Superius Samantha

Samantha Gerrina Bernassola, AKA Superius Samantha

Samantha G. Bernassola, AKA Superius Samantha, is an Alternate UUniversal Stalik from the Planet Gozweri. Samantha was a religious high-school girl who believed heavily in Magelianism, or the Alternate UUniversal religion that empowers emotion over divinity, mostly experienced by people who have had a visit to Planet Magelio. But no one has ever been to Magelio due to the magical shield that protected it from invasion for it's divine crystals. Yet, while doing her 170th Magelianic meditation, this time with twice as much feeling and belief, she was chosen by the Magelians to find the missing Crystal Ball Septar, and save the planet from an evil black magic sorceror named Screeched Death, who has mysteriously infiltrated the planet, and is searching for a way to destroy the magic crystals that put up the shield so his invasion force will attack. Samantha accepts, having some experience in Magelian magic thanks to being in the planet's magical atmosphere, yet the black forces almost won until it was frightened off by Samantha's power. From then on, Samantha became the Wielder of the Crystal Ball Septar and kept the planet safe from invasion. She would soon be chosen to join the Heroes Act when the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council decides to search for new recruits. Interestingly, even before the act requirted her, she already knew Clifton Clever for awhile. In fact, you can say, they have a rather "magical" connection if you know what i mean.... If not, she's Cliff's love interest, genius.


Samantha was born on Planet Gozweri, where after leading a troubled life of being a needlessly agressive defender of a troubled friend, she became fascinated by the beliefs of Magelianism after reading books about their legends. She read the Magelianic Bible a hundred times, and became an ultra-religious believer. She learned that the power of Magelianism was not controlled by mind, but by feeling. Many emotions can allow you to become a powerful Magelian wizard. But in order to find the power within you, you must meditate, allowing your emotions to show you what destiny awaits you when you channel that feeling through you. Samantha, of course, spends her time meditating whenever her emotions go crazy. When she gets her feelings hurt, for example. One meditation didn't do much for her because, according to Magelianism, sadness is among the weakest magical sparks, and can sometimes lead to fear, which leads to hate, which leads to anger, which in turn leads to suffering.

Samantha was making great progress on her meditating, but kids at her high school were always picking on her for her religious beliefs, and have gotten her angry by using Magelianism in vain. But Samantha always knew that anger was the most powerful and destructive magical spark, and could only lead to black magic. She remained calm during her meditations, and one day, on her 100th meditation, her feelings channeled with magic energy, and she was instantly teleported to none other than the Planet Magelio.

The Magelians had summoned Samantha for a reason. There is a dark force among them named Screeched Death, who was using his black magical minions to destroy the crystals that powered their planet's shield. Without the shield, their planet was vulnerable to invasion. Samantha agreed, and the Magelians tell her that she must find the missing Crystal Ball Septar in order to stop Screeched Death. She sets off on a solo adventure to find the septar. It took a 3-day journey, but she managed to find the Septar in a hidden underground tunnel system somewhere at Screeched Death's hideout, right behind a black magic door that haunted people with their worst fears. Samantha overcomed them by using her emotions, and retrieved the Septar. But upon doing it, she alerts Screeched Death, who's minions are close to destroying the last of the magical crystals. Screeched Death traps Samantha in a prison of black crystals which she cannot get out of. Screeched Death takes the Septar, and before he can destroy it, Samantha uses her magical powers to destroy the prison, and levitate the Septar into her hands.

Upon touching the ancient septar, Samantha becomes a powerful being of magic and power, and fights Screeched Death mono-a-mono. Screeched Death had the upper advantage, and soon, his minions have destroyed the last of the crystals, and the shield dissipates, allowing Screeched Death's maximum-powered minions to enter the planet's atmosphere, cause destruction, and absorb the magic from the planet. Screeched Death's hideout began brewing in radioactive black magic, the sky turns dark orange, everything gets burned in black magic flames, and the place is becoming surrounded by black crystals as the duel between Samantha and Screeched Death continues.

But near the end of the battle, Screeched Death gets an idea to truely destroy her. He threatens her loved ones' lives, attempting to take over their worlds and corrupt them onto his side. This pisses off Samantha, and she violently attacks Screeched Death, and traps him. Samantha then attempts to kill Screeched Death, but her Septar raises an alarm and alerts the Magelians, who warn her that killing Screeched Death in anger will make her more corrupt than she realizes. She ceases her attempts, and begins using the Septar to repair the crystals that power the shield. But when she succeeds, Screeched Death attacks her with his most powerful dark magic, quickly but slowly killing her. But her adrenaline fueled by her agony and pain accelerates the Septar's power, and it quickly repairs the shield, and at the same time, Screeched Death is about to finish off Samantha. Thinking that he was gonna win, Screeched Death gives a final insulting taunt, But suddenly, he realizes that he has been using too much black magic to kill Samantha, and the shield that protected him from the planet's own shield given to him by the Villains Act has been destroyed. This immediately allows the planet's shield to exile him away.

With Screeched Death defeated, all his minions are destroyed, all of his black magic spells are wiped off the planet, and the Septar uses it's increased power to Samantha, who she is saved, and she is praised as the savior of Magelio and is named the new wielder of the Crystal Ball Septar.


Samantha is very experienced in Magelianism, and therefore, she can use magic. Even without her Crystal Ball Septar, she can use magic efficiently. But the Septar allows doubled power. Her magic is fueled by her emotions and thoughts. When she is sad, her magic is very weak. When she is happy, her magic is very strong. When she is scared, her magic is at medial power. And when she is angry, her magic is at it's maximum level. But since anger's power is so powerful, it affects the brain's neurological makeup, altering her thinking, and can cause her to turn evil. This is why she doesn't kill her victims. Her magic gives her telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, elemental manipulation, flight, and even psychic blocks. She can use her Septar to emit lasers, create magical holograms, control temperature, control objects, and create force fields. She can even heal her own injuries when her pain and agony fuels the Septar with so much energy, that it stops the pain by healing the spot.

Her UIS identity, Manaventi Yong, is a Jitou, a tropical mammoavian ungulate, who wields an artificial magic wand that was eventually turned into a real magic wand thanks to the power of her Septar. In her identity story, she destroys artificial magic, which was created by the UIS and claimed by independent colonists to allow unlimited access to all-powerful magic, which was too dangerous in the hands of a mortal, assassinating the corrupt King Agamemnon, the protogy of the immortalised original founders turned "Mana Lords", Commodore Komodore the Vyran, King Snoortos the Bulla, and President Scalemyer the Skepticen, that were ousted by Grandmind for improper UIS behaivor and made themselves immortalsied by the very artifical magic they introdused, and destroying the Nanomana well underneath his kingdom. As a bonus, the Heroes Act obtains leverage against UIS, which is needed to ease off potaintional issues about what the identity shenanigans were bringing when it attracted the attention of Skeplock H'olmes and his assistent Brainiacaazk Wetsi, basicly put the both of them in a stalemate that if the two try to undermind the identity thing, one of UIS's ugliest secrets gets exposed, though it's not to say Samantha herself is too crazy for the HA using such an underhanded tactic when they were the ones that were worring UIS of the Identity thing to begin with, even with her own current sour feelings about the affair aside.


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