings Summit

Raze 3 Soundtrack Symphony Of Specters - The Kings Summit

Prodigy Steps Up

My Hero Academia Opening 2 - Peace Sign 【English Dub Cover】Song by NateWantsToBattle

My Hero Academia Opening 2 - Peace Sign 【English Dub Cover】Song by NateWantsToBattle

Ending Song

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