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Suri Polomare. (Credit for image belongs to nero narmeril).

Suri Polomare is a female Earth pony and the antagonist in the season four episode Rarity Takes Manehattan, appearing alongside her assistant Coco Pommel. She is named Buttonbelle in some merchandise.

Development and design

Suri Polomare has a light pink coat with a purple mane and tail. Her cutie mark is of three colored buttons (purple, aqua and light yellow) in a triangular formation. She is shown wearing a two-tone blue crossed scarf and a headband holding up her mane in the back. She speaks with a soft but distinct upper-class Manehattan accent, similar to that of Applejack's Aunt and Uncle Orange. During her takeover of the Hub Network's Twitter feed, Meghan McCarthy called Suri Polomare "a fave" due to Tabitha St. Germain's voice performance for the character. 

Depiction in the series

Suri meets Rarity when she's the last to arrive with her dresses at Prim Hemline's rehearsal. She is stated to have met Rarity before at a Ponyville knitting competition, although Rarity at first cannot put a name to her face. While backstage with Rarity, she takes a look at Rarity's dresses, complimenting her on her designs. Appreciating the material Rarity used to make the dresses, Suri asks Rarity for a swatch of the fabric to fix up some of her own dresses. Rarity happily obliges and gives her an entire roll of fabric.The next day, Rarity is again last to show up to the event. As Rarity peeks onto the stage, she sees Suri having her dresses judged by Prim Hemline. She then notices that Suri had completely duplicated her designs overnight with Coco Pommel's help, using the same fabric that she used. When confronted by Rarity about this, Suri explains that "it's everypony for herself in the big city". When Rarity later rushes back to the plaza to thank Prim for the opportunity, Suri and Coco tell Rarity that Prim is "furious" and that she should stay away from her for a while. Once Rarity's friends turn up, it is revealed that Suri also told them that Rarity lost the competition. After Rarity accepts the defeat and leaves with her friends to see Hinny of the Hills, it is revealed that Suri lied to Rarity and her friends about the competition's outcome and that Rarity had indeed won. Coco states that the deceitful designer had hoped Rarity's failure to claim the prize would allow her to win first place. Suri is mentioned by Twilight Sparkle in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 in reference to the events of Rarity Takes Manehattan.

Role in SAF Series.

Suri returns to get due commupence from Rarity with help from Crane as "Harvy Wadder", but it may end up attracting unwanted Dragon Scoure Imperial attention. She would also be shown as the ex-fiancé of Diamond Tiara's father, Filthy Rich, both of whom broke up before Diamond Tiara was born. It would turn out that Suri mainly did what she did not just to benifit from someone else's idea and to snag herself an ill-gotten trophey, though argueability there is some truth in that, it was also because Suri was protecting Rarity from the surprisingly cut-throat world of fastion week that is plauged by cheating, blackmail, and even assassination attempts by members of the Griffin Mafia or indiependent forces like Minotaur hitman or the persaiable enough rouge dragon, and the harsh attempts, as harsh as they are, were to discourage Rarity from ever returning again, though it would end up biting her in the ass ultamately. Though not exactly a saint that she didn't exactly completely regreted making Rarity look bad and didn't exactly amended the mistakes right away or properly, being an equestian pony, she's not inhereitedly evil, though as a tainted pony, she's obviously prone to certain inperfections. Her motivations were also because Rarity made her think of a lost victim of Fastion Week and personal protoshai, and that because she figured Rarity, since she is a member of the Elements of Harmony, is too impourent to end up being another victim of being harmed by desperate or malitious contenders, so she did what was nessersary.

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