Superiors are sentients with one difference that makes then very unique: superpowers. Superiors consider superpowers their greatest piece of technology. Superiors can only be found on the ancient planets of Kratos (Land superiors) and Lagoola (Sea creatures). With their superpowers, superiors have become capable of inhabiting their entire homeworld no matter how tough the conditions are. They've even become capable of inhabiting their homeworld's moon, Nike, with weeks of terraformation.


Superiors on their main homeworld of Kratos have not always had superpowers since the beginning. In 130 BC, superiors were normal just like the rest of the UUniverses. The First Cartoonian War was still waging darkness and chaos. The Darkspawn was much stronger than the superiors, and managed to enslave them for their uselessness. Then came the day the superiors that were free from enslavement discovered something intriguing. The benevolent and wise leader of a wealthy clan, Grotch Prometheus, had discovered quantonium (Monsters vs. Aliens) inside a highly radiant meteorite that crashed right near his home as it was being invaded by Darkspawn. The quantonium caused Prometheus to become gigantic, intelligent, and powerful enough to defeat the Darkspawn and save his home.

Prometheus then used the quantonium to power up members of his clan, making them giant superpowered citizens. And as the years passed, Prometheus discovered electricity, medicine, and space travel, and soon became wealthy and rich. And to top it off, his citizens started populating, and thanks to their heredity and a bit of genetic research, their offspring were superpowered as well. Soon enough, though, they decreased in size, and eventually returned to normal size, completing their path to becoming what they are now: superiors.

Thanks to the quantonium, Prometheus has been capable of living for hundreds of years. He soon died in the year 956 AD, very long after Chernibog's defeat and the cartoonian war's end, when he got cancer. After him came wealthy leaders that took his place as ruler of the Superiors and Kratos. With their advanced technology and superpowers, they populated their entire homeworld, and eventually it's moon, where they do advanced scientific research.

On their homeworld's moon, superiors have done years of advanced research on quantonium, and have over time allowed other superiors to gain better-suited superpowers, and improve their lives better. Therefore, quantonium has been their number one genetic medicine. But things won't go well when one superior leader starts to cause a worldwide disaster that could end the lives of superiors forever.

Biology and Superpowers

Quantonium has been very important for superiors since Prometheus discovery. At first, it made Prometheus just like Ginormica, but as the years passed, superiors have done research on their quantonium, allowing it to give them random superpowers that could be genetically passed on from generation to generation. Superpowers cannot just be identified by a superiors' use of them, it can also be identified by a simple blood test procedure. When the blood is analyzed, it reveals a complex multi-lettered code called a Metacode, or an MCode. Each MCode has a different number of uppercase and lowercase letters in alphabetical order that each determine a single superpower. The chart of MCode letters is called The MCode Identification Chart.

Superpower Rules

Superpowers may be the number one technological advancement for a superior, but there are rules regarding them. Once in a lifetime, superiors' superpowers often make them greedy and evil, which is actually very rare on Kratos, meaning crime is actselly considered almost unexistent. These rules are explained in the Kratos laws, which all superiors, even leaders, big shots, members of diplomatic rule, or even the rule-makers themselfs, must follow.

  1. Superpowers are to be deemed as priviledges. Every superior will not be allowed to use superpowers without clearance of a superpower license, which they will recieve during childbirth. Each license will be controlled by the Kratos government. If a superior should break the law using superpowers, he/she will have their superpower license revoked, and their powers will be taken away until further notice. This lead to some like Gazelliola Rightra into wanting to have superpowers be considered rights, not privilages, espeically when sometimes the punishment just makes certain superiors worse then intended.
  2. Superpowers are not to be used for bullying, torturing, or even for physical punishment. If such a move should be pulled by a superior, he/she will be given a superpower warrant, or a warrant that forbids the use of the superpower(s) that were used during the abuse, and the power(s) will be taken away until further notice.
  3. Superpower manipulation is a crime that dates back centuries. Viewed as dishonorable and irresponsible, manipulating superpowers whether it be for bribery or revenge, or even for a simple apology or even so much as a harmless prank, is a serious crime that violates the depowerization law, and is punishable by a superpower warrant, a fine, or 4 months in prison, even more depending on how extreme it is or how many are effected. The downside of this is that Superiors that are pure 'Superpower manipulators', as in having nothing but the ability to manipulate superpowers, are easily the most automatically punished and prosecuted group of superiors to exist, rivaling the Shadow Superiors and Mimics back when mimicry discrimination was rampant. To solve this problem, the legal system created a pact to limit the lineage of power-manipulation abilities and grant them to those that are qualified and permitted to handle them to make sure they are not abused as easily. Though some like these powers just the way they are, and ended up creating protestors like The Purifiers, lead by a Superior named Gazelleen Malmitulatorus Zazzormess, or self-proclaimed as "Queen Gazelleen", capable of power negation, augmentation, and bestowal.
  4. Amping is an illegal act of super-charging one's superpowers, making them stronger. Such an act can be very dangerous, and can cause devastation. If a superior should get amped, the amped superior will be revoked of their superpower license, and the amper will be arrested, and spend 2 years in Superior Jail.
  5. Illicit Superiors are Superiors that are not born on Kratos. The Kratosian Law forbids turning other-worldly beings into Superiors. Grotch founded this law as a countermeasure to keep those who obtained their gift from turning corrupt with power, espeically after how they used to have an era where they did share the powers but it backfired in ways that ended up with the non-kratosian turning evil or the power just not compatiable and ended up turning them into a disabled mutant of some sort. Those who became Superiors were not able to control their powers well, and sometimes side-effects are common for those who are not used to the substance, including crippling or mutation. The law was made for safety measures for themselves and outsiders from other worlds. The Superiors have been using quantonium on themselves for so long, they were immune to the side-effects. Some consider this to be an unfair law, and it briefly damaged the Superiors' reputation until the media spread the reasons for the law around the UUniverses so they can save it. Even so, the law is protested even to this day, arguing that superpowers can help improve life and society. However, Superiors still don't allow it since the UUniverses are actually better off without superpowers since they have two things that evenly-matches them: science and magic. This law even inspired A villain from a comic book series to be based on normal people who have an issue with the law, even some rights-advocate Superiors who formed a rights petition to have the law abolished, oblivious to the hazards and risks. This law gave a slang to other-worldly beings who were turned into Superiors called 'Illicit Superiors'. Humans are not an exception, and is a serious situation. Since they believed, or knew, that the Greek Gods brought them to their world to be free of human impacts, they considered a Human Superior blasphemy, and it is punishable by banishment, a massive fine, or life imprisonment. The same can be said for aliens. But there is a loophole to that philosophy. If Illicit Superiors are proven capable of handling ill-gotten powers with care, responsibility, or at least for doing what is right, like Susan of the Shell Lodge Squad, or any other noteworthy heroes, then they would be treated with respect as 'Demi-Superiors'.
  6. Depowerization is an illegal act of removing superpowers from superiors without authorization. Every superior must have superpowers, for it keeps them special. If a superior should be depowerized, he/she will be given their powers back, and the depowerizer will lose his/her power negation ability and given a superpower warrant.
  7. Chronoterrorism is an illegal act of altering time's past, and rewriting history into the terrorist's image and/or something the perpatraitor prefers. If such an act should be pulled, the TMA (Time Manipulation Agency) will stop the chronoterrorists, convert time back to normal, and give them a superpower ticket, or a ticket that charges a superior for the illegal and catastrophic use of superpowers. Chronoterrorists are often met with whom they refer to as 'Saldar the Chronic', an unknown cat deity who is claimed in Kratosian legend to enforce time and space.
  8. Omnipowerization is an illegal act of a superior becoming all-powerful, and therefore make the superior unstoppable. If a superior should be omnipowerized, the TMA will go back in time, and stop the crime. After that, the superior will be arrested, have all his powers taken away, and spend the rest of his life in Superior Jail. Exceptions can be pardoned if they're proven stable or if of Hades origin.
  9. Mutoquantonium is an illegal quantonium drug that not only gives a superior superpowers, but also mutates them into mindless aggressive monsters that wreak havoc and destruction. If it should be smuggled, it may be extremely dangerous. Any smugglers involved in something like this will be arrested, and spend 2 years in Superior Jail.
  10. Superiors are to be on the side of good. Superiors are forbidden to help the forces of evil, even so much as lesser villains like criminals and bullies.
  11. No passing of unfair laws, exspically laws that ban a certain power even if said power has a tendingcy to be easly misused. All powers are never evil, it's the matter on the one who weilds it. Leaders are rarely allowed to pull off such things, and if a power is to be banned, he/she must give a good and strong deminstraction on why such power should be banned. However, the banned power law will be revoked if a weilder of said power proves to be un-corruptable by such ability and uses it for a great good.

Government, Law Enforcement, and Community Service

With superpowers, superiors can do almost anything. The superiors' government, like ours, is a democracy, and has 3 branches: executive, judicial, and legislative. The entire planet of Kratos shares a single goverment and a single ruler. Even though it has one government and ruler, it has about 100 cities. The capital Kratos city, Prometheon, is what holds the ruler of Kratos, and his/her kingdom. Instead of multiple buildings like Washington DC, the governmental hot spot is a huge temple fitted with adamantium armor called the Prometheus Temple, with everything the government needs inside. However, every city needs a mayor, so smaller adamantium temples are placed in the center of each city where the mayor runs the city, and so on and so forth.

Law enforcement is also important, so many kinds of agencies are needed. Besides a police department and for each city, each agency on Kratos is located at the Prometheus Temple and at the temples of every city on Kratos. The agencies are listed below:

  1. AKA (Aerokinetics Agency)- An agency for air-manipulative superiors only. The AKA is meant to keep the air on Kratos clean, present, and breathable, as well as keeping tornadoes from causing any damage.
  2. GKA (Geokinetics Agency)- An agency for earth-manipulative superiors only. The GKA is meant to keep volcanic, tectonic, and seismic activity in check, as well as protect the environment.
  3. PKA (Pyrokinetics Agency)- An agency for fire-manipulative superiors only. The PKA is meant to keep fire from causing damage and destruction, which makes them the Kratos Fire Department.
  4. HKA (Hydrokinetics Agency)- An agency for water-manipulative and ice-manipulative superiors only. The HKA is meant to keep floods, tsunamis, or droughts from causing devastation, and keep water clean.
  5. EKA (Electrokinetics Agency)- An agency for electricity-manipulative superiors only. The EKA is meant to keep electricity flowing, and fix power outages, which makes them the electricians of Kratos.
  6. MKA (Meteorokinetics Agency)- An agency for weather-manipulative superiors only. The MKA is meant to act as weather reporters on the news, and keep weather from causing devastation.
  7. CKA (Chronokinesis Agency)- An agency for time-manipulative superiors only. The CKA is meant to keep the flow of time from being altered by chronoterrorists, and sometimes go back in time if they must.


Long ago, land and sea superiors didn't get along very well. The sea superiors were accusing the land superiors of eating their kind, and had almost went to war for it. But land superiors got lucky when they discovered that their twin planet, Lagoola, was an ocean planet, had underwater life, and was also inhabitable. So, to end this rivalry, land superiors introduced the sea superiors to Lagoola, and they all decided to inhabit it. And so, after years of packing and space transport, sea superiors lived in peace with the beings of kratos without the non-sentient fish they loved being eaten. In no time at all, underwater cities were built, and life was peaceful for the sea superiors ever since. however, they faced new problems, like the fall of land superiors at the great shake, and an assassin tried to murder their emperor. they grown to become un-friendly to strangers ever since, and go down the path of becoming a war nation, and are still in progress to make spiecal water suits filled with water so they can invade all worlds, so they can live in peace once again.


Hades is an underground world accessible through a hidden tunnel in Tartarus Valley in Kratos' Arctic Region. This underground community is populated entirely by Superiors dinosaurs that were reborn from the quantonium meteor strike that was discovered by Grotch and resurrected them as they were still nothing but bones. It gave them intelligence and a completely new outlook on Superiors. They had strict and controversial views on the Superior way of life, including Superior crimes such as amping, omnipotence, and Illicit Superiors. And their infamy comes from the philosophies of a Superior pterosaur named Kem about the dangers of freewill and how it can corrupt people into wanting power. But while they seem careless, they go through excessive interviews and studies first before an outsider can be deemed worthy of being a Superior, or if the Superior can surivive or remain uncorruptive under omnipotence. They also believe that treating something as physical as superpowers as a privilege instead of a right is counter-intuitive, meaning that superpowers in their government is a right as long as it is used responsibly and interviewed. They are against amping because it was pointless since they had omnipotence legalized, they were against chronoterrorism out of respect for the time deity, they keep use of mutoquantonium as safe and responsible as possible, and they still pratice being good despite everyone believing they are not so good. Depowering a Superior is restrictive as a punishment, but otherwise there is still a rule about using it in vain. They are also an atheist community, believing that gods are 'bio-spirits' and nothing else, and believing that following a religion halts scientific discoveries, but they don't bash religion too much. They also experiment more with quantonium, and create undocumented superpowers to advance their communites, but are reluctant to share it quickly on fear of being restricted like time travel. The infamous philosophy of Kem influenced their goverment and people that freewill is only to be trusted to those who are 'responsible' and careful, believing that free-thinkers are a menace to society. They accept freewill only when they make universally-accepted decisions. Freewill that acts dark is declared 'dark freewill', which is more corruptive and much more irreversible than even the darkest of magic. People in Hades, including Kem, also believe that the UUniverses should be under Superior control to better them and bring true peace. Kratosian Superiors often view it as fanaticism, and view them as hypocritical for being what they are against, but not by all means hated them or their views, just that they think they are overanalyzing it. But once Kem was executed by the Kratosian Government after accusing him of religious fraud, treason, and heresy, the Hadesians thought that the Kratosians were turned against them by dark freewill, and Grotch was sympathetic enough to isolate their hidden entrance to prevent people from ever arriving. But what he had no idea of was that Kem's daughter, Jem, wanted revenge on Grotch for letting the Senate kill her father, and she ended up accidentally murdering him, and made it look like he died of old age. She soon fell in love with the next ruler, Master Algorithm, and they agreed to get married, and make the two sides understand each other more, despite Jem's fears that her crime would be discovered.

MCode Identification Chart

Superpower Letter Code Definition
360-Degree Vision Tsdv Ability to see in all directions at once.
Age Manipulation Agm Ability to manipulate a person's youth, making him/her either younger or older.
Accelerated Development Ad (Formerly unknown) Allows the user to get better in meta-powers as they grow and exceed their own self and limitations to unpredictable levels. This power is rare amongst Superiors.
Airbreathing Ab Ability to breath air, which is predominant mainly to Sea Superiors.
Air Manipulation Am Ability to control air and wind, create tornadoes, and turn one self into air, and reform.
Armoured Hide Ah A rock-hard skeleton or hide.
Bionic Physiology Bip Ability to take on numerous, various physical characteristics of a robot, machine, weapon or android.
Blaster Breath Bb Ability to blast a laser out of one's mouth.
Bone Manipulation Bom The ability to control the skeletal system of one's self or others.
Chemical Manipulation Chem Ability to bend, create, or break down chemicals of any kind.
Chemical Vision Cv Ability to fire chemical out of one's eyes.
Clairvoyance Cvy Ability to see and process information through the mind.
Color Manipulation Cm Ability to control the color spectrum, change the colors of an object, or take away the color, rendering it black and white.
Darkness Manipulation Dam Ability to manipulate darkness, shaping darkness and shadows, teleport, become invisible, or even fly.
Deflection Df Ability to deflect any kind of attack.
Dream Manipulation Dm Ability to manipulate dreams. The superior can enter a dream, control the dream, and everything in it.
Duplication Du Ability to duplicate one self.
Earth Manipulation Em Ability to control earth, cause earthquakes, make volcanoes erupt, and turn one self into rock or earth, and reform.
Elasticity Ela Ability to stretch, deform, expand, or contract one's body into any form imaginable.
Electrical Manipulation Elm Ability to control electricity, travel through power lines, travel in electrical currents, and shut down electricity entirely.
Empathy Ep Ability to sense one's emotions and thoughts.
Energy Absorption Ea Ability to augment one self through absorbing any kind of energy.
Fire Manipulation Fm Ability to control fire and heat, provide warmth to one's self and others, emit fire, absorb fire or heat, and turn into fire and reform.
Force Field Generation Ffg Ability to generate impenetrable force-fields that protect the user from many forms of damage.
Freeze Vision Fv Ability to freeze objects with one gaze.
Ghosting Gh Ability to walk through solid objects.
Gravity Manipulation Gm Ability to manipulate gravity.
Healing Factor Hf Ability to heal wounds or replace missing body parts.
Heat Vision Hv Ability to burn objects with one gaze.
Hypertrophy Hyty Ability to enlarge or augment one's organs, muscles, or any body system.
Ice Manipulation Im Ability to control ice and cold, freeze people, provide cool up one's self and others.
Immutability Imt Ability to be immune to any change in biology harmful or otherwise.
Intangibility Itb Ability to become untouchable at will like a ghost.
Invisibility Ivb The ability to be unseen by the naked eye.
Invulnerability Iv Ability to be immune to one or more forms of damage.
Light Manipulation Lm Ability to control light, project force fields, lasers, holograms, become invisible, and travel the speed of light.
Magnetic Manipulation Mgm Ability to manipulate magnetism.
Matter Manipulation Mam Ability to manipulate matter and shift it into it's three basic forms.
Memory Manipulation Mm Ability to control, implant, remove, or alter the memories of others or one's self.
Mind Exchange Me Ability to switch bodies with another.
Molecular Manipulation Mom Ability to manipulate the molecules and periodic elements.
Merging Mg Ability to combine multiple objects into one.
Microscopic Vision Mv Ability to see objects at a microscopic scale.
Mind Control Mc Ability to control others with their minds.
Night Vision Nv Ability to see in the dark.
Omnilingualism Oll Ability to decipher any oral language and speak any fluently
Pheromone Manipulation Phm Ability to manipulate the pheromones of different people or one's self, therefore allowing manipulation of attraction or emotion.
Physics Manipulation Pym Ability to manipulate the laws of physics including friction, pressure, inertia, kinetic and potential energy, force, mass, momentum, etc.
Plant Manipulation Plm Ability to manipulate plants and anything similar to them.
Portal Creation Pc Ability to open portals to other locations in any degree or limitation.
Possession Po Ability to possess the bodies of others, and take control of it.
Power Adaptation Pad Ability to adapt one's own superpowers.
Power Anchoring Poa Ability to be immune to power manipulation abilities.
Power Augmentation Pa Ability to enhance or weaken the powers of others.
Power Bestowal Pb Ability to grant powers to others or jumpstart them.
Power Detection Pd Ability to sense one's powers and even sense those with the same.
Power Mimicry Pm Ability to absorb or copy the powers of others.
Power Mixture Pmi Ability to mix separate powers into new ones.
Power Negation Pn Ability to take away powers and bring them back.
Power Randomization Pra The ability to change superpowers for short periods of time.
Power Replication Pr Ability to copy powers and transfer those copies to others.
Power Reversal Prv Ability to change one power to another with the opposite effect of the original power.
Power Transferal Pt Ability to transfer/switch powers of others.
Precognition Pgn Ability to predict the past, present, and future.
Psychic Shield Psh Ability to be immune to any telepathetic abilities.
Psychometry Psy Ability to learn about anybody or anything and predict what it did in the past and what it will do in the future by touch.
Reactive Adaptation Ra Ability to develop a resistance or immunity to whatever hurts someone.
Retrocognition Rgn Ability to see the past.
Self Detonation Sd Ability to explode one's body and reform.
Shapeshifting Ssh Ability to take any form of any object including inanimate objects, people, animals, and matter.
Shock Absorption Sab The ability to absorb the shock of any attack and resist the damage.
Shock Augmentation Sag The ability to add the shock of any attack into one's own power.
Shock Rebound Srb The ability to turn the shock of any attack onto the user.
Shock Manipulation Shmp The ability to manipulate the shock of any attack.
Shock Negation Sng The ability to cancel out the shock of any attack and be immune to the damage.
Sonic Scream Sos Ability to generate vocal sounds of a higher amplitude than normal.
Sound Manipulation Som Ability to manipulate sound.
Sublimation Sul Ability to turn into a gas, as well as secreting other kinds of gases.
Super Agility Sa Ability to react quicker to an environment, have greater flexibility, and have a higher jumping capacity.
Super Endurance Se Ability to resist high amounts of damage and even stay active without getting tired.
Super Flight Sf Ability to fly without the need of wings, jet packs, or flying machines.
Super Longevity Sl Ability to live longer than normal.
Super Mentality Sm Ability to have intelligence quotient far above that of a genius level.
Super Physiology Sph Possessing an enhanced body part like hands, feet, nose, etc.
Super Speed Ssp Ability to do things quicker than a second.
Super Strength Ss Ability to move objects 1000 times one's size.
Technopathy Tcp Ability to manipulate and control technology and machines.
Tele-Hypnosis Ths Ability to influence people through physical contact, and even transfer memories.
Telekinesis Tk Ability to levitate or control objects without touching them.
Telepathy Tpy Ability to read minds.
Teleportation Tpo Ability to teleport to another area in the blink of an eye.
Telescopic Vision Tv Ability to magnify one's vision to a various level.
Time Manipulation Tm Ability to control time and space, freeze time, speed up time, slow down time, or go to the past or future.
Vortex Breath Vb Ability to inhale or exhale with super powerful strength.
Wallcrawling Wc Ability to scale walls.
Waterbreathing Wb Ability to breathe underwater.
Water Manipulation Wm Ability to control water, emit water, absorb water, and liquidate and reform from water.
Weather Manipulation Wem Ability to control weather, create thunderstorms, snowstorms, hail, sleet, rain, tornadoes, or hurricanes.
X-Ray Vision Xrv Ability to see through solid matter.
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